Who is the mystery texter?

People keep on asking who the mystery texter was/is.

It doesn’t take long to get down to just two suspects, despite the ludicrous attempts by the left wing media and Len Brown’s spin to suggest otherwise.

The timeline makes the numbers who knew very small indeed.

I posted about “asian beauties” and just 30 minutes later the text threats started flowing.

So who could have/could have known at that point.

From my side, only Stephen Cook and myself…and it wasn’t us.  

From Len Brown’s side the numbers are small…remember this is the day he acknowledged on Campbell Live as the day he told his wife. The people who would have known are only those on the political side of his office…Phil Wilson, Glyn Jones, James Bews-Hair and David Lewis.

We now know it wasn’t David Lewis, and knowing how James Bews-Hair operates it wouldn’t have been him either. Both Lewis and Bews-Hair are evil (in a good way) but neither would have made a chump play like that.

That only leaves Phil Wilson and Glyn Jones as the only possible suspects as to who might be the mystery texter. Both are fool enough to have done it and both are fool enough to have let other people know it was them.

Independent sources close tot he mayor’s office have confirmed to me that the mystery texter was definitely from Len Brown’s office. So who is going to come clean and fall on their sword?


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  • Toryboy

    There is another, obvious, suspect for sending the texts; his name rhymes with Ben Clown

    • YoungA

      I feel there is truth behind this

      • CheesyEarWax

        Truth is definitely not behind Bevan, ask Len.

        • YoungA

          You’re right, truth wasn’t, but a two minute noodle was!

    • Toryboy

      Consider the following; the Mayor’s office is a toxic workplace where massive egos and personal hatred have been colliding on a daily basis for ages –

      1. People have been sacked; knifed in the back (or front?) by enemies in the office; so why is no one talking? why is no one’s parting shot to say “X sent the texts”? Answer – because of who X is

      2. Are the sacked people really so spineless and feeble they will stand there, get a massive kick in the cods, and walk away saying “gee I deserved that from my worst enemy”? – if the texter was not ‘you know who’ they wouldn’t hesitate to tell the world.

      3. By naming the texter – who has (arguably) committed a crime – they would end a certain career in 5 minutes flat.

      4. Do you really think it is possible to somehow or other “order” an underling to commit a crime? and they would do it? and keep quiet? (oh please!)

      5. Ever since this broke there has only been a single suspect for sending the threatening texts – the suspect “hidden in plain view”, so to speak.

      • Bad__Cat

        Knowing and proving are two different things.

  • Sooty

    Len he is RESPONSIBLE for his crew. Tui ad. Yeah Right

    • Time For Accountability

      Would you like to edit that to add the missing s

  • Dick Brown

    Quite apart from everything else that has gone on, this has the potential to be the straw that broke the back of the admittedly very frisky camel.

    They seem to be negotiating their way through the sex stuff but threats of political violence to keep quiet is another thing entirely and may require a police investigation into perverting the course of justice.

    It’s breach of the telecommunications act at the very least imo.

    • rrroberto

      And as far as accountability goes, if it comes from the Mayor’s office, the Buck stops with the mayor.
      And to answer the question, none of them are going to come clean nor fall on their swords, that would require integrity

      • 4077th

        Bahahah….spin doctors and integrity what a crackup!

  • CheesyEarWax

    Its Luigi.

    • Nope it isn’t.

      • 4077th

        That would imply you do know who it is..?

        • OT Richter

          Remember that Cam never asks a question to which he does not know the answer to.

        • Tom

          See whale’s rules of politics

          • 4077th

            Agreed..OT had it right. Seems it slipped my mind.

      • Cowgirl

        I knew it!

  • Muffin

    moot if you smash the lying little prick with another breaking story of sexual misconduct with another women…………………

    • notrotsky

      .. or sheep……..

      • Muffin

        that would be better

        to quote Ali G

        ” And I put it to YOU… that you sucked off a ‘orse.”

      • Bad__Cat

        Then he could do a Shadbolt and get elected in Southland.

  • Momo

    Own goal. Love it

  • philbest

    Hopefully it is just some stupid clown and we don’t have Chicago machine politics in NZ. There is a lot of scope for it when there is such a connection between a mayor’s policies and big fat capital gains for the city’s property investors.

  • Col

    Best bet here is to ask the US for a trace on that message, I m sure they could help find where it was sent from?

  • Monique Angel

    Bevan Chuang is awfully good at keeping herself in the media spotlight with nowt but her phone and a case of the clap. Just sayin’.

    • disqus_cTYPCkCVDM

      Why do Enzed wimmin hate BC so much – at least she is reasonably honest and has principles. Sure she is enthusiastically ambitious for the Asian cause but she was more importantly gratuitously exploited by Len Brown and then promptly discarded. Soprano Brown’s mafioso sent around the burlesque pics to all and sundry and at the same time threatened her with repercussions if she “told”. It is no wonder she was angry when she missed out at the election. Albeit unlikely the burlesque pics would have reduced her vote IMHO.

  • So who is going to come clean and fall on their sword?

    Falling on one’s sword is a sign of taking responsibility for one’s shortcomings, and accepting that accountability is the proper course. However such an attitude is hardly synonymous with Labour Party politics.