Paul Henry back on TV

Paul Henry is finally going to make it back on TV.

NZ Herald reports:

A new weeknight show featuring controversial broadcaster Paul Henry has been confirmed to screen on TV3 shortly.

The Paul Henry Show was announced in TV3’s new season line-up, launched in Auckland last night. 

Details like length, timeslot, launch date and format weren’t included in the announcement, with the network saying only that the show “brings the irrepressible broadcaster back to New Zealand screens five nights a week”.

Let’s hope it is a replacement for Campbell Live….and his first guest is Len Brown, then we can see some real squirming.


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  • Corner_shop_not

    I agree, they really should ‘cull the campbell’ and instead put the legendary Paul Henry Show in it’s place……but alas they won’t as they percieve campbell to be their shining light. (how wrong they are!)
    Apu has spoken, thank you come again.

  • conwaycaptain

    Oh not this overbearing pompous rude self important little SHIT.
    What we really need is a decent one hour news programme run by real reporters and interviewers not these TV STAR Prompter readers

    • metalnwood

      I doubt Paul Henry has been reading much from the teleprompter. Usually what he does read reminds him to say something they would never put on the prompter.

  • Brendon Taylor

    Sounds like a lame talk show, interviewing our non celebrities.

    • BJ

      Sounds like a great show – I’d rather learn about and be inspired by ‘real’ ordinary folk any day

  • Whafe

    Paul Henry appeals to my sense of humour, lets hope it is something untried and of great quality….

  • Col

    So all those who don’t like him, or want to cut his nuts off, have been warned not to watch this channel, you can turn it off or go to several other channels for your entertainment.
    Welcome back Paul, “You cheeky little white fella”

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Paul Henry – Brown Lentils show starts off:

    Paul: Thanks for not “withdrawing” from my show Len. This will last more than two minutes…

  • Dave

    He was a total flop over here, his quasi british / kiwi sense of humor did not go down well.

  • Dick Brown

    I would rather Henry replace the awful TVOne show Seven Sharp than Campbell Live.

  • Chancey

    He is a vapid little man with no social skills, and a cheap sense of humour I would rather stick a fork in my eye than watch him. in the words of Banjo Patterson

    his eyes are dull his head is flat he has no brains at all

    • MrAuz1989

      I didn’t know he was from Ironbark

  • Rodger T

    Just in case he`s short of material,

  • pukakidon

    Hopefully they change him for the wet prick campbell. They can rename it Campbell dead.

    I might start watching TV at prime time then.

  • Azeraph

    Is it me or does Henry rep a typical Brit waxing for the old days when Britannia ruled the waves? Empire hangover, it gets worse when you watch kiwi’s fawn over someone with an accent and saddening when it’s an Italian. Henry’s intelligent but got caught in his own false sense of security due to his perceived status of that time. I’m sure Pippa wanted to bash him one a few times, it was in her eye’s on a few occasions.

    Honestly, It’s Empire hangover and a false sense of euro dominance in a world that is squeezing that paradigm out just like last century destroyed several empires within the first 30 years of the 20th century.

  • Azeraph

    Hell my old Scot’ish real name means something sexy yet in another language it means donkey’s ass, the guy that told me was a typical east euro until i told him his name is a slang that my circle use for when lesbians get down and waggle their tongues. Euros don’t like it when you turn it on them faster than they can throw it back. Poor buggers are suffering just as bad as the Brits.

  • Ryan

    Whoo Hoo Paul Henry is back!!
    Can’t wait to watch his show on TV3 when it starts broadcasting.