Oh, so threatening to kill this time?

As we saw only days ago, punching a pregnant woman doesn’t earn you an attempted murder charge.  But this piece of scum copped a “Threatening to kill” charge:

A woman seven weeks pregnant said her boyfriend punched her in the stomach “like a boxer training on a bag”.

Carl Lee Fitzsimons had been drinking before he told her he should just hit her in the stomach and it would save them $50, in an apparent reference to the cost of an abortion.

In the High Court at Wellington Justice Ron Young dismissed the sentence appeal of Fitzsimons, 21. He had been jailed for two years and one month after pleading guilty in Nelson District Court to assault with intent to injure, threatening to kill, and wilful damage.

In dismissing Fitzsimons’ appeal Justice Young said a higher sentence could easily have been justified. He said Fitzsimons had wanted his girlfriend to have a miscarriage.

The judge said Fitzsimons was a roadworker from Nelson. Shortly before the assault in late March Fitzsimons and his girlfriend found out she was pregnant.

She had been driving Fitzsimons and a friend around while they were drinking alcohol. She got tired and went to bed but woke to find him beside her. He told her to strip naked, said he would punch her in the stomach and “would be happy to kill it”.

He twisted her breasts hard and she said he punched her in the stomach like a boxer training on a bag.

He didn’t save $50, but he did earn 2 years, 2 months.



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  • OhopeBeachBugger

    Not even the same species as the rest of us.

  • Col

    Be nice if the boys put his nuts on the block and use a Coke bottle to harden him up.

  • Team ENZ

    what?? can afford to buy alcohol, but no money for an abortion????and breed more feral offspring? WTF!.The Judge should have sent this arsehole to be castrated.