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19 October 2013

Hi Cam,

I started reading your blog about a year ago following a marathon session of watching all three series of the ‘Thick of It’.  I wondered what went on here in NZ and how it influenced the media and the information of the day.  I have always harboured an apolitical view and held the bumper sticker ‘Don’t Vote, it only encourages them’ as my philosophy to politics.  My parents were long time Labour supporters, am of Pacific descent and I grew up in a State house in West Auckland. But now at 50, I live in a far less brown-faced community (still in Auckland), have a decent job (and business), mortgage free but losing confidence really quickly, that my kids will be able to live in the same environment that I have enjoyed.

This week has been fascinating, watching the cut and thrust has been the best entertainment since Spartacus finished!  After a great start, the Left seemed to come back strong and, unless there is anything else to come out (pretty please), it appears that the 4/10 will survive, you could say. a failed campaign for the right. 

Why am I telling you this Cam?  Because I think I am part of the silent majority, or a great part of the group of hard working, tax paying, never accepted a hand-out, kiwi-lifestyle loving majority.  And I am concerned with what you are exposing and the negative, retrograde, weasel worded, scheming left of the Labour / Greens, the Herald, TV3 and John Campbell and the Auckland Council.

The Herald this morning is doing a number on Palino and everything Right.  You must have really pushed their buttons with the Rest Home piece.  Do they not think we can see what they’re up to?  They will have convinced the great unwashed that Len is a good guy who should stay our civic leader.  Up go our rates again, worse traffic, the folly of the trains, what are we paying for, the development of South Auckland?

Keep doing what you’re doing Cam, expose the Left for what they are so that we, the silent majority, can filter what they say.  I used to buy the Herald and watch TV3, but no more, thanks for exposing them for what they really are.  And if you’re fundraising for the National or the Whale Oil party, put my email address on your list, protecting NZ from the loonies is the least I can do for my kids.





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  • LabTested

    Dear Chris, run for council or parliament. I would vote for you. We need more represntives with real life experience.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Well said that man.

    You are not the only one to have noticed the bias, of the pro Brown PR/Media juggernaut swinging into action.

    Maybe this will get you off the fence and make you more politically active.

  • GregM

    Good letter Chris,I hear what you’re saying. I’m in the same boat as you, 50, debt free and disillusioned.

  • Kapow

    Same here, great letter. I am a couple of years behind you but feel exactly the same way.
    Blood nearly shoots out of my eyes every time I pick up the NZ Herald or watch Campbell so I have stopped doing both.

  • Markymark

    I agree with Chris. I’m broadly a National voter (last two elections), but do lean towards supporting Australian Labour and the Democratic party overseas.

    Here in New Zealand though the Labour party is not anywhere near as moderate or sensible as their center left counterparts. They want to nationalise the electricity industry, raise wages by government fiat and make employment law the play thing of the increasingly irrelevant trade union movement.

    These are stupid, failed policies that haven’t created prosperity anywhere.
    Journalists like Fisher and Rudman are happy to carry the water for them though and shoot the messenger. Hence why the likes of you are Farrar are so badly needed.

    It is pathetic that the left leaning journalists are now trying to make Len out to be the victim in this saga when he BLATANTLY abused his public office (free hotel rooms, having sex in council buildings, reference for mistress etc).

    These are all actions that would have any private sector worker sacked. Yet Lens buddies in the press seem to ignore this.

    keep up the good work.

  • Toryboy

    I think the silent majority are crying out for a right wing newspaper, or radio network which reflects their views.

    It is just a shame that everybody on the right seems scared of their own shadow, pulls their punches, watches what they say out of a genuine fear of upsetting the socialists.

    I have absolutely no doubt that David Cunliffe will be setting the agenda in the next 12 months – which John Key will slavishly follow, doffing his cap; you just wait and see!

    By mid 2014 it will be Labour/Greens ..and National all advocating varying version of Das Capital for the voters.

    God forbid anyone on the right should stand up and be counted; should believe in anything; should proclaim their principles from the rooftops.

    • Macca

      I think one of the biggest problem is that every time the right say anything, there is a barrage of contradictory reporting and abuse from the media with full interviews of both Labia and the Gweens but no opportunity for National to rebuke. The vast majority of the time, facts or figures used by the left are totally fictitious yet they are never questioned by the reporters or media! A prime example of this would be what the media STILL refer to as Labours housing policy! The uncosted dream of building $300,000 homes in Auckland by their thousands – yet they were never asked where they would get the land or the money from!
      I despair that National may lose the next election, not from their lack of ability but from an incompetent opposition with hollow promises of wealth to a support base blackmailed by greed and false hope – all reported and miss-represented by a totally biased media which has been infiltrated by the left.
      I pray that the weeks actions by the media will start a groundswell by those getting to see their true colours!

      • National will lose the next election.

        I’ve personally arranged it.

        I want to see what blogging in opposition is like.

        • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

          You don’t have to arrange it bro, it is happening already. Watch out for the TV3 poll on Sunday to get the picture.

          • Salacious T Crumb

            Do they dance around it with bells and funny socks?

          • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

            Watch for Paddy Gower with ultimate glee announce that the start of the end of National has started. My spies say the TV3 poll reflect the latest Rogue Morgan poll. National dropping to around 42% and Labour jumping to around 38% and the nutters at 12%. Paddy will announce on these figures Curryleaf will be the next PM with a Green Deputy PM. You may make fun of me now, but every time I have proved correct bro!

          • From the point of view of this blog, it actually doesn’t matter who is in Government. Personally I would love to see the next Labour/Green/NZ Herald government have a run at it and see what it looks like. It will be good for the country in the long run, but not as you think it may do.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      John Key has given up the fight ling back bro…wait for the TV3 poll on Sunday to know why.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Comments and letter of the day…

  • suites

    Yes! We are the silent majority like the Romney supporters in last US election!

  • :)

  • rockape

    I agree with the writer. I am glad Len Brown has been exposed and on 3 fronts. Firstly the deed itself, secondly the extent to which he has dragged his family into it and thirdly for the dirty tricks he and his staff have got up to to cover it up and discredit the source and reporters from that source.
    I have though doubts about wither much is being achieved now. National is being tarred with a “nasty party” brush. This is not what I want to see in election year. We all decried Winston Peters for behavior like this and Labour with their Muckraking trips to Australia. Those accusations can now be directed at the right.
    In addition who is the enemy? Who could put an end to the National Government- not Len Brown. Its interesting that JK is taking a neutral stance on this.
    Hasnt this little affair(pun intended) drawn heat away from Cunliff (remember him,the leader of the opposition) and the Greens. I forecast the cost of exposing the truth is ruining the rights reputation and letting the newly elected leader of the opposition off the hook. How long do you want to continue with that Cam,is the price of this going to be a Labour /Green government. Maybe its time for some better target aquisition to use an Airdefense phrase! Attack those who can do you harm,not lame ducks.

    • Patrick

      The outstanding issue now is the source of the threatening texts, Herald are running hard on that which leads me to suspect maybe the source was not from Brown’s henchmen but perhaps a clumsy attempt at black ops by someone aligned with Palino. Jesus i hope i am wrong.

      • You are.

        It wasn’t us, it wasn’t Palino.

        That leaves…?

        • Patrick

          Marvellous news, I can now relax, crack a coldie & settle in to watch the Dingoes v ABs.

  • philbest

    “……They will have convinced the great unwashed that Len is a good guy who should stay our civic leader. Up go our rates again, worse traffic, the folly of the trains….”

    Well said that man.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Yes that is exactly what is happening now. My main concern now is how come nobody has implicated John Key in this…that is mandatory for the left, isn’t guys?

  • philbest

    “………They will have convinced the great unwashed that Len is a good guy who should stay our civic leader. Up go our rates again, worse traffic, the folly of the trains….”

    EXACTLY; the very things that the Left say makes Len a “good mayor”, actually are lunacy and will wreck Auckland. Look at what decades of compact city urban planning have done to Pommy cities. Look at the housing unaffordability, and the fact that no amount of density does anything but earn fatter profits for the landlords.

    PLUS Len is a hypocrite through and through, with his own mansion and section of 1 acre plus; the ten year plan’s zoning for intensification missing his neighbourhood; his opposition to roads flip-flopping when they are roads that would benefit his location. Unbiased and objective public watchdog media would be all over this.

    AND the connection between Len’s anti-sprawl ideology and capital gains for “big property” means that corruption is almost inevitable and I hope alternative media blows it wide open, the MSM will have given it a total free pass. There is a far too cosy relationship between bureaucrats and journalists; the journos usually take the bureaucrats word as gospel when in fact they are a significant part of the great gouging and troughing racket that is ruining the economy and society.