And now you see why it was so important to oust Brown

The left wing and the apologists in the media all looked after Len Brown. They claimed that his actions were “private” despite all the evidence to the contrary, they claimed that his poor judgement from the credit cards fiasco at Manukau and his affair with a younger Chinese woman don’t affect his job as mayor.

I disagree…Len Brown has shown questionable decisions making skills, poor judgement and extreme narcissism in refusing to stand down.

Now we can see why all of those things were and remain important…he has taken total control of the council.

Auckland Mayor Len Brown has concentrated more power in himself and deputy mayor Penny Hulse under a new committee structure he has set for a second term.

Between them, Mr Brown and Ms Hulse control the $4.5 billion annual budget, the 10-year budget, planning and growth for the city, including housing; and oversight of the seven council-controlled organisations (CCOs).

The loss of councillors Richard Northey and Ann Hartley – two members of the mayor’s inner sanctum last term – has not been used by Mr Brown to promote and broaden the roles of senior councillors like the left-wing Mike Lee and Cathy Casey.

Len Brown is now emboldened. Despite my best efforts he remains resolute. He is even insisting on forcing his councillors to address him by his title.

I know media are sitting on information…I continue to work on more information, but the cowardice of the mainstream media and the resolute defence of Brown by the NZ Herald have let him off the hook.

Never have I been more ashamed of the fourth estate in New Zealand.


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  • conwaycaptain

    L’etat, C’est Moi!!!
    We now have a modern version of Louis Quatorze in the Auckland City Council. Without any of the expertise of his advisors.
    Also Louis had a string of mistresses and a herd of bastards.
    The reign of Louis XIV resulted in the French Revolution as he had bankrupted the state with his wars and grandiose plans.

    • mike

      So will Jaffa’s be taking to the streets singing the songs of angry men?

      • conwaycaptain

        About 200 years late if you are talking about Louis Quatorze.
        Who will act as Sanson, the hereditary executioners in France when Madam La Guillotine is raised in Aotea Square???
        Who will be Madame Des Farge, knit one, purl one, drop one, THUNK.

      • parorchestia

        Wrong revolution. You must remember the French are very fond of riots and revolutions, so it does get very confusing.

        • mike

          Indeed it does, gets even more confusing keeping track of which Napoleon did what.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Mayoraise, let them eat cake.

      • philbest

        That is the perfect description for the kind of elitist urban planning that is a destructive mania all over the world today……

        Your worship, the poor people can’t afford houses….. (at triple the price they should be)

        ….then let them buy inner city condos….. (at 10 times the price)

  • Neil Price

    So…. are there any more revelations ?.. or has your mouth been writing cheques your ass can’t cash ?

    • Wine Man

      Mr Price, Brown, Campbell who ever you are. go off to the mirror take a big breath and hold it. I will re post when you can exhale.

      • Neil Price

        What? Is it not a fair question.

        • Wine Man

          I haven’t said to exhale yet……

        • Chancey

          if you have a dog in this race why dont you do something about it?

    • Yep, plenty more…

      • JohnRW

        Whereas he is a con simply as a Mayor running us more into debt through his “leadership”, I assume the “plenty more” is what he has done similar to the 2 year deception, in council time, on council premises and in breach of codes of practice/ethics. Do you have a view on the effectiveness of submitting a complaint with the Ministry of Justice regarding his behaviour as a JP to have his ex-officio JP status annulled thereby making him not eligible to hold office of Mayor?

        • Molon Labe

          Interesting play by Cam on timing his release. After following this he has been completely consistent with his comments that there is more to come.

          The other night his comment that the verification process takes time to ensure anything that is posted is backed up is certainly the right strategy to take. For example, should he let his emotions take over and publish something based on rumor and innuendo the eventual lawsuit that would occur could take him down. Then if the rats get scared will run from the sinking ship then he will be in serious trouble.

          On the other hand the momentum on this story and wider public interest is shifting.

          Len will be starting to feel smug that he has dodged the bullet and first wave.

          I personally do not think there is an unlimited amount of time before the ‘bombshell’ can be released. Then again perhaps I am just feeling impatient?

          Clock is ticking Cam… but what do I know!

      • Mr_Blobby

        The problem Whale Boy it would be deemed by the Police not to prosecute Lying Lenny because, like Banksie, it would not be in the Public Interest.

        However in your case it would somehow be reasoned, that it was in the Public interest.

        Could be something to do with preserving the dignity or integrity of the office or system.

        Anywhere else where you have a compliant Police, Justice and Media we would call it official corruption.

        Having said that if somebody came to me saying that they had compromising pictures of me. I would ask for additional copies.Always felt I had the right attribute to be a porn star.

        • parorchestia

          Sukarno (Pres of Indonesia) did exactly this when the KGB tried to get influence over him though photos taken of him romping with a beautiful blonde KGB agent in his bedroom! His reply to the array of compromising photos was classic: “I will have this one, and this one, and this one.”

      • Meg

        And I am sure you will be just as “successful” as you were this time at getting rid of Brown.

    • Dick Brown

      Hi Neil,

      Far be it for me to comment on Cam’s motivation or strategic moves but what I can comment on is the current situation from a mildly biased but ultimately balanced viewpoint.

      Judging from his ‘God is my only witness’ interviews and now his strategic move to centralise local government information release and consolidate power (which it ultimately is; and disgraceful for it), he is already doing enough damage to himself at this juncture to warrant any intervention of fresh stories.

      • Meg

        Code for, nothing will remove Brown now.

    • The Media have the other women and evidence but so far they continue to sit on it. I can only speculate as to why they are doing it. My guess is that they want WO to do it so that they can then report on it 30mins later and once again attack the messenger while reaping the benefits of increased sales.
      If the main stream media do it then people might say that they pressured the women into it etc, that they are trying to SMEAR the Mayor ( with the truth ) etc
      They want the headlines but don’t have the balls to break the stories. Frankly I am not encouraging WO to do any more. If he won’t resign now and all WO gets are attacks what’s the point? The guy is shameless and protected by the Media.

      • Muffin

        At the end of the day the truth should come out, if even to ensure he never gets voted in again

        • Meg

          I am betting he will not stand next time.

          Whale and his lot have failed to get rid of Brown and in the process have demonstrated to the country the muck they will swim in to try and get their way.

          So, Brown will stay, much of the country have condemned those who broke the story and after 3 years Brown will head off into the sunset. More than likely with a Knighthood, or something close to it.

          • parorchestia

            I’m confused. Who created the muck?

      • Molon Labe

        Late to this party but hey I work, unlike most of Len’s voters, so apologies for missing the discussion.

        Great angle and analysis spanishbride and worth feedback on. However, I would disagree in the sense that you must continue to expose these people for what they are. This arsewipe need to be exposed for all to see. At each revelation I would argue that a few more people start to think and question the so called ‘legitimacy of government’. It’s about waking up and then hopefully starting to read more and expanding your thinking and knowledge.

        The system does still fundamentally rely on enough people participating and engaging with what, in my view, is a democratic farce. If enough people fail to participate the legitimacy of the system is called into question.

        Don’t vote it just encourages them.

        My 10 cents…

  • Dick Brown

    Sounds like Len has been reading too much George RR Martin

  • opusx

    To be perfectly fair Cam, it not your job alone to oust the (poor excuse of a) man. It’s the Ak ratepayers that need to sort the mess. And to be quite frank Aucklanders have become the butt of the joke. I am writing to the ak council to seek permission to promote tours of where all his dirty deeds took place…similar to the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit tours. I think it could be a great money spinner. I will let you know how I get on.

    • Chancey

      copy your letter to the Maori Statutory Board requesting a 2 minute powhiri before each for each tour

      • Molon Labe

        Genius…. however, the irony could well be lost on them as they salivate and demand MOAR from the ratepayer ‘trough’ that only LBIALFC can bestow upon them.

        Thanks to yesterday posters who kindly explained the meaning of LBIALFC. I await it’s inevitable inclusion in the urban dictionary.

        To think, Len thought he would be remembered for his ‘train set’, but now.

        • Mr_Blobby

          Yes his legacy now will be that of lame duck Mayor and a serial rooter.

          • Molon Labe

            I have feeling that Cams revelation could well be epic. Perhaps a vid captured of Len dressed in a ‘Barney suit’ and the obligatory ‘2 minutes of spray, I walk away’ on the worshipper(s)?

            Something like this?

            Just sayin’

    • Wine Man

      Maggi and Kleenex can sponsor you as well as SkyCity and the other Hotels, perhaps ASB could also help out seeming as they are so close to the Council

      • opusx

        I am hoping the Mayor will make himself available for photo ops. You know, to boost the credibility of the tour.

        • Wine Man

          even better just have a cut out produced for people to stand behind and pretend they are him

          • Chancey

            nah there heads would stick out over the top

          • Lux

            A cardboard cut out of him with his pants down in the Ngati Whatua Meeting room …

          • Chancey

            oh yeah then you could put the cutout at groin level

    • “See the room called the Ngati Whatua,
      That’s where Lenny took Bevan to screw her…”
      -advt slogan, perhaps

      • Blue Water Coastie

        and those aren’t tea cup marks either.

    • DavidW

      Which raises the matter of the 3 hotels who have never satisfactorily answered questions about them providing places for the mayor-in-the-bed at a discounted or no-charge basis.

      Certainly where they would gouge Rufus Paynter they need to come clean on their approach to city officials. To carry on the Les Mis theme I’ll bet they don’t charge “a penny for the mice, twopence for the lice, 2% for looking in the mirror twice”

      • AnonWgtn

        Hotels are private places as far as any Management and Staff are concerned.
        Any Hotel would soon los credibility if they told !

    • philbest

      “…..Aucklanders have become the butt of the joke…..”

      Yep, like Mrs Brown they are besotted with a cheat, fraudster and harm-doer. Auckland’s motorists must like being screwed, same with everyone who can’t afford a house, same with everyone who doesn’t want apartments in their neighbourhood, same with everyone who doesn’t mind paying subsidies to the train set but won’t ride it themselves; same with everyone who doesn’t care about the mushrooming debt……

      • sheppy

        I’m an Aucklander and I like everyone I’ve met thinks LBIALFC

    • OT Richter

      Don’t you mean Lord of the Chings?

  • Blue Water Coastie

    Cam, Leighton Smith on ZB commenting on Len Brown this morning, said “the man is shameless and if he is ever on my show, it will be so I can say……..congratulations on your resignation.” MSM are slowly picking this up, so this won’t go away quickly at least anyway.

    • Actually, ironically, Campbell has probably helped to keep Brown in the MSM focus by his disgracefully unprofessional treatment of Palino.

      • Blue Water Coastie

        Agree HL. Len’s exit may well be referred to in the end as “The Completion Backwards Principle”. I still have the record :)

    • Day Day

      When he does step down, he will possibly claim it’s for “health reasons”

  • When is the Ernst & Young report to be released? And will it be made public?

  • nudgy

    The whale army never gives up. This little rat will trip up and someone will throw the little prick under the bus. He simply is not good enough to carry this through. Keep going Cam the war has a long way to go but will be won.

  • LionKing

    Keep going WO. This mayor has shamed the office and needs to be given the heave ho. No restaurant in Auckland central with curtains is safe with him as Mayor.

  • Shoreboy57

    Good for you Whale. Do not give up on this. If nothing else Lying Len knows he can’t put a foot wrong for the next three years. Good to see Leighton Smith and Mike Hosking see through him

    • Sean Plunket has done a reasonable good job on him as well, to be fair.

    • philbest

      This is the thing; the reason he is so hubristic about his marital infidelity is that he has already come to rely on a free ride from the MSM long since.

  • I’m thinking that the WO Army could easily arrange an email campaign just by sending a suitably worded message several times a day for a week or so to selected ACC addresses with suitable chosen questions. That would ensure that the staff are well aware of the feelings of the ratepayers and residents. Thoughts?

  • Chancey

    Brown, Hulse, $4.5b – this is chilling; Hulse CCO more chilling

    I also note that all the meetings and agendas for the new term have been gone from ACC website since the inauguration, and can find no information as to the committee structures

    • dyannt

      That’s to protect the man from protesters.
      (And in other cities, you could possibly include the media in that.)

    • Max

      Brown ,Hulse ,Lee and Casey in control and overseeing of the cities finances?
      A chilling thought, just wait for the big spend ups on the pet projects to keep the minions in tow.

  • Graham

    Not far from demanding the title “der Fuhrer”?

    • rrroberto

      watch it, I got shown the Godwin Card for something along those lines yesterday

      • Chancey

        I don’t think it meets the test – the structure of the new committees (as much as we know about them) makes the comparison relevant

        • rrroberto

          Cool, der Fuhrer it is. Hope it doesn’t take till April 30th to blast him out of his bunker

    • valueall

      yes-classic narcissist. And we are incredulous re Hitler getting into power? This is how it happens.

  • cows4me

    When it’s all said and done the people of Auckland will have to effect change. Surely there must be many ideas that could be put forward to take this entitled lefty arsehole down. If this is a right vs left thing then use the power of the right to bring him down. The vast proportion of rate payers are probably fed up with these troughers and Brown, make the city poor by cutting off the cash supply.

    • Chancey

      Council rely on apathy, perhaps Brown’s continuation in the role for a week or two more will wake people up i’m damned if I know why people so don’t care

    • philbest

      It will have to come like Detroit’s, where it “runs out of other people’s money”.

      Interesting that a former mayor over there finally ended up in jail after years of dodging and diving.

  • blokeintakapuna

    The 4th Estate have hijacked “Free Speech” for their own purposes much like the LGBT Community hijacking the word “Gay”

    The 4th Estate’s role in our democracy is to hold elected officials to account, using
    that “Free Speech” to ask pointed questions, holding them to account and ensuring our democracy remains as free from corruption as possible.

    But what happens when the 4th Estate actually use their “free Speech” to enable cronyism and through their complicit support, actually encourage and condone corrupt Mayoral behaviour, like appointments of his mistress?

    Who watches the political Watchdog when that watchdog has become a lapdog of the politicians? The Press Council now have embedded EPMU Union representatives on it. The Labour Party financiers are now imbedded into the very organisation our form of democracy requires to keep the politicians “in check” Talk about conflicted hypocrisy and double-standards right there by the colluding MSM and NZ politicians.

    Surely having a political party’s union financiers imbedded into the very watchdog
    charged with keeping political party’s and politicians honest, is akin to having the Mafia oversee our entire Judicial System?

    The Governor General should order an Independent Royal Enquiry into the state of crony-media / political collusion that is eroding the future of NZ’s democracy… and
    especially so when us the public have propaganda merchants like Campbell Live apologising/”staging interviews” for the Mayor’s crony, corrupt behaviour yet attempting to portray their political advocacy as “factual news”

    The BSA should get a solid nostril full of coffee, extract collective digits and hold the MSM to account for the blatant propaganda they try and sell through their snake oil salesman such as Campbell.

    • philbest

      That’s John Campbell AND Gordon Campbell, and Brian Rudman, and several others. I believe anyone in the MSM who dares show any tendencies to honesty is moved on or suppressed. I think there is something very rotten in the state of Auckland, centering on “big property”……

  • hunk4hire .

    Brown is a real piece of work. He has a monstrous ego due to his affliction with “small man” syndrome which sees him wanting to compensate for his lack of inches and IQ with arrogance, over-confidence and an exaggerated self-assertiveness. I seriously doubt that more revelations will faze him. It’s that bad. It will take a vote of “no confidence” from the council or something equally drastic to get him out the door.

    Believe it.

    • Wine Man

      Problem is there are too many weak councilors there who would vote no on a no confidence vote

  • Eiselmann

    Len Brown white middle aged man in a suit part of the 1percenters, user of women betrayer of women , culturally and ethically insensitive , believes in a Christian God , hypocrite , Union basher , champion of the Left
    Its like watching Monty Python with the humour turned down.

  • Guest

    WO you seem a little defeatist. You may have overplayed your hand when you allowed MSM to turn Brown from villain to victim, but surely you have a couple of plays left to knock this fool off his perch? What about credit card spending before he made the grand gesture of cutting it up – there are other women, perhaps something in this spending can be tied to them?

  • conwaycaptain

    Len needs to produce receipts and cc documents for the time he stayed in the hotels with Bevan thus proving he did not accept a back hander from the hotel.
    That is why the police should investigate and go in and ask for the documentation

  • terrynaki

    FUCK THE OTHER COUNCIL MEMBERS.if they cant stand up and publicaly slam Brown for his sexual perversions whilst working in public office then they deserve as much shit as Brown.
    Brown is so fortunate that Im not on the council his problems would be minor to putting up with my views.
    What will the arsehole do?.send me to council for disclipine,lol,PISS WEAK.
    If a council member wants to lift his profile ,I would say getting len in their cross hairs would be a great start.

    • philbest

      Quax and Brewer are about the only honourable people there.

    • lofty

      A very good point.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Wont be laughing when he says, hey dick get down here and worship this.

  • onelaw4all

    The Statists cannot help themselves.

    Just look at the U.S. at the moment.

  • Chancey

    I’m thinking Brown has only been hanging on in order to install his new structure and will resign as early as tomorrow, giving Hulse Control over a $4.5b budget for at least 82 days.

    Unless of course Penny can’t handle the pressure – she has no qualifications for it so now the CCO’s are in charge.

    in which case bend over aucklanders this is going to be quick and painful.

    • sheppy

      It already is!
      And now courtesy of apathy and the lefty media he’s emboldened and can do wtf he likes. Next stop bankruptcy for Aucklands biggest city – how very sad!

      • philbest

        Small comfort that justice finally caught up with one (so far) former Mayor of Detroit. It took years, and the city was indeed bankrupt already.

  • nani

    Nz msm have turned lying len brown into the victim, shameful biased reporting/opinions.
    lying len brown is a dangerous man now, taking more control of the council, heralding he has his god on side, plus he gets a raise, oh and all the people that didn’t stand behind/beside him in the last few weeks, put out in the freezing cold waste land of no voice.
    lying len brown Aucklanders will wake up to you sooner than later,
    Cos’ on the job is Cameron Slater

  • Steve Purcell

    What does Len Brown and the Captain of the Costa Concordia have in common? Lets hope he doesn’t sink the Auckland Ship!!!

  • lofty

    As I said on another thread quite a few days ago,

    “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.”

    “Mahatma Ghandi”

    W.O. seems to be at the fight stage, which may take a wee bit of time, last stage coming up.

  • Col

    I put Lenny in the same class as a Kiddie Fiddler, he will go about his business until he is found to have done more than we see at present, he will get paid while he waits for the evidence to appear.

    • Chancey

      i agree in fact at Waterview this morning he appeared with a small boy, but they had a bulky bodyguard and a barrier between the Mayor and the little boy

      photo from brown’s facebook page which incidentally does not suggest that he has much support at all from aucklanders

      • DavidW

        Hope Gerry had a handy little bottle of hand sanitiser for use after shaking hands with the masturbating mayor

        • Wine Man

          bet the boy is thinking..”I wish I was another foot taller, this could get yucky if that dirty old man gets too excited”

        • Mr_Blobby

          Did he offer to shake his hand or wait for Pants Down.

        • Chancey

          his wankship washes his hands of everything

      • OT Richter

        Jerry’s suit is looking a tad stressed.

      • Mr_V4

        On the plus side he won’t be touring too many warehouses and truck depots, too much risk of being photographed with a sign “Always secure your load”. Whorehouses on the other hand …

  • BJ

    Here is an opportunity for some journalist in MSM to have the guts to tell the truth – to do the job they once aspired to – to report the facts that are truly in the public interest. It looks like they are more interested in frustrating Cam Slater than being a success at their chosen careers.
    Shame on anyone that writes for the NZ Herald.

    • philbest

      I suspect they are being “heavied” if they show any signs of straying from the approved line……

  • Mad Dog

    Hahaha – look at all the SORE LOSERS.

    Click on the following link and enjoy….

  • Jason Brown

    “Never have I been more ashamed of the fourth estate in New Zealand.”

    Obviously the steroids have affected your memory banks.

    • Don’t take steroids or any other drug

  • Momo

    So Len Brown is pulling up Cameron Brewer on professionalism during council hours?

    Hypocritical, much?

  • Wine Man

    I feel a MasterCard advert coming on….

    A Box of tissues – $2.75

    A Young Naive Chinese girl – A cushy council job

    Getting away with it…….Priceless!

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Announcement from Len:

    “Whale Oil bros. I have made peace with God and God has forgiven me and asked me to work hard. He also told me that I should move on. End of story. I won, you lost, eat that”.

    • valueall

      “Justice will prevail” and Len knows that.

  • Edwin Wigmore

    Good on you Cam. Keep after this. I wish there was some way I could help.

    Thank goodness we have someone putting the hard yards as the MSM certainly will not.

  • Hazards001

    I have only one thing to say at that is this! (actually more than one… but “I have 12 things to say” sounds to much like Winston Peters)

    The right…that’s most of us..

    Did NOT take the time to fill out a ballot paper and vote and now want to weep in their fucking weet bix as the inevitably obvious comes to pass.

    My comment re my vote:

    Tough fucking shit! …my comment re Len getting re elected!

  • Mad Dog

    Go Bill….go Len….at least you two have got what it takes, unlike most of the needle-dick sadsacks who infest this site.

    • Hazards001

      You really are a stupid cunt aren’t you?
      Do you understand the irony of your attachment you dimwit?

  • Meg

    Goodness, so this means I was right then??

    Brown will stay, Whale’s attempt to remove him through American sleaze methods (after the failure at the election to remove him) has failed. And now WO is looking for someone else to blame for all these failures of the right.

    It was a story for a few days, and then the public lost interest once the light was shined on those who broke it. And now, next to no one cares.

    • Hazards001

      I care you commie homo.

      So do a lot of others. And as we live here and you don’t you fucking poofter troll I don’t even see why you have an opinion you nasty vile shrill little left wing bitch.

      • rrroberto

        this photoshop enhancement is actually an improvement

      • Meg

        LMAO nasty when you don’t win aren’t you.

        I know people like you care. But people with lives and brains do not.

        • Hazards001

          I have both Paul..a life and a brain. I don’t spend my entire life sucking on the taxpayers tit and crying it’s not fair. That’s your game wanker!
          As I’ve said before tool. I should be a labour supporter, however due to vile cunts like yourself, Kelvin Fisher and Helen Clark I’m not.
          Fuck off back to school you useless little fag,

          • Meg

            First I’m a woman now I’m a man. Goodness you are losing it. Still not surprising, given how much you and your kind invested in getting rid of Brown and then to fail so spectacularly.

            It has played out just as I said it would. Brown has held on and will stay. Despite all the gloating done by Whale and the masturbating right wingers on here that Brown was done.

            But please by all means carry on being bitter and twisted about it. I am sure it will do amazing things for you and demonstrate how *cough* “clever” you are and just how much of a *snigger* “life you have.

            Good luck with that.

          • Hazards001

            ok fuckwit..lets keep going. Never once have I called you a woman. I know you are a male (not a man) and a school teacher and a fag.
            So what.
            You don’t upset me. You don’t even rate a thought in my day to day life you irrelevant faggot.

            Neither do your brethren.
            You just make me ill as you are nothing more than a bleeding bludging useless piece of shit that in the grand scheme of things would die in a heart beat if that’s the way the world unfolded..and day it will…
            But here’s a heads up for you you nasty piece of gear..people like me would actually try to help you..people like you would let the rest of us sink.

            Fuck off you commie cunt.

          • Meg

            Quote ” I don’t even see why you have an opinion you nasty vile shrill little left wing bitch.”

            But calling you a liar is no fun when you make it that easy.

            Oh and your lack of smarts are showing by using the word commie, because it is rather clear from that you do not have any real understanding of Communism.

            And the bile spilling from you, my goodness, you really are angry that WO failed in his American style attack to oust old Brown.

            And closing, it brings a smile to my face to think that someone you have never met, and never thinks of you unless on here is ill because of what was said on a blog. Way to have a life loser.

          • Hazards001

            Fuck off you pathetic bitter jealous little twat.

            And poofs like you ARE shrill little bitches you fucking lame brain!

          • Meg

            Oh my this really has got you in a twist.

            Spin you poor thing, spin like the loser with no life that you are.

          • Hazards001

            School teachers, faggots and Labour all have one thing in common.

            They can’t be trusted you little gimp.
            I have an awesome life. I have children and a career.

            You are just a jealous lazy worthless piece of pond scum. A typical nasty lefty gloating as the shit your species of lefty is floats to the top like Brown and Cunliffe.

            Take a look at who has no life as you post replies to gloat about something that has no affect on you what so ever worm.

            I wonder who really has no life. Alone at home with your cat you ageing faggot aren’t you?
            Trolling through the gay sites trying to find a partner?

            You diseased mongrel. You should be put out of your misery.
            Nasty little cunt.

          • Meg

            LMAO, ohh my goodness this is fantastic. Your life is so amazing you come on here to abuse someone who you have no clue about and does not share your views.

            Oh and I hope you have let the teachers of your kids know how much you HATE them and do not trust them… but I doubt you have. Allll piss and wind people like you are. But I do challenge you to go to your kids teachers and tell them how much you hate them and distrust them. Grow a pair and say what you “think”.

            Oh and to the Mod’s please do not punish poor simple minded Hazard, or ask him to tone it down. His homophobic mindless dribblings are amazingly good fun to read. I have never seen someone have a full on nervous breakdown on a blog before over nothing. It is most interesting to watch his decent into madness.

          • Hazards001

            Keep going you homo fuckwit..and kids teachers are well aware of my views worm. As it happens I’m having a meeting with one of the useless cunts tomorrow. He is about to learn some value lessons.
            You on the other hand can go fuck yourself….
            Go on reply again you last word little bitch…useless cunt that you are!

            You could have dropped this any time but you can’t, as you’re a piece of fucking filth that needs the last word..well not this time..go on..reply again you timid little pissant..include your address and I’ll pop down so you can tell me to my face I’m full of piss and wind..and your phone number. I’m not going to waste my time and money travelling to Wellington for nothing.

          • Meg

            Hugs and kisses sicko.

            Good to know that your kids teachers know what an arse you are.

          • Hazards001

            Snivelling little bitch

  • disqus_cTYPCkCVDM

    My God it will be so good to watch the next 2-3 years if this bastard and his cabal survive. Most of them may well go out with him next time round. Why would any councillor with a conscience want to be associated with this conniving, lying creep – I guess it just shows how utterly selfish we all are as humans when the “chips are down”

  • disqus_cTYPCkCVDM

    The crux of his abuse was that he exploited the early personable flirtations of Ms Chuang, immediately taking advantage of her physically as a concubine and placed her promptly on the Ethnic Peoples Advisory Council – a smart move to ensure he would be repaid at least 12 times over in the ensuing 2 years. I will remember how I mis-voted for this disgusting creep until the day I die. PS: He even confirms it by saying he recommended her early in the relationship. And now he wants to be called His Worship. Maybe he thinks his wife should also call him His Worship.

    • valueall

      I’m hoping his wife will son be his ex-wife and she can call him what she likes-“narcissistic sociopath” springs immediately to mind.

  • valueall

    Could he be called “Your Narcissistic Worship”?

    • Meg

      But the point is, he is still His Worship. Despite all the wallowing in the gutter WO has done.

      • Meg

        And down voting will not change that either.

        Just in case you thought it would.

  • Rae

    Bevan Chuang strikes me as very naive for her age, naive and a bit guileless and that is what makes me think that she is basically telling the truth, although she may have built up her relationship with Wewege in her mind, I have no doubt they were in some sort of one.
    Len probably will have to go, I fail to see how he can, in all seriousness carry on, but Auckland you dodged a bullet not electing that Palino creep as mayor.
    You will just have to find someone else to see to it that Auckland gets its transport sorted