Newspeak gets the bum’s rush in Australia

The liberal elite have a newspeak word for almost everything, but now there is push back in Australia.

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has instructed departmental and detention centre staff to publicly refer to asylum seekers as ‘‘illegal’’ arrivals and as ‘‘detainees’’, rather than as clients.

The directive has been criticised as a ‘‘profound’’ shift by a leading asylum seeker agency, which says the new terminology is designed to dehumanise people.

In an email to detention centre staff, obtained by Fairfax Media, a department official writes: ‘‘The department has received correspondence from the minister clarifying his expectations about the department’s use of terminology. Accordingly we as [sic] that our service providers also adhere to the below instructions.’’ 

These include calling all people who arrive in Australia by boat ‘‘illegal maritime arrivals’’, a marked change from the more moderate language used under the previous government.

When it came to office in 2007, Labor dropped the Howard government’s description of asylum seekers who arrived by boat as ‘‘illegal maritime arrivals’’, calling them ‘‘irregular maritime arrivals’’. It said this was done in recognition of the fact it is not illegal under Australian domestic law or international law to claim asylum. The new directive reverses this.

The email to detention centre and Serco staff also instructs them to describe asylum seekers being held in detention centres in Australia as ‘‘detainees’’ rather than as ‘‘clients’’, as they had been called under Labor.

People being held on Nauru and Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island are to be called ‘‘transferees’’, not  ‘‘clients’’.

Good job…can we do this here especially at WINZ where long term beneficiaries are renamed bludgers.


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  • blokeintakapuna

    Yep. Same with fat people. They aren’t ” under-tall for my weight” over weight, Rubenesque, plus size, fuller figured, or any other PC name…

    Regardless of what one calls it, being fat is a result of eating more calories than burning. That’s why I’m fat currently. Well… Cuddly actually, but that’s neither here nor there…

    The bullshit PC labels actually deflect the individuals attention away through apologetic, PC labels they use as an “excuse” for their behaviour and situation, thereby justifying the continued behaviour.

    • DangerMice

      Hold on bloke, why do you get to still use the “cuddly” pc term. That’s blatant self favouritism and I’m mock outraged!

      • blokeintakapuna

        tongue in cheek wind-up – haha Just exposing the hypocrisy of the double speak…

    • thor42

      I’ve always found the term “plus size” to be funny.

      Has anyone ever heard a thin person referred to as “minus size”? I haven’t.

  • Pissedoffyouth

    Really? I’m pretty sure its still illegal to queue jump, not “irregular”

  • Kimbo

    Funny those precious Aussies – Rich coming from a country that at one stage a criminal record was mandatory to obtain citizenship.

  • Toryboy

    Australia is fast becoming a country freed from the bonds of political correctness since Mr Abbott got elected. A great man!
    I am pleased at this move – and there are plenty of others in the pipeline.
    If only our ‘conservative’ government had the guts to do the same thing rather than think “oh better not – it will upset Cunliffe and Wussel”

    • parorchestia

      We haven’t got a conservative government. It’s just a little more central than Labour. Since 1938 generations of NZers have been so brainwashed by “cradle to grave” welfare that we think social democracy is natural order of things, even though most countries are realising it is too expensive to be maintained and has to be changed since the unintended consequences of social decay are becoming intolerable. The illegal entrants in Aus are an example. If you (or I) arrived in other countries without a visa and a passport you would be on the first plane back to where you came from.

      Another example is the demonising of Douglas economics in NZ even though it is standard in other countries.

      • Toryboy

        Yes, I am sorry to say you are correct.
        In Australia it is different and I have been a strong supporter of Tony Abbott for years and he, after a month, is already dealing to the wankers and troublemakers.

  • Whinging Pom

    It has been a left wing tactic for decades to reinvent the language for their own ends. ‘Poverty’ (as in “a quarter of all kiwi kids are growing up in poverty”) and ‘abuse’ (as in “any degree of physical punishment constitutes child abuse”) are just two examples of this.

    Not to mention ‘human rights’ (broadband, anyone? ), social justice (robbing the hard working to give electoral bribes to the lazy) etc.

  • thor42

    This is *great!* Really good stuff.

    Abbott could be “PM for life” if he deported the tens of thousands of *illegals* that arrived during Kevin Rudd’s term.

  • thor42

    The very worst term that the Left have foisted on the world is “multiculturalism”. That term makes the naive assumption that *all* groups can come together and happily coexist.

    For most groups of people, that is largely true, but the assumption is killed by one group – *Muslims*.

    It only takes one pin to pop a balloon, and the “multiculture balloon” has been well and truly popped.
    Islam is hostile to non-Muslims from its very core.

    Angela Merkel is on record as saying that “multiculturalism has failed”. The *naive* assumption was that the West could open the immigration floodgates to tens of millions of Muslims, and they (along with everyone else) would happily live in a “multi-culti paradise”. That has *not* happened – just ask people in Sweden, France, Belgium or the U.K.

    “Multiculturalism” is nothing more than the Left getting votes by importing poor people as “vote fodder”.
    Never mind what it all does to the people already in the country.

    • Hazards001

      Ohhhh it’s not just Islam although you’re point is well made. There are any number of “cultures” that have moved in and created sub societies and cultures where the rest of the population is essentially excluded.
      There are whole networks of underground economies in operation (here in Auckland anyway) at the moment where little or no tax is being paid, benefits are being claimed and peoples parents are being imported to live on the largesse of the rest of the community while their children effectively live and work in a different country altogether.