No sympathy for crybaby wife of Green Taliban terrorist

via shootingatbubbles

via shootingatbubbles

I get a lot of joy from watching these Greenpeace scum get their beans.  They theorise that they don’t need to follow the rules for a greater purpose, but when they are up against a nation state that doesn’t follow rules either, you have a perfect outcome:  they’re whining.

The partner of a New Zealander charged with piracy by Russian officials sobbed yesterday as she told a protest her partner is a peaceful man.

Sarah Watson broke down as she spoke at a rally outside the Russian Embassy in Wellington.

The protest was part of a global Day of Solidarity, with events at more than 170 locations in 45 countries to protest against the arrest of 30 Greenpeace activists.

Among the arrested are New Zealanders Jonathan Beauchamp and David Haussmann.

All on board the Arctic Sunrise ship, which was seized in international waters last month during a protest over drilling for oil in the Arctic, face up to 15 years in prison.

Limiting protests to several hundred meters in NZ waters was deemed the End of Democracy, but that will now appear to be afternoon tea with cakes compared to how the Russians deal with these economic terrorists.  

“These are not crazy nut-bars, they’re normal peaceful people … and they believe in the right to peaceful protest and the right of free speech and I believe they deserve some support from everybody and that includes the New Zealand Government.”

Beauchamp’s niece Zara Mansoor read a letter written by her grandmother, Mary Beauchamp, about her son.

The letter said: “Our John is a caring, piratical, commonsense sort of man and very brave too.

“He is particularly passionate about the Arctic, the ocean and all the creatures that depend on this environment.”

Amnesty International spokeswoman Lara Rapson condemned the piracy charges as having no basis in law “or reality” and called for them to be dropped.

Greenpeace New Zealand board chairwoman Stephanie Mills said the New Zealanders were coping well, but it was a difficult time for their families.

Next time they think it’s a good idea to poke the Russian Bear with a stick, do you think they will admit to being bitten as a reasonable result?

Of course not.

This was a possible outcome.  It has happened.  They got their publicity.  Now stop being bloody cry babies and do your time.


Sources: AP, APNZ, via NZ Herald


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  • Sponge

    Our John is a caring, piratical, commonsense sort of man and very brave too.

    “Piratical”? – I think that is his problem but very honest of her to say so.

    Anyway fuck em. What other outcome did they expect?

    • OneTrack

      They expected a free ride, like they would have got in New Zealand.

  • Pissedoffyouth

    If you can say that intention to ruin the world is a part of being a peaceful man then I’m mohammed

  • Cadwallader

    I knew a hard-working and conscientious student at Lincoln a few years ago who had laboured over a particular crop which met the ire of the “Wild Greens” (another branch of the same loonies) who haughtily broke into the site and destroyed hers and others’ efforts. The result was a delay in her post-graduation and a pile of solid research lost (but fortunately now) re-created! It is the conceited ‘we know best” air of greenies which causes me to detest them! A few years in a frozen gulag ought make these pirates come to their senses…then again, perhaps not?

  • MrAuz1989

    Doesn’t it all just boil down to “Your mickey mouse laws don’t apply to me, I’m with Greenpeace”.

    • Whanga_Cynic

      But, thankfully, Russia doesn’t subscribe to that theory!!

  • ozbob68

    Even the local rag where my parents live is running stories with the strapline “banning of protest” or “making protest illegal”. I would have thought the stuff website had tighter controls.

  • XM16E1

    About bloody time someone gave these commies what they deserve.

    • XM16E1

      I just realised the irony of that.

  • Rex Widerstrom

    Just desserts etc aside I do wish NZ would grow a pair when it comes to dealing with foreign governments. The Australians fixed them with Julie Bishop’s death stare and told the Russians they’re on notice to deal fairly & reasonably with an Australian they’ve arrested.

    NZ, on the other hand, couldn’t even demand parity of rights for NZers living in Australia compared to Australians living in NZ. Diplomacy seems to equal rolling over and wagging our tail to every dog in the pack.

    • Blueballs

      Get real Rex, these clowns claim they are acting under “peaceful protest”.
      In the process they break a whole host of maritime laws, and put all involved on both sides under extreme danger. They forfeited any chance of being dealt with fairly and reasonably when they under took the actions knowing what the possible outcome and punishment could be.
      I didn’t see the Australian government put Indonesia “on notice” over the Shapel Corby case, and there is no difference in my view, if you,re stupid enough to continue knowing the outcome then suck it up and don,t bitch after the fact.

      • tspoon

        Sometimes people near Somalia try the same trick. They regularly get blown away and nobody gets too teary eyed about that. And those guys are trying to make a living. The people in this story weren’t hungry or poor, and weren’t trying to make a living. They were people who had everything they needed who were trying to stop others from acheiving the same.
        Definitely no sympathy for people boarding a vessel illegally who in other circumstances would have been shot, without even waiting to line them up.

        • James Growley

          Just wait until the Somali’s and other mongrels start dressing up as Green Peace.

      • Rex Widerstrom

        My point isn’t that these numpties deserve defending.

        It’s more about the stance with which we approach international relations.

        I’m sure Australia won’t actually intervene in this case, but has used the opportunity to look the Russians in the eye & assert Australia’s place in the world.

        NZ’s reponse always seems to be supplication.

        • Blueballs

          Exactly, and it only serves to make the Australian government look limp and ineffectual. Why mouth of and say you have put the Russians “on notice” when you have no intention of actually doing anything about it. It just makes them look all fart and no poo.

          • Mr_V4

            Of course your response can only be so much over a small bunch of people, – but to continue your analogy – it’s a better approach than entering the restroom with a buttplug fully inserted.

          • Blueballs

            Are you on drugs?

    • Cadwallader

      Who is to say the Russian legal authorities won’t deal with these pirates “fairly” as their system defines the term?

    • Thank you Helen, she bent over and let the Aussie giver one in the chook.

      • Rex Widerstrom

        Yes, and every NZer living here knows it, and there’s hundreds of thousands of us.

        If National a) told Abbott that unless he wants Aussies in NZ to get the same shitty treatment (& the domestic political fallout that would incur) and then b) passed a law restoring voting rights to us all, there’s several hundred thousand grateful votes.

        So both gutless and shortsighted. But you’re right, it took Helen’s particular brand of contempt for certain sections of the NZ population to see the rights forfeited to begin with.

        • Mr_V4

          Gutless and shortsighted – the mark of our political class.

    • Michael

      NZ has asked, but Australia has it’s own democratic institutions that are independent of ours. We can’t force a foreign government to do anything unless we have some sort of Treaty to fall back on.

      And as Helen Clark made that treaty 10 years ago, so the current Government can’t do anything about it.

      • OneTrack

        Maybe if Helen Clark hadn’t opened New Zealand as a back door access to Australia, we wouldn’t have this issue now.

        • Rex Widerstrom

          Spot on OneTrack. I reckon if Key closed the door to those malingering bastards first, then asked Abbott, he’d have got a yes.

          Clark sacrificed NZers in Australia for foreigners in NZ. A traitorous act.

    • OneTrack

      “Demand” parity of rights? Good luck with that plan. And you want kiwis to need a visa to get into Aussie. Push too hard and that’s what you’ll get – that’s parity.

      • Rex Widerstrom

        You saying Australians need one to get into NZ? I’ve yet to meet one who has, which isn’t to say some might… considering I want to bring some across to visit, I’ll double check…

    • Mr_V4

      The wider point is correct, we are subserviant in this area.

      Another example would be the NZ-USA free trade agreement, which is now 30+ years in the making. If you had said in the 1980’s we would have a free trade agreement with China a decade before the US you would be laughed at.
      Now its become such a joke if the US doesn’t want to be part of TPP we should tell them to go away

  • Bruno 32

    Poor Sarah!!!.Anyone have an English translation of Russian boobslang ?

    • Team ENZ

      job torvarich comradeski

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    You would have to be as thick as pig shit to go and try and make monkeys out of the Russians. The Greenpeace pirates are just lucky they all weren’t hit with the bullets that sprayed the water. It doesn’t matter who you are, you still have to respect other countries laws no matter what you think of them, and if you don’t and you get in the shit don’t come bleating. See ya in about 15 years you muppets.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    I understand if John Key doesn’t get them released, the Greens will take out a huge procession to parliament demanding the resignation of this government. Labour, NZ First and Mana party members will also march with them…..

    • All_on_Red

      Oh the irony. Those political parties doing the work for a international corporate like Greenpeace

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        Agreed. John Key is responsible for everything. Simple really.

        • Blueballs

          Agreed, John Key is responsible for the great shape our nation is in. The alternative Frankenstein coalition of the limp has all the appeal of shit on toast for breakfast.

          • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

            Oh yuck…..I am skipping toast for breakfast tomorrow for sure…

    • DLNZ

      Marching will be a thing of the past if Greens get into power. Wussel will need to hold daily referendums on important issues such as whether Freetrade coffee should be mandatory and to set a daily fart allowance for all New Zealanders.

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        When the smelling Hippie takes over as Finance Minister, you will see your bank balance disappear like petrol in a open can…..

      • OneTrack

        You will be able to march for things that Meteria agrees with. In fact it will be compulsory.

    • Dave

      Hmmm a huge procession, that would be 20 people including the police who have to be there to protect them from their own stupidity SCS

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        With Minty Minto and Peggy Sue involved, the crowd will swell to thousands Dave….I was disappointed that the 3 News opinion poll didn’t come out today….that would have been a further blow to National…

  • Mr_Blobby

    Wait for it next she will be pregnant with his baby.

    Wonder why they are not protesting in the other 132 Countries.

    Don’t forget to send your letters of support to the Russian embassy.

    • Dave

      Or someones baby, crocodile tears perhaps……… Loneliness will set in after a few months.

      • Cadwallader

        And he’ll be in a relationship with a large someone called “Horny Ivan!”

      • James Growley

        I’ll bet there is an army of GP mongrels lining up to keep her amused and warm at night.

      • Team ENZ

        yeah, and she will find someone else…

  • GregM

    Cry me a fuckin river indeed. They were warned beforehand if they broke any laws they will be dealt with. The arrogant greenpeace cunts thought they were above all that, and went ahead regardless. Well they got their beans.
    Well done Russia, and thank you.

  • Honcho

    I still think greenpeace should be sent to protest in the Persian gulf, after all look at all the oil drilling that goes on over there. And as another benefit there wouldn’t be any issues with getting them home to their loved ones after they are caught, the only question would be when they get back will they be burnt or buried.

    I see this ‘protest’ as something that is completely staged, the world sees this as checkers when greenpeace is really playing chess, they wanted these guys to cause trouble, they wanted them to get detained or arrested, or even better tried and found guilty, look at all the donations that are flowing into their coffers at the moment! how much of that do you think will actually go to their legal defence or to grease palms and get these guys free? its in greenpeaces best interests that these guys are locked up for as long as possible, 15 years of guilt wrecked funding on the way.

  • cows4me

    This is what happens when children constantly challenge adults and get away with it and then, oh fucking no , one adult has had enough of their tantrums and kicks their arses.

  • Tom

    Sarah Watson will have forgotten about her drop kick man after a year or so.

    Especially if hes locked up for 15 years.

    Good job queer cunts.

  • Martin White

    Wonder if Stephanie Mills still has that slug living on her top lip.

    • St_Hubbins

      Moustache Lady

  • Col

    I just arrive home, and yes you are all right, for those who agree the Russians are right.

  • Mr_V4

    If Greenpeace is so worried about oil spills, they should use their funding to assemble an absolutely massive oil spill cleanup crew of man/equipment. Then if these companies do cause a spill, they will be at the mercy of Greenpeace to clean it up, at the requisite extortionate rates.

    That would be more effective practical measure in my opinion than climbing onto an oilrig for 30seconds and then demanding their flag back.

  • Shoreboy57

    Cry me a fuckin river

  • Team ENZ

    and now they want JK to intercede on their behalf??? Well these arseholes crawled into the lions den, what do you expect?. let them rot in jail.

  • maninblack

    If they want john key to intervene, why didn’t they do it diplomatically in the first place.. fucking idiots.

  • ConwayCaptain

    You go to another country you obey their laws and follow their customs.

  • Meg

    So whale, you are taking delight at a wife’s pain, delight that protesters are being held by a rather nasty government and do still consider yourself a christian?

    They did nothing wrong, they protested as is their right and they were shot at, and arrested on lies. And now you take delight in a wife’s suffering. That is not the act of any christian.

    • Sponge

      Did nothing wring? You loopy cow – they tried to board the oil platform. By your definition of doing nothing wrong it would be ok for someone to break into my house FFS.

  • Here is an example how international law are respected in Dutch.

    Russia issues note of protest to Netherlands over raid on diplomat

    The Russian Foreign Ministry has sent a note of protest to the Dutch government after an alleged attack on a member of the Russian Embassy in the Netherlands, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Aleksandr Lukashevich said Monday. “During the past weekend, armed men in camouflage broke into the apartment of Minister-Counselor, Dmitry Borodin. Using a false pretext of the alleged ill-treatment of children, they severely beat him in front of his children,” Lukashevich said. He also said that the assault was carried out after Borodin informed the masked men about his diplomatic status. The diplomatic residence is protected by immunity, the spokesman said. The diplomat was then taken into custody by law enforcement where he spent the night and was then released “without explanation or apology .” “This case is not only a gross violation of the rules and regulations of international communication, but also the provisions of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations,” Lukashevish added.