New claims may save Brown

… so goes the headline on the Opinion piece by Colin Espiner

The extraordinary new claims from his former mistress, Bevan Chuang, that she was pressured by his political enemies into revealing details of her affair with the mayor may just be enough to save his political bacon.

It doesn’t change the fact that Brown has cheated. It doesn’t change the fact that he has betrayed his caucus, severely damaged his reputation and hobbled his mayoralty. A pall still hangs over his political future. But at least he may still have one.

In a story that is rapidly becoming an American-style sex scandal of Anthony Weiner proportions, today’s big reveal is that Chuang was also allegedly sleeping with the enemy – Brown’s enemy, Luigi Wewege, a member of mayoral candidate John Palino’s election team.

Chuang claims that once Wewege found out about her relationship with Brown, he began piling on the pressure for her to reveal the affair and destroy the Mayor in the run-up to last Saturday’s local body elections.

Wewege categorically denies this. He says they were just friends who sometimes went to the same functions, and that they were never in a relationship.

And yet Facebook messages between the pair provided by Chuang to the New Zealand Herald cast doubt on Wewege’s denials. According to these messages, Wewege told Chuang he loved her, couldn’t wait to lay in bed with her, and that she could change the election result if she could just provide “a shrewd piece of evidence”.

“The New Zealand Herald”?  Trying to up the word count are you Colin?

But we’re all focusing on the wrong issues here.  This isn’t about the salacious bits.  Colin does get around to the meat eventually  

Yet both sides are slinging the mud. Brown’s camp claims both Slaters are “donkey deep” in the whole scandal and have been busy manipulating the media coverage. Brown’s people say Cameron Slater and the story’s author, former Truth tabloid journalist Stephen Cook, have lost control of Chuang and the story.

To them, Chuang has been but a pawn in a Right-wing plot to get Brown and oust him from Town Hall. To which Slater jeers: “Yeah, right, we planted her with Brown two years ago. It was all a set-up, a vast right-wing conspiracy.”

He’s being sarcastic, of course, and he has a point. Brown and Chuang are adults, and they made their own decisions and their own mistakes. But this is a story that is as much about politics as it is about sex. Slater has never denied he wants Brown gone. But to him, Chuang played with fire and got burned – and now can’t cope with the fallout.

The as-yet unanswered question is who sent the messages that seemed to push Chuang over the edge. The phone number they came from goes to a generic answerphone message and has now been disconnected.

Both sides deny sending them. But it seems at the very least coincidental that the messages were sent on the same day Slater posted a veiled reference on his blog to Brown needing to “stop smiling at Asian beauties”.

That day, last Tuesday, was also the same day Brown says he told his wife he’d been having an affair.

Whoever sent those text messages, it appears they were the catalyst for everything that happened next.

It’s true.  Had they not sent those intimidating anonymous texts, this story would never have been published.  It set everything in motion, and at that stage was the core motivation for Bevan to make a stand.

I understand she now has some degree of remorse, in spite of the numerous warnings Stephen and I gave her at the time.

But the fact remains that she’s the one who cut this loose.

And that only happened because she felt she had to respond to being threatened.


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  • Orange

    Stephen’s articles have been good. Well written.

    • I would have dialed the detail down just a touch, but yes, they read well.

      • Orange

        Oh true, I stopped reading one of them

  • maninblack

    oh man, she shouldn’t be in politics if she didn’t realise this was going to cause massive fall out.
    She might need a thicker skin.

    • David

      More like a brain…

      • Sponge

        I think thats pretty thick already David.

    • Mr_V4

      She needs a thicker condom that’s for sure.

  • Steve R

    what wont save Len is the other women that are surly out there . Once they come forward its all on and hes gone .
    Till then AAAHHhh

    • Rex Widerstrom

      I love that, despite the fact you mis-spelt “surely”, you’re still correct :-D

      • Bruce S

        …no, surly women being out there is good; will make even better entertainment when these surly women catch up with Mr Brown or Ms Bevan…or both!

      • longjohn

        I feel the word surly still and Len’s (do i have the apostrophe in the right place) are feeling surly about this affair.

    • Mr_V4

      Depends if this story is going to be released Glenn Greenwald/Guardian, NSA style …. drip drip drip.

  • steve and monique

    Both have a bad moral compass, and neither should have slept with each other. He being Married/Dad/ and mayor. She knowing he was all of the above. Shit sticks, and when you dump a load this size, expect the worse. Monica Lowinski(or similar) gave President Clinton a blowjob+ extras. Only Bill seems to be remembered for that little slip. So chin up lady, Len Brown will go down in history as a dirtbag, and you will be forgotten. Price you pay for being famous, or just a Mayor.

    • PhantomsDoc

      I was in Bevan,
      When the se-cur-it-y guard walked into the room,
      I thought my mayoral career was really doomed,
      But he kept quite all about the Whatua room.

      I was in Bevan,
      When my abs in one minute went to the pack,
      And I ended leaving stuff upon her back,
      But the clean-up…I left Bevan to do that.

      Thinking of Bevan,
      When I was talking on the phone there at my desk,
      and my belt and pants sat on the floor in rest,
      and the bottom of my desk became a mess.

      • longjohn

        As spoken by Sam Hunt..

  • Col

    So what if she was put up too get Len, you need to be CLEAN right Len?

  • Rex Widerstrom

    I think every good scandal needs at least one character named Luigi.

    Previously Winston was carrying the burden on his own. Well done, that man.

    • OhopeBeachBugger

      Giggle of the day. Well played, sir.

    • JC

      Thats what the wife and I were giggling about this evening. You can’t have a decent scandal without a villain called Luigi. Add in his last name and I actually went and bought a Triple Dip Mega with Powerball.


  • Rodger T

    If getting a blowey in the Oval Office can`t get the POTUS sacked I doubt very much a super quickie in the Ngati Whatua room has much of a chance of getting rid of a mayor of a tin pot town at the lower end of the Pacific Ocean.

    • Sorry mate it has been renamed.

      The Naughty Whatua room.

      Hat tip whoever emailed Leighton.

      • Nick

        I thought it was the Ngati Fuckua Room?

        • Bob Murphy

          Ngati Whakutu.

      • metalnwood

        hey, while the site is under load if I get the ‘your comment is awaiting moderation’ does that mean it’s essentially lost?

        • Nechtan

          Mine were this morning, hopefully yours won’t be

        • Shouldn’t do. Let us know if comments haven’t ended up being posted at all eventually. I made a comment via smart phone yesterday and it seemed to has disappeared into nowhere.

          Having said that, there’s not alot we can do about problems as Disqus is generally out of our control.

          • metalnwood

            Thanks, I had one disappear this morning, this one came back with a vengeance, triple post.

    • Mr_V4

      Maori elders were suspicious when Len started unzipping for a Hongi.

  • metalnwood

    In other news a judge lets a CEO free after embezzling millions of dollars from the company he was in charge of.

    The judge noted that charges were being pressed by the shareholders who obviously had an axe to grind and were pushing their own agenda.

    Wouldn’t it be a strange word if that were true.

    I dont see the herald saying Banks may not burn as all the heat is politically motivated from his political opposition.

  • Peej

    “But the fact remains that she’s the one who cut this loose.
    And that only happened because she felt she had to respond to being threatened.”

    Early on someone said that the threats were mafia tactics. I thought the mafia was a Sicilian or Italian outfit. If I had a mate called Luigi I’d get him to verify that.

  • Wow this is hilarious. First the left demonises the “scarlett mistress” for dropping Len in it, while the right fawn over her. And then oops! Tables are turned – now the left love her, and the right say shit like “She might need a thicker skin.” and “But the fact remains that she’s the one who cut this loose.” Both sides are just so blind to their own bias.

    The way you have handled this is sickening Cameron. You and Stephen are no better than the Sun’s shitty tabloid scum. Seriously have no idea how you both get any sleep.

    • JC

      Unfortunately for that view there is an affidavit. Wherever this story goes that is the document that is the start and end point.. any deviation from it by the woman indicates pressure brought to bear on her by Lens supporters and/or WO’s enemies.

      Given that Len has admitted the affair and thus supported the central theme(s) of the affidavit the counter accusations and spin look pretty shaky to me.


    • patrickstarr

      well to be fair it was the MSM that made this about her- rather than the Mayor.

    • Timboh

      I smell a Troll ….

    • 1951

      When you start out using the word ‘hilarious’, I thought you too must have a sense of humor. Most commenting here, have been following this ‘Drama’ from the beginnings. If Cam had put this all in book-form, it may have been him that picked-up the literary award this week. Believe me this has been the funniest thing in years and nearly all involved (including the MSM) are the biggest hypocrites out.
      BTW nearly all here has expressed their sorrow for Len’s family, so perhaps you can get down off the pedestal, kick-back and enjoy the next episode of…
      ………”The Days of Len’s Lives”

      • grumpy

        You mean “the LAYS of Len’s lives”

  • Outdoor

    Ahhhh…so just like I predicted then.

  • bj_chuang

    As much as Len is a [email protected], I think this Paulino guy is a bigger [email protected] , using gutter politics because he thinks he can come in here to little ole NZ with his little minions and give us Goodfellas meets Jersey shore.

    • longjohn

      Whatever you’re smoking…I need some..not!

  • Nechtan

    Surely nothing short of divine intervention is going to save Len? If he won’t resign how does he expect to chair meetings, attend openings and all the other civic duties required without being on the receiving of end of quips, innuendo and the like? Not to mention the sideways looks, chuckling and all that comes with public figures landing themselves in such situations. It will be doubly worse for his family (mainly his wife).

    • johnbronkhorst

      He’s already a no show at an event tonight.

      • Bad__Cat

        “Lying Len Brown, Auckland’s Labour Mayor, did not attend a public event tonight due to continued fallout over his shocking sordid affair with a young Asian woman”

    • Bad__Cat

      Or will he continue in the long Labour Political tradition of the “gift that keeps on giving”

      Let’s turn it back on them: every time Lying Lennie does anything, remind everyone about the affair and mention he was Labour’s choice.

  • johnbronkhorst

    So….lennies indiscretions exposed, as and when they were is politically motivated.
    Really? and what job did he just get elected too again, remind me, I am sure it has just a little to do with politics.
    Word association test:……travel,……. heat,…… kitchen!!!

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    The unfortunate thing here is despite the tremendous efforts of Whale Oil, Lentils is still sticking around and as every day passes, Lentils will stick like glue to the Mayor job…..damn, the lefties have no shame.

    • johnbronkhorst

      “like glue”???
      More like shit to a blanket!

      • Nechtan

        There’s another bodily fluid that also sticks! (and could be more appropriate when referring to Len)

  • LesleyNZ

    I can see a new NZ on AIR funded mini-series in the pipeline…………………..

  • metalnwood

    triple post

  • metalnwood

    double post

  • metalnwood

    For a minute you could think that maybe she did get pressured to release the information.

    Perhaps it wasnt her idea as she first explained and it’s not really a flip-flop at all.

    Then I remember the affidavit. It’s not one of being pressured to tell of an affair. It’s one written by someone pissed, someone that didnt just want to say what happened but someone that felt wronged and wanted to humiliate the other person.

    The stuff she wrote leaves me in no doubt she wanted to say it.

  • Mr_Blobby


    If a senior manager was caught bonking one of the office staff on the job, would he/she lose his/her job?

    • Would? Impossible to answer. Should? Most certainly if it was on the job.

      • Mr_V4

        Yeah but amazing how easily media buys into this mayor working 24/7 mantra. Is the mayor up manually operating all the cities traffic signals or something?

        Tell me precisely what is it that requires him to ‘work’ 24/7. Does he process development applications after hours? All these advisory boards he has created doing f-all.
        We now know he had plenty of time for promiscuity during work hours and when he wasn’t doing that probably planning the next rendezvous.
        Once uponatime mayorlty was essentially a part-time role, but the statists like to see themselves as working hard pulling all the levers.

  • There’s no honour among thieves or sly shaggers – for proof read

  • muffinmclay

    Fellow Army members there is a poll on the stuff site that needs some attention

  • Thank you. Well observed.

  • Greg Davis

    Look at the intellectually dishonest twists the lefties try on. This one from Public Address Russell Brown, a sad, silly, and dangerous statist, just as are centre-rightists:

    In response to:Did their relationship affect the reference he gave
    her? Probably not given that it was passed through his staff, he’s
    hardly likely to have embellished beyond what would have been reasonable
    based on their professional relationship and work.

    Russell Brown: “Nonetheless, it appears that the council is now to conduct a formal investigation into that aspect of the story.

    The thing that strikes me is the counterfactual. If he had refused
    to provide a reference because of their sexual relationship, and thus
    hampered her career, that would start to look a bit like sexual

    He plays down the manipulation by Brown. Brown is known as having a roving eye. For a married man in a responsible position this fucking has opened him to extortion and corruption. And then imagines that the woman would complain of sexual harassment. In the world of dumbcharlie Russell Brown it’s a win-win by all means necessary – forget the pesky facts when it suits- for Russell Brown & his fellow fuckers of the planet. Statists all. They are killing us and it has to be told. Freedom comes first – not the state. Russell Brown needs to remove himself from his surrogate mummy’s tit.

  • What happened to your no-moderation policy Cameron? Did you shift the posts on that like you did on personal morality issues?

    • SJ00

      Sites overloaded. Cam isn’t moderating posts.

  • Sooty

    Every time he enters a room ” All rise and show your appreciation for Len ” CLAP, CLAP, CLAP!!! At the end of introductions at a meeting, same again. Every time snigger, snigger. He is going to be the laughing stock, where ever he goes. This is going to be the gift that’s keeps on giving.

  • Guest

    if anyone wants to know what we’re talking about go to and read the second story down

  • Languid

    Ole Lenny needs to go he is morally corrupt and Banksie needs to go as well he is criminally corrupt

  • Sean Osborne

    In the UK they have a party that is actually serious about returning to commonsense politics. So are we. Let’s have a new conversation about ending this kind of scandal-ridden, low-brow politics.

  • This_comment_was_deleted

    “But the fact remains that she’s the one who cut this loose.”

    I think the authors doth protest to much.

    No one compelled them to recount the salacious detail, prurient line by prurient line.