Noble, honest and decent…pity Len doesn’t have it in him

Len Brown should have resigned…he knows there is much more to come, but this morning he announced his intention to carry on regardless via a press release announcing Penny Hulse as his deputy. They deserve each other…they both have things to hide.

The man, if you can call him that, lacks nobility, honesty and decency.

In these days of greed and self-interest, those who fall on their swords deserve our respect.

In the bubble bath of venality that is the Premier League, where even non-triers can soak up unimaginable riches, old-fashioned integrity appears too rarely on the score sheet. Loyalty exists, but only if accompanied by a seven-figure cheque.

Last week, however, the game’s forces of darkness suffered an uncommon setback. Ian Holloway, Crystal Palace’s manager, resigned, admitting that he was worn-out and no longer up to the job. What’s more, he did so without the aid of a pit-bull lawyer making demands with menaces on the club’s treasurer.

The south London team has won just one game all season, yet chairman Steve Parish did not want Holloway to quit and paid tribute to the manner of his exit: “He leaves with his head held high. Most would carry on taking the money. He has fallen on his sword. It was honest, noble and decent of him.”

Honest. Noble. Decent. Jeepers, when was the last time you heard an endorsement like that in football, business, politics or the media for that matter?  

Not many in politics have those three characteristics. Most are venal, corrupt and self-interested.

High-profile resignations make headlines on a regular basis but, in a world where legality and morality are diverging concepts, it’s hard to recall more than a handful of recent examples that represented truly exemplary behaviour.

Having presided over the Newsnight fiasco in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal, the BBC’s director-general, George Entwistle, threw in the towel, telling reporters: “I have decided that the honourable thing to do is to step down from the post.”

The giveaway was his self-validating claim to be acting honourably. It sounded suspicious and we have since discovered why. Attached to Mr Entwistle’s gesture was a compensation demand for going quietly that now looks like a lottery win. He left with £450,000, double the amount specified in his contract, one year’s health insurance and nearly £50,000 to cover legal bills and communications advice.

As Margaret Hodge, chairman of the Commons public accounts committee, noted: “He took a public job. He is highly remunerated. He failed in 54 days and then he gets incredibly rewarded for failure.” If Mr Entwistle’s terms and conditions applied to ordinary employees, I suspect the economy would be awash with high-minded individuals offering to leave their workplaces immediately in limousines laden with cash.

A resignation that involves screwing taxpayers for a king’s ransom does not pass the ethics test. Neither do resignations preceded by dishonourable activities. Some of the MPs who stepped down following the expenses debacle tried to dress up their departures as displays of “doing the right thing”. Others hoped to retain honour and dignity by claiming to be victims rather than culprits.

Before resigning as Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith let it be known she had been “hurt” by criticism that followed revelations about her dodgy claims, including one for her husband’s adult movies. The voters of Redditch rightly concluded that there was nothing honourable about Ms Smith’s resignation and she was thrown out at the 2010 general election.

So, put on your thinking caps, who has resigned honourably in recent times from a position of great influence?

Have we got any in New Zealand? Perhaps Phil Heatley, John Banks almost all other have been forced to resign after prevarication for sometime.

Len Brown is shameless, he will weather the mocking, the giggles, the sly grins at council meetings, he thinks nothing of that, he will simply bank his pay-check and return home like nothing has even happened.

He is finished as a mayor, he just doesn’t know…he certainly won’t ever be getting a knighthood or an award now, ever.

The sad thing is that the people he hurt the most he has used the most in deflecting from his appalling lack of judgement.


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  • ratesarerevolting

    LBIAFC !

  • Chancey

    I bloody hope the town hall is full tonight, his oath is only 30 seconds long – it should be accompanied by cries of shame shame – all pressure must be brought to bear on this toe rag

    I note he was a no show again yesterday, just another squeaky message from under the desk. Does this indicate that Nick Smith doesn’t want to stand anywhere near him?

    He is now incompetent

    • GazzW

      If Hulse had any principles she would refuse to serve as his deputy.

      Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely……………….

    • Time For Accountability


  • Rimutaka

    A prediction.
    The call for Len Browns resignation will go exactly the same way as the call to look into Cunliffes CV, nowhere. It’s just titillation for the right wing fringes, nothing more. Promotes lots of one handed typing though.

    • rrroberto

      If he does not resign then he will be facing this shite for the next three years. That is not a threat, it is a promise
      Labia politicians will be forced to avoid being seen near him less they are perceived to be tainted like him. Government or Government agencies will be forced to make a decision as to whether Len Browns public AND PRIVATE standards meet the minimum moral and ethical criteria required for a Justice of the Peace. That will be a drawn out affair. Cunliffes CV wont go away ,its just a another tangible reminder that he is full of exaggeration and bluster. It will probably be irrelavant in the longer term as his lack of substance becomes more and more evident to the voting public..witnessed by his visit to Shannon recently. Absolutley fantastic speech and talk he gave, I would have nearly voted for him, but after a wee while there was the realization that what he said was brilliantly said,fantastic noises, but there was no substance. He is going to fix Shannon by arranging to have a chat, and maybe giving out low interest loans for he doesn’t know what,but it would be subject to fiscal responsibility. So I guess you are correct about the CV, it will disappear under the growing mountain of further verbiage , albeit very well packaged. Yes he is a good looking package when compared to the former leader, but is there anything “real” inside

      • Rimutaka

        You pretty much described the large majority of successful politicians although you’ve exaggerated on the no substance which is a political bias rather than reality.

        Oooh, righties throwing shit for years, how unique, I bet Len’s quivering in his boots. Nothing Helen Clark didn’t put up with.But good luck with your flaming torch and pitchfork meeting tonight.

        • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

          Huh? Help me to understand your point of view. Don’t leave me in the dark, the last thing I want to be is the type portrayed as backward in a Sean Penn-esque Oscar-bait movie fifty years from now…

      • Kizzy MCD

        over time people are just going to move on from this and maybe giggle behind their hands occasionally but in general will forget like its yesterdays news. We have been desensitized to SO much over the years. So if he does stay in office it will eventually just be old news

        • Hazards001

          Like porno Jones old news? Or Tuku’s underpants?

    • Hazards001

      We all know who is typing one handed. The left wing wankers that support left wing wankers. That’s who!


    I dwelt on one aspect of this whole disgusting LB saga last night…
    It wasn’t just a brief, one off dalliance in the storeroom after the Christmas party, you know – everyone had too much to drink and all that…
    It was two years-
    TWO YEARS!!!
    That is straight out wanton and willfully extended slapping, however you add it up.
    I wonder if the guy has a bloody screw loose or something.
    (Cue gentle scrotum slapping noises……)

    • hunk4hire .

      Oh geez babe…..that Chinese chick looked smoking hot and she was making eyes at me and I was soooo tired and……ya know……………one thing led to another and I lost my mind temporarily……don’t know what came over me, then I looked at my watch and two years had gone by and I thought………….uh oh……I’m really going to be in for it now……..

    • Kizzy MCD

      they only had sex 12 times over that 2 year period so it wasn’t like he was screwing her every day. He was a fool and he got caught and now faces the wrath of many Aucklanders that are pissed off about it but like I said 12 times over a 2 year period is really not an “affair” as such…its more like a booty call as SHE called it

      • rrroberto

        The point being that did she receive any favours in return for sex?. eg References leading to jobs, appointments to council boards. And did he receive gifts from corporates such as sky city which facilitated the enactment of the sexual favours. Gifts, income need to be recorded in the register.If these favours were granted on council property there too needs to be an assessment of the proper use of council property, there have been indications that people indulging in sexual activities on council premises have been disciplined. The sex is the side show. Its the graft and corruption and misuse of council resource which is at issue

        • Kizzy MCD

          well so far all we’ve heard of is some cheap underwear that Len paid for himself, he says the reference he wrote for her was very early on in the affair and maybe they hadn’t even slept together at that point (that’s just a guess) The only thing that he has done that has made me think twice about him is having sex in the workplace….I would say that many people have been dismissed after getting caught doing that BUT just maybe he is going to infact get “away with it” as business is carrying on as usual so like someone else said he will be remembered for his indescretions like that MP that watched Porn on taxpayers money and others like that but it won’t stop him doing his job as it didn’t stop the others doing theirs either. I suppose it will be up to the guys at the top to decide if he stays or goes but its not looking like hes going anywhere soon. THAT is going to piss off a few people, especially on here. I personally don’t give a hoot about what he has done UNLESS it is proven that he used tax payer money or any perks during this string of bootie calls as I wouldn’t class it as an affair as such

  • conwaycaptain

    Len would not know the meaning of the words Honour, honesty and decency

    • Whafe

      Agree whole heartedly, the man lacks any of the above….
      Makes a mockery of to many things to list

  • sheppy

    I’m on holiday on South Island and I’ve not met anyone yet down here who has a good word to say about him. Looks like the horrid’s charm offensive isn’t working!

    • que_paso_perro

      To be fair, people in the South Island generally don’t have a good word to say about Auckland and its inhabitants anyway

  • captainnotsosensible

    So who will make it to the town hall tonight? I’ll be coaching ( loose term!) a few young kids playing football until 530, but I’m sure as hell going to get in the car and get there after that….I want to eyeball this prick and see who else in that chamber is fawning around him.

    My view is without resorting to anything too crude, Lenny needs to hear the voices of those he is ducking away from. Otherwise he will continue to believe that he can carry on regardless.

    Grand Hall, 6pm. Cheers Chancey.

    • AnonWgtn

      Is it not by invitation only ?
      hope they have many security guards as they may need them.

      • Chancey

        No its a Council meeting, All Council meetings are public meetings, as are committee meetings a local board meetings

        It is our right to be there – It is our duty to be at this one, no use just tapping on the keyboard and whinging.

        If we are not there in force old Lenny will continue to believe his own spin

        • ratesarerevolting

          I’m going to be in attendance I was thinking of humming LBIAFC Do dah do dah whenever he was in sight and then hurling a couple of shoes at him when he goes up to be invested.

          • Chancey

            seating for 1500 people – if its not full then we deserve the embarrassment heaped on us for the duration of his tenuous tenure

          • paddles83

            Hi Chancery
            I don’t live in Auckland but would suggest you consider sending out either a broadcast text message or tweet to get everyone to turn up at 6pm tonight.

          • captainnotsosensible

            Ha ha ha. The shoe hurling is really tempting isn’t it..

            Great to hear there will be more than 2 of us…

          • johnbronkhorst

            Condom water bombs?…More appropriate?

          • captainnotsosensible

            I was thinking that twanging a few pairs of cheap Lacey knickers at him would be appropriate

          • que_paso_perro

            Bras N Things should really be using this meeting as a marketing opportunity – a few well placed banners held up by lingerie models in lacy bras and knickers would see a surge in sales.

      • captainnotsosensible

        No ! It’s public…. Time to vocalise what has been typed here by many..

    • Chancey

      We must remember these are our employees in our building.

      I agree crudeness won’t help – I think the words shame and disgrace uttered loudly from time to time would be a good start.

      I havent attended a super council meeting before but used to go regularly to manukau council meetings, the old buggers there are really informed and know their rights and would get really rowdy sometimes.

      Our elected reps dont like it, probably why they don’t teach civics in school any more.

      Somehow the MSM don’t report on council meetings like they used to. Perhaps they should have advertised this one, as otherwise they might end up with a hall full of the wrong people (us)

      • captainnotsosensible

        Agreed! Understand your points.

  • Dick Brown

    Probably the only honourable resignation of late was that pommy bint who presided over Novapay.

    • AnonWgtn

      And she was dropped into it by the top Ministry staff who opposed her appointment.
      They have gone now but too late.

    • Bunswalla

      She didn’t preside over Novopay, and she didn’t resign voluntarily or honourably. She was stitched up good and proper, as those pommy bints and blokes say, but still got a good payout.

  • BJ

    I know Cam doesn’t place much stock in the astrological stars that we are each assigned on a particular day in the year that we are born but I can tell you, that for everyone I meet or become aware of through the media, the way they approach life is true to a particular described personality in approach, defence, self belief etc. Len Brown is Cancer – I mean Cancer the Crab. If they feel in danger, a crab quickly hides away under a rock and there they will stay for self preservation until a perceived danger has passed unless there is a very good reason to come out and attack their attacker and then – boy watch out for those big nippers! The alternative is to poke a very long sharp stick under the rock but be warned – it may make a most unpleasant gory mess but you still might not extract the whole crab.

    • OhopeBeachBugger

      Funny how some folk will see astrology as complete bollocks, yet believe in ‘god’. Strange world out there.

      • Bunswalla

        Isn’t it though, I always struggle between the two – it’s hard to decide which is the bigger load of complete shite. A magic flying guy in the sky who knows everything except who his own father is, or the palpably ridiculous notion that there are only 12 “kinds” of people in the world.

        Mind you, I’m a Taurus which will come as no surprise to many on this blog.

      • johnbronkhorst

        Exertencial faith is great for those that have it! Congratulations to them, personally, I don’t, but neither do I see the point of rubbishing those that do have a faith in something I don’t or don’t understand.
        I am an atheist!!!

        • Then you are an agnostic rather than an atheist.

          • Bunswalla

            Don’t you oppress me!

  • Momo

    Dear Cam.

    Please stop teasing me with “There’s more to come…”

    I abhor Len Brown. Our rates are astronomical and rising each year and my services are being cut back. My car was towed by the council for being too close to a fire hydrant in a shameless revenue gathering exercise on a suburban street. Despite this, the council has borrowed even more under Brown. I’m about to be taxed via tolls or an extra petrol tax to use trains that are nowhere near me.
    I don’t care who he roots. But I just want him gone.


    An Auckland Ratepayer

    • Chancey

      Town Hall tonight dont be late

      • Momo

        Sadly, I will be stuck at work.

        While I’m in my workplace, I keep all my clothes on and don’t have sex with anyone. I am a professional and perform my job well. Unlike Len.

    • Release the Hounds

      I think unfortunately there is no more information that CAN be released. Therefore we are stuck with Len. I wish Cam would publish but I’m sure he has his reasons.

      • Yeah legal reasons…burden of proof…takes time…working on it

        • Release the Hounds

          Any help can be given?

        • Agent BallSack

          How about a series of Random Impertinent Questions, Cam? Those can be devastating and you’re not releasing info just asking questions that you already know the answers to.

    • Lonnie12

      Hear hear Momo :)

  • JohnRW

    Many of us have an extensive picture of this scandal managing to filter
    the fact from the BS. I personally find it embarrassing when I travel
    outside of Auckland that we “appear” to be inheriting a Mayor
    who has survived something which should by now have seen him go. If he
    “settles in” to the role beginning with his induction, presumably
    this evening, will that remove the effectiveness of a “king hit”?
    Presumably the “king hit” or the “more to come” requires
    some scrutiny and evidential proof before it can go to print although it has
    already been foreshadowed last week on radio thereby making it public knowledge
    and awaiting confirmation. Cam, when do you think it will “go to
    print” or is that information about timing also unavailable to “go to
    print”? Us very hurt people want to see it come to a head very quickly
    now, otherwise we keep feeling a part of the ridicule at a personal level when we speak up amongst friends, family and acquaintances claiming he should go. Some of us have a feeling that the longer it takes for the
    “more to come” to be confirmed, the more chance he has of surviving –
    not good and not what many of us want.

    • Chancey

      see you and your friends family and acquaintances at the town hall tonight then

    • Release the Hounds

      My guess is there is no more evidence. Len Brown has clean up the other messes to effectively and will therefore remain. It disappointing we can incentivize more info to come forward. Or can we Cam? I’m sure some people here would help.

  • Adolf Fiinkensein

    National will be pleased. Brown has just gifted them every Auckland electorate in 2014.

    • johnbronkhorst

      We live in hope!

      • richard.b

        I don’t live in Hope, but I did once have a holiday there.

  • jaundiced

    ‘he knows there is much more to come…’
    Don’t stay your hand too long, starting to sound like empty bluster.

  • Kimbo

    Cheat on your family,cheat on your staff, cheat on your position,cheat on your constituents – Whats with the swearing in tonight ? – This is an aberration – A giant piss take on the people of Auckland, we deserve someone that is leading our council, not rooting at work and beating off in the bogs.

  • LesleyNZ

    This morning on Mike Hosking Breakfast, NewstalkZB, I heard smooth talking, liquid like Penny Hulse. She reckons Len Brown made a mistake. She reckons we need to move on. She doesn’t get it. It is not just the affair Penny.

    • Chancey

      she gets it – she also gets 150k a year – notice she hasnt been standing in for him while hes been under the desk

    • Colleen Wright

      You are right there Lesley – there were plenty of dirty dealing when he was on the mayoral throne at Manukau as well !

  • Rimutaka

    Read this off stuff this morning “Brain-injured offenders are packing Kiwi prisons, leaving experts calling for better assessment and rehabilitation of those suffering head injuries.
    Ministry of Health figures show 64 per cent of prisoners have suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI), compared with just 2 per cent of the general population. Studies put the number even higher, with 80 per cent of non-Maori and 90 per cent of Maori prisoners suffering from TBI. Neurologist Richard Seemann said it was “a given” brain injury was linked to offending behaviour.”

    Bloody outrageous, I understand justice and retribution but surely there’s a health issue that needs addressing for the good of society. Just locking up brain injured people isn’t pat of a decent society.

    • rrroberto

      That’s an important subject. But is it part of this thread? Are you suggesting that Len Brown is one of the 2% brain injured non prison population , if so, that would explain a lot, and he needs sympathy and rehabilitation, and pretending to be a Mayor would not be conducive to either of those.

    • johnbronkhorst

      What??? No mention of these “brain injured” prisoner’s VICTIMS?????
      Quite frankly the protection of society from these people (brain injured or not) should be of the paramount importance. NOT whether these prisoners can fake a brain injury!!!

    • Off topic, running risk of the the arse card here.

      • Rimutaka

        Sorry wrong thread, it was meant for the General debate thread.

        • rrroberto

          Although there is something wrong with Len’s brain, the top one, and he should be in prison

  • Day Day

    With the election coming up in a years time, it might be better if Len stays in his job. Twelve months of leaks will ensure he, & his spin doctors remain lame ducks. No point in giving away a gift that keeps giving.

    • Release the Hounds

      That’s fine as long as it does keep giving. Otherwise we just have a prick for mayor with a dirty closet.

    • That is a valid option….death by a 1000 cuts

  • Clemgeopin

    Brown has been a completely discredited idiot and this will have a negative effect on the Labour party’s support in Auckland in the next year’s general election.

    • Momo

      I hope so…Am worried the interest on my mortgage will rise astronomically under Labour and Greens

  • Chancey

    AGENDA for tonight

    A mihi whakatau will precede the formal meeting. The meeting will be chaired by the Chief Executive until the Mayor has made his statutory declaration.

    1 Apologies

    2 Statutory Declaration – His Worship the Mayor, Len Brown

    There will be a musical interlude at this time to be performed by Sistema Aotearoa and Auckland Choral.

    3 Statutory Declarations – Councillors

    The meeting will adjourn once all councillors have made their statutory declarations and will reconvene on Wednesday 30 October 2013, at 10.00am in the Reception Lounge, Auckland Town Hall.

    • John Phillips

      What the fuck is a “mihi whakatau” ??

      • PM of NZ

        That’s where the unelected mob on your council give Lenny the bill for disinfecting the table in their room.

        • Hazards001


  • Chancey

    This is wrong on so many levels – Update to Item 2 of the Agenda

    His Worship the Mayor will make an oral declaration and sign a written declaration which will be attested by the Chief Executive. The Mayor will address the meeting, outlining his vision for Auckland. He will acknowledge local boards and the appointment of the Deputy Mayor.

    Worship [the feeling or expression of reverence and adoration for a deity]

    Perhaps this is where his god complex originated [unshakable belief characterized by consistently inflated feelings of personal ability, privilege, or infallibility. A person with a god complex may refuse to admit the possibility of their error or failure, even in the face of complex or intractable problems or difficult or impossible tasks, or may regard personal opinions as unquestionably correct. The individual may disregard the rules of society and require special consideration or privileges.]

    Make an oral declaration – no please don’t

    Attested by the Chief Executive – and detested by the rest of Auckland

    Outline his vision for Auckland – aaaaaarrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Caroloina Milyoukova

    So Len thinks Auckland want to move on. He want to move on because the heat is getting hotter by the day… who is he to say Auckland want to move on. He does not speak for all of us…

    • captainnotsosensible

      Come along to the town hall tonight and voice your opinion!

    • Release the Hounds

      Unfortunately unless you have something to share its not getting hotter by the day. It’s over

      • captainnotsosensible

        I don’t see it like that. This is the tip of the iceberg.

        I have never been one to get involved involved in local politics but this guy, his attitude, his team have stirred me up.

        My position is that I didn’t move here 15 + years ago, uprooting others to come with me, leaving family and long term friends behind, putting heart and soul into this country and life here to then arrive at a point like today when Len Brown and associated cronies and fans can continue to behave as if nothing has happened.

        I have a family now, young kids and a hard working partner and I’ll be damned if this idiot gets to stay in office and continues to push his way of thinking and behaving through another term.

        I want the fucker gone and I am prepared to bloody well work hard to make sure he does. I would like to think there are others out there, maybe who also wouldn’t normally put themselves forward, would see tonight as a good opportunity to make their presence felt.

        I would like Mr Brown and cronies to tingle a little tonight… :-)

  • BJ

    Please please, everyone on here that wants Len Brown out – go walk your talk and attend the Town Hall tonight.

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  • Caroloina Milyoukova

    Is he truly going to get sworn in tonight? If he does let us see what happens after that. an OIA request has just gone in to get the amount of money spent on giving him advice, along with external advice, and who has worked on this issue. Every rate payer dollar spent must be allocated in a certain way and as a public figure he must be accountable. ENDS

    • Chancey


  • Chancey

    Look at this squirming lying sleazeball.

    Cam is right there is a lot more dirt

    But could there be more damaging revelations concerning his private life yet to be revealed? When asked this morning, Mr Brown didn’t flatly deny it.

    “I’m not going to get into any of that… It’s a question that is between myself and my wife, and we are working on our relationship, getting over a difficult situation as you might imagine with my family. And that’s what my answer to that will be – that is a family matter between myself and my wife.”

    Read more:

  • Colleen Wright

    If a mass turnout at this swearing in tonight doesn’t work, then perhaps a rates revolt would!

    • John Phillips

      I agree. If you do a rates revolt alone or as part of a very small group, they just pick you off and penalise you. However, if you can motivate 1,000 or more – 10,000 even better – then you seize very real power, because you have hit where it hurts most, and you will then really get their attention. Not much else will do that with apparently thick skinned types like Brown.

      • Colleen Wright

        Yes, right. Of course he is trying to hang on – is all about the $$$$’s. He would know that getting a decent job in the private sector would be a dead duck. Anyway, there is power with the people and I really think we may have to resort to a mass rates revolt, if he persists in remaining. .

        • Cowgirl

          I’m in if we do, and I reckon others I know would be too.

  • slade52

    I suspect Brown’s marriage will last exactly one day longer than his mayoralty, however long that might be.

  • anothersnowflake

    Brown’s birthday is 1st October which makes his birth sign Libra. The writer of this astroblog has looked at his birthchart in some detail and it does actually show the likelihood of his downfall due to a sexual scandal. Indicators in November show even more intense heat being applied to him so this is not going away any time soon.

  • captainnotsosensible

    FFS this is worse than I thought.

    Check out photo. The sun really does shine out of his arse

    • Chancey

      Gosh you have captured a photo of the great organ! not to be confused with the somewhat smaller one in the Ngati Whatua room

  • disqus_cTYPCkCVDM

    I would have been very keen to ask Soprano Brown why he was not planning (as per Bernard Orsman last week in NZ Herald) to re-appoint Chuang to the Ethnic Advisory Committee. Did he have concerns about her skills, work capacity, experience or honesty ? No.
    Indeed I do not believe he has any right whatsoever to not reappoint her and all he is doing is amplifying his lack of honesty and obfuscation.
    He is truly a proper bastard and he is despicable beyond contempt.

    • disqus_cTYPCkCVDM

      Not that he will be Mayor for that long anyway …

  • captainnotsosensible

    Good to hear mr brown receiving some abuse as soon as he opened his mouth. Will only get easier to get closer to him, and with fewer sycophants lapping up his every word at smaller meetings.

    Cannot wait to start addressing questions to the councillors too, starting with a letter to my local one.

    • Chancey

      copy in all the members of your local board, or request to make an oral presentation at the local board meeting (they have no teeth, but your councillor will be there)

      • captainnotsosensible

        Got it. Cheers!

  • Chancey

    Question – if a Mayor cannot be heard giving his oral declaration over the cries of shame, has it been declared? well done GI bunch and others

    Mayor Diary this week

    Wed – 8:30 Sylvia Park launch NRL 9s

    10:30 Reception room Auckland Town Hall – continues inaugural meeting all welcome

    Thursday 10:00am Waterview connection Barrymore road launch tunnel boring machine

    Friday 11:00 am – Eden lifestyle care and village – View Road Mt Eden

    and who is this plonker who wouldnt sit down ffs

    • john Doe

      Friday 5pm. Root a junior staff member in the Maori cultural room.

      Friday 5.02pm. Head home after a hard week at work

    • Dave

      Thursday 10.00 am….. launch Tunnel Boring Machine. Only hope it scores more than Len in boring tunnels.

      RESIGN LEN, the Jokes are never ever going to stop.