Official Inquiry into Len Brown sex scandal

About time.

There are many, many aspects to this, not withstanding the breaches of the council code of conduct for elected representatives, there are also now conflicts of regarding appointments and contracts.

This sordid murky scandal really needs Len Brown to announce his resignation today…his mayoralty is over. 

Len Brown appears to have now breached further code of conduct rules.

7.7. Conflicts of Interest
Attached as Appendix 1 to this Code is the Council’s Conflicts of Interest Policy. It is a requirement of this Code of Conduct that all elected members fully acquaint themselves with, and adhere strictly to, its requirements. These cover two classes of conflict of interest:

  • A non-financial conflict of interest does not have a direct personal financial component. It may arise, for example, from a personal relationship, or involvement  with a non-profit organisation, or from conduct that indicates prejudice or predetermination.

The policy also requires elected members to make full and complete annual declarations of interest.


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  • OhopeBeachBugger

    Oh well now this is official council business. Time and resources being spent on Lenny’s love life.

  • Col

    There he Blows, take the walk Lenny the :Loser.

  • Orange
    • layoutman

      My Ass.,,, Nothing to do with the Herald.. all the pressure from Cam – followed by all other media.. the Horrid makes this look like they are “investigative” “journalists” both words they fail at IMO.

      • Orange

        I was just referring to their line at the end of their paragraph: “more to come”

  • steve and monique

    Whats that noise. Oh its Lens job going down the shitter

  • Hawkesbayallday

    Cut your losses Browntown. Get out while shes still keen on the d.

  • andrew carrot

    Don’t get excited too soon, people. DM is Len’s Chief Black-ops Officer.

    • patrickstarr

      Agreed – I suspect McKay will already have asked Brandon for a TOR that fits the desired outcome

    • nasska

      The only way to get the truth to the surface would be an inquiry by a High Court judge… appointed before Helen Clark’s reign of corruption.

  • steve and monique

    Seems fitting

    • mike

      I’m sure that’s required viewing for NZ Army Officers…

      • Harroputza

        It’s actually the first thing they teach on platoon commanders.

        • mike

          I knew it! It was always the part in O Groups when they told us the new and improved cunning plan… and we realised it was exactly the same plan we’d always used.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Still the Pants down Lentils will hold on. How the left wing media crucified Nick Smith for giving a letter of reference, not asking any favours for Bronwyn Pullar?

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    The enquiry concludes that Len did nothing wrong and hence he can continue as a Mayor. Signed, sealed and delivered.

  • patrickstarr

    well – looks as if this “official inquiry” is just someone checking Browns receipts!!!

    Typical Auckland Council circle the wagons

  • Monito

    Quickest way to shut this woman down is to resign Len Brown – tend to your family who you have betrayed and damaging beyond belief. Stand down now there is no longer any confidence in your integrity. While you stay in your mayoral role she will keep it coming she has the ammunition and the woman scorned… never a truer word! and this one is a unbelievably, calculating piece of work.

  • Intrigued

    The Council’s official inquiry seems to focus on Len Brown’s role in providing a reference for Ms Chuang, but what I’d like to know is whether Len Brown was involved in or present at any of the council meetings that decided what and how much Auckland Council funding would be given to the Auckland Council assisted/supported events that Ms Chuang was working on as “Sponsorship Director” (or had responsibility for raising sponsorship as part of her event management and project management role). She states on her LinkedIn profile page that she is the Managing Director of Lolibee Productions for which the services provided include Event development and management and Sponsorship Management. Below that she lists (among others) the Auckland Council as a client (listed twice). It would appear that Lolibee Productions is the company through which she contracts out her event management expertise.
    She also has a profile page that can be found on in which she states she has been Sponsorship Director for the Hong Kong Festival. I note the web page -a news item submitted by Bevan Chuang on 9/8/2011 about the opening of the festival in Auckland (opened by the Mayor Len Brown).
    The article states “The festival is hosted by the Hong Kong New Zealand Business Association, and supported by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, Invest Hong Kong, Hantec New Zealand, Cathay Pacific, The Langham Auckland, Auckland Council….”

    Given that it is now revealed that he helped her get the job at the council-run Auckland Art Gallery, I can’t help wondering whether Len Brown had any involvement in determining the level of council funding given to the Hong Kong Festival organisers (for which she has said she was Sponsorship Director)?
    The same question can also be asked about the Auckland council funding given to the Auckland Chinese Community Centre for which she was involved in sponsorship and event management for the Chinese New Year and Market Day festivities over the period she was having an illicit affair with the Mayor and the extent of which (if any) Mr Brown had a say in the level of funding provided to the festival organisers?
    I’m not an investigative journalist or even a regular blogger, but rather a concerned ratepayer who expects a lot more integrity and honesty from our elected officials running our city. Can anyone tell me the answer to the above questions?

  • johnbronkhorst

    So did little lennie’s eureka moment re underground rail loops, come on the council board room table…just before the security guard caught them?
    Run up his own rail?

  • James Growley

    The council is investigating?? It sounds like we may see one of those inquiries from “Yes Minister” where an inquiry is only instituted when the outcome is known – surely an outside agency should be doing this?

  • Bad__Cat

    Len will have lots of time for work as he’s unlikely going to get “it” at home.

    Well, an extra couple of minutes a day, anyway.

  • Vlad

    I understand Doug McKay trousers $840,000 a year, so I”ll try and save ratepayers some money and do it for him:

    Enquiry Report: “Blah blah blah blah thorough investigation. Blah blah full independent analysis. Blah blah blah no use of council funds discovered.”

    And to save Bernard Orsman some work:

    Herald headline: Exhaustive Enquiry Clears Mayor.

    And for Lennie boy, a permanent response to any question for the next 3 years:

    “This matter has been the subject of an enquiry and I have nothing further to say about it.”

  • longjohn

    Doug McKay was more than likely holding Lens ear while he was eating chinese pork at his desk for lunch,

  • longjohn

    Any inquiry should ask: Did Len spend ratepayers money on…inappropriate phone calls….inappropriate entertainment…inappropriate taxi fares to hotel liasons…inappropriate use of council rooms including office and cultural space…inappropriate recommendation of persons for council paid positions. It the answer is yes to any of the above then give him a bike as a parting gift. I work hard to pay ever increasing rates and any use of my money on the above brings bile to the throat.

  • Vlad

    You may not be an investigative journalist but you are finding out more, and asking better questions than several who boast that they are.

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    Browns spin Drs have done their job by getting this inquiry sorted. I bet Mckay already knows Brown didnt spend any council money and it will show he isnt that bad. Bollocks. Do an independant inquiry into the whole thing not just one part of it. The inquiry result will already be written by spin Drs. Does anyone think Mckay will shit on his cash cow Brown.