A Nelson Muntz moment for John Minto

How pathetic are you and your supporters talking up John Minto (Yes Martyn, I’m talking about you) when a bat shit crazy munter like Penny Bright gets more votes than you.


At times like this you really need Nelson Muntz to comment.


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  • maninblack

    good to see the communist league got the least of all.

  • Unless you managed to get more than “Blank”, I think it is time for a reality check about your chances in 3 years time.

    • Dave

      Someone should have given Len a reality check 25 years ago. Dorkland is stuck with him now.

  • Pissedoffyouth

    John Minto is a waste of space, every time I watch his interviews during the Springbox tour I want to cry

  • Kenny Moore Michael Walter

    Scary thing for you Aucklanders is there are 10278 people certifiable enough to vote this idiot – And one of them is walking past your house right now ….

    • richard.b

      Add to that the 10635 that voted for Bright and there could be 2 of them walking past your house.

      • andrew carrot

        We don’t have a great number of conspiracy theorists in this neighbourhood and I don’t think its possible for penny’s jollopy to get her this far. Mintos Morons can be distinguished because they don’t smile, for any reason.

    • HtD

      Just protest votes. They wouldn’t vote for that way if they thought there was a chance. I hope.

  • thor42

    Bloody Celia is in again here in Wellington.

    According to a Stuff article this morning, the decision went down to voters’ *fifth* preference (as we have the STV system here). She had a majority of 2,284 over John Morrison. Definitely a swing against her, but not quite big enough.

    I voted for Morrison as mayor (and no-one else) so Celia got no preferences from me…..

    • andrew carrot

      So how did you get 4 greens on council?

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        Greens are coming bro, they will be part of the next central government let alone council wards.

        • andrew carrot

          Then they’ll all make daisy chains, link hands in a non-threatening and multi-racial way, announce the arrival of Gaia, and take three years to sleep off the ‘incense’. While the rest of us get on with offshore oil drilling, fracking and exporting river-tainting milk powder to China. Nothing will change.

          • Kimbo

            If only they would all go and make martyrs of themselves in Murmansk…sigh. Wishful thinking I know, but a man is allowed to dream occasionally, isn’t he?

          • Alfred12

            All whilst singing “Kumbya”? Excuse the spelling,

    • Mr_Blobby

      Yes the not len brown vote was more than the len brown vote. Under STV the picture would have been different I suspect.

      Bright, Minto and the others were just there to dilute the opposition.

  • Michael

    The “Affordable [Insert City]” are the Libertarianz in drag. And they beat Minto. Ha-ha!

  • blokeintakapuna

    Has Penny paid her Rates and Rate arrears yet?

    Surely that would be an interesting proposition to stand for Mayor in a city you don’t contribute to… Yet have an expectation that people will vote for you?

    • Mr_Blobby

      Perhaps the rule should be that you have to have your rates up to date to be eligible as a candidate.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    I just cannot believe there are 10,000+ idiots in Auckland who voted for Minty Minto….

    • Rodger T

      Numbers like that , he`s got to be a shoe-in to be Cunliffes vice-president/ vice-messiah.

  • Never in the dark…..

    As an SA expat, I have a particular dislike for Minto. He got his just desserts. Now hopefully he’ll fade away completely. Perhaps take that faile realtor with him.

  • GazzW

    Minto reckons that one of the reasons for his failure was his positioning halfway down the list. He wants random alphabetical listings next time.

    • Kimbo

      Yes – obviously a corporate plot foistered on the voters of Auckland when the Greek first adopted the Phoenician alphabet in the 8th Century BCE.


      But once Mana get in, the 8th Century BCE Greeks will get their comeuppance!

    • Patrick

      Typical commie blaming someone else – now it’s his old mans fault for being a Minto, he should choose a new surname further up the alphabet. I recommend A for arsehole. John Arsehole.

    • JimmyJones

      Yes, being a fucking communist wouldn’t be the reason Minto didn’t get elected. Him and his Manna-Unite comrades probably hate being called “communists”, but who can really tell if they are marxist, trotskys or maoists. They are very particular about this sort of thing, but no-one else cares. I will call them communists.

  • Tom

    10279 Jafas with no fucking brains.

    • benniedawg

      Yep evert time I see him on TV I can’t help making the association with the programme ‘The walking dead’ He looks like one of the brain dead that gets hacked, shot, run over or however they choose to dispatch him each week. Funny thing is that there seems to be a number of similar looking ones that keep appearing week after week, and he sure as hell has a familiar look to one of them. So guess he is now back to his day job.

    • FredFrog

      I beg to differ. 159223 with no fucking brains. You have to include the cunts who vote4d for lennie.

      • Team ENZ

        yep, arise auckland debts..arise sir dodgy len and raise your rates that ye may pay for your next spendings…I see numpties all 159223 of them…

  • Polish Pride

    The far bigger thing worthy of note is the total number of votes vs eligible voters.
    There really should be a ‘none of the above’ option in all elections both local body and General.