What has The NZ Herald got planned for opposing Charter Schools?

If the senior reporters at the NZ Herald are going to spend a month running hatchet jobs on rest homes then I shudder to imagine what sort of things they are planning to do to perform a hatchet job on the 5 organisations who are starting the first Charter Schools.

I imagine they are speaking extensively with the NZEI, PPTA and the Labour party about how they can create a month worth of “the most shocking stories” they have.

Anytime we see this type of campaigning from the Herald we will now know that the stories are manufactured in collusion with unions, Labour and the Greens.

The NZ Herald is compromised, political and biased…at least we now know what they are up to.


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  • boglas

    Herald is advertising for stories on rest homes in todays Herald page A19.

    “The Herald wants your experiences of New Zealand rest-home care. Contact Simon Collins (09) 373 6473 or Martin Johnston (09) 373 6400 ext 98204”

    If you have some great experiences let them have them and see if they use them!!

    • Eiselmann

      Sadly they won’t , even if they were flooded with good news stories , the ‘script’ is that the worst examples of care will be the only focus.
      Now admittedly care for the elderly that dips below acceptable standard should be exposed, however to demonise an entire ‘industry’ to score political points for their left leaning mates shows the depth New Zealand journalists will sink to.
      They are like the print version of ‘fair and balanced’ Fox news for lefties
      No wonder so few trust the media

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      I understand John Key personally is involved in day care…let me spin some horror stories how John Key never took care of the elderly….

    • Roland

      I have one from the Rannerdale rest home in Christchurch, I have a recycling business and on some occasions I have bought Aluminium Cans from this establishment. One saturday morning we have the head nurse and an old soldier come in with some bags of cans, after weighing and depositing the contents in the baling press, we notice some 40oz whiskey bottles in the mix, the old soldier just gives me a wink and I set the machine to automatic bale..

  • blokeintakapuna

    A true test of the credibility of the Press Council / BSA and other respective authorities will be the actions they instigate following the damning revelations of their “Rest Home Series” they’re manufacturing.
    Should the Press Council/BSA/Authorities elect NOT to act – they may as well not exist at all. Toothless tiger or lame duck “watchdog” doesn’t really matter – ineffective is ineffective.
    They can read what a credible journalist of 30 years or so thinks of the Herald’s process – so one would think, for the sake of NZ’s and journalistic integrity, they will launch their own investigations / education for these “media professionals” so the very industry they represent can in fact be “balanced” for NZ.
    Our democracy is under threat when NZ’s powerful media “moguls” slop around propaganda dressed up as credible news.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Bloke – Press Council/BSA/Authorities – toothless like UN….waste of time.

    • Macca

      Both the Horrid and the BSA are just like the UN – about as much use as a fanny full of sand!
      I’ve been bitching about the Horrid for years (and the MSM for that matter), at least they have finally come out and nailed their colours to the mast! Let’s just hope this is the beginning of a real groundswell for some transparency at last!

  • blokeintakapuna

    Anyone else notice that this weeks “media” has been very quite on “attack” pieces about the government/Key? It’s filled with all kinds of other fluff.
    The deafening silence kinda gives them away… noticeable by it’s absence…

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      They are secretly finding out whether Beven is John Key in disguise….

  • Rudman’s column this morning on your good father was a new low for the Herald Cam; even by their low standards. It was character assassination of the worst kind, and plain and simple gutter journalism.

    • blokeintakapuna

      Ironic that Whale’s media coup helped the Horrid to probably their best ever readership levels of recent memory, which led plenty to then see Rudman’s vitriol piece – which turned plenty off both Rudman and the Horrid – increasing further readership to WOBH.

    • You need to factor in, though, that anyone who has ever read Rudman will never be in any doubt that he is a very poor journalist. He is a paid lickspittle for the Left, no different from a common whore and presumably giving similar satisfaction to his paymasters. I wonder if the Herald has ever done a poll on its readers to see if the percentage of those who read his predictable drivel justifies what they pay him. In fact, I understand there are fish and chip shops that refuse to wrap purchases in the pages containing his self opinionated rubbish on the grounds that it will taint the food.

  • philbest

    “…..the stories are manufactured in collusion with unions, Labour and the Greens…..”

    I’d add the bureaucracies to that, although bureaucracies and the unions representing their workforces could come under the “unions” heading.

    But the public needs to wake up to the fact that there has not been any such thing as an objective non-partisan public sector for some decades now. These people work not for the public interest, but for their own pay, perks, promotions, job security, power, and opportunity to advance ideology.

    There was a time when the public sector did pride itself on non-partisan objectivity and this pride had some basis in fact; at the same time, a public sector job was understood to be lower paid as a trade off with higher job security. Not any more. While the agents of the “long march through the institutions” are using bureaucracies to advance ideological agendas, they are gorging themselves at the trough at every opportunity. Who said anyone needs to be a capitalist to be a porker?

    I don’t know whether the “journalism” arm of the long march through the institutions will ever get a bit tired of their hypocritical bureaucratic comrades.

    • blokeintakapuna

      Comment of the day…

      • philbest

        I was encouraged recently by the fact that this viral little ditty goes “bugger the bankers and the politicians; bugger the bureaucrats too…..”

    • Bad__Cat

      The Fourth Estate has become the Fifth Column

      • philbest

        Instant classic quote…..!

        I am so impressed I Googled it to see if someone has already used it – evidently it has been used by plenty of those great US conservative writers already.

  • Steve R

    What do you mean ? The left love charter schools now .
    Didn’t you hear The honorable Shane Jones talking to Mike Hoskins this week .
    He was having a rant about the credit card issue with the Maori preschool thing and said that it really was all wrong and should be franchised out and privately run .
    Sounds just like a charter school system to me !!!

  • Grizz30

    The simple thing is don’t buy it and don’t log into their website.

    • emmess74

      Definitely don’t buy it but we need to comment on their bullshit editorials and up vote other sane comments. That way other readers who are still beholden to the mainstream media can see the outrageous bias of the filthy socialist rag.

  • Magoo

    The Herald rang me the other day and offered me free daily Heralds for a month. As I needed some more material for my compost heap I willingly obliged and all of them have gone into the heap unread. Shit is good for the garden.

    • Patrick

      You fool – don’t you know the only things that will grow from that pile of compost will lean to the left & fall over & rot. Anything that is harvested will leave a poisonous taste in your mouth.

      • Magoo

        It’s alright, I pissed on it first to steralise it. The only parts I removed were the articles by Brian Rudman – someone had already wiped their ass on those ones.

  • Michael

    I was once rung by a Herald reporter about the cost of concert tickets meaning not all fans could go. (I’d commented on a review on the Herald website). Despite the reporter trying to get me to compkain I pointed out that the price is set on an international basis, and moves to lower ticket prices would just see acts skip NZ. So then we’d all be going to Sydney and Melbourne to catch the stars.