Now this is just wrong


When it is Earth Hour, I turn on every light in my house. ?And so, as today is?World Vegetarian Day, I’ve had bacon for breakfast, will make sure I have meat for lunch, and two steaks for dinner.

People from all over the world will be celebrating their non-meat lifestyles and in New Zealand, some of the country’s “hottest vegetarians” have been named. ?

At the top of the list – compiled by animal advocacy group SAFE – is respected?Whale Rider?and?Once Were Warriors?actor Cliff Curtis.

The Kiwi-Hollywood star has been a vegetarian for years and says there is no turning back.

“Although I loved the taste of meat, I don’t miss it and I feel better about not killing to eat,” he said. “It makes me more conscious of how I am living my life and more responsible about my health in general … I feel more peaceful and harmonious than I did in the past.”

Oh please. ?They feel better about not killing.

Look, if you do it for your health, or you simply don’t like the taste, all power to you.

But this sanctimony is about the same as seeing a bumper sticker with “NO OFFSHORE DRILLING” on it.

Like most Taliban Greenies, these people are simply too stupid to have a consistent opinion.


Source: NZ Herald