Phil Goff warned, but escapes prosecution

Phil Goff has been warned by Police for breaching suppression orders but like all Labour MPs gets off being actually prosecuted.

The Police pursued me with vigour with breaching suppression orders but have decided that a senior MP, a law-maker, doesn’t warrant prosecution for his own breaches of the law…they say it isn’t in the public interest to prosecute.

You do have to wonder why we bother having laws when law makers become law breakers and the Police decide that it isn’t in the public interest to enforce the law.

It is high time that we had an Independent Commission Against Corruption…someone with courage who will actually bother to hold ratbag politicians who break the law to account without fear or favour.   

meanwhile yet another Labour MP escapes prosecution with the excuse that there is no public interest to pursue matters. You really do have to wonder what it takes to get prosecuted if you are a Labour politician.

Phil Goff warned, but not prosecuted for breaching suppression orders


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  • pidge

    Is a private prosecution a possiblity?

    • Bunswalla

      Get Graeme McCready onto it, he’s your man.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Maybe the Police were taking into consideration that Cam Slater and WhaleOil has a far greater public reach and a much wider, credible audience than a failed has-been, Clingon of yester-year, hiding somewhere in the bowels of the Labour Party?
    Mind you – 7 month’s isn’t exactly a rapid decision either though…

  • Apolonia

    Is it ever in the “public interest” to prosecute a Labour politician?
    Shame on the police.

  • Maybe you need to give Graeme McCready a call Cam

  • mike

    The problem is that the cops may one day be in a position where Goff (or any Politician) is in a position to determine budget or exercise control over them, in cases like this they may think discretion over morals.

    Independent body with statutory powers and funding, reporting to the public and not the Government.

  • rrroberto

    Police consider that the public interest does not favour a prosecution? Don’t tell me that various laws, criminal and otherwise, are subject to the public interest, and that the public interest is determined by a Detective Superintendent. Sounds very very dodgy, dodgy to the point of being unlawful in itself. I daresay they have got a weasel out clause in the law to allow them to pick and choose who and who not to prosecute?Definetly shows double standards

    • Bunswalla

      Is that really his signature? Or was he just trying to get the ink flowing in his pen.

      • OT Richter

        Looks like the sound waves a jet makes as it goes supersonic.

      • OhopeBeachBugger

        He didn’t sign, he Drew.

      • Igotta Numbum

        I think Clarkula signed it.

        • Steve (North Shore)

          Has familiar paw prints all over it.
          Abnigation of responsibility or something like that

  • Col

    The police can’t even get things right in a murder case, how the F**& do you think they can get this one right for once, I have lost all respect for these pricks, police are only good for speeding tickets and drinking coffee from Mc Donalds.

  • BJ

    Well it is in the public interest if they looked at the bigger picture. The police are there to uphold the law and they need to let politicians all know that they are not above the law – he should have been made an example of

  • Statehousekid

    Get rid of the Race Relations Commission, which is a waste of time and money and replace it with a Corruption Investigation Commission.

    • Hazards001

      Ohhh…if we are gonna get rid of useless crap lets add the:

      Families Commission
      Woman’s Affairs
      The Youth Commission
      Maori Affairs
      Ethnic Commission (or whatever the fuck they’re called)

      The list is terminally endless…I’m sure we could go all night…oh…there’s another…the alcohol advisory council…FARK!!!!

      • Statehousekid

        Yes why the hell do have all these useless commissions. If you got rid of them no one would even notice.

  • Jp

    Then why is it in the public interest to go after Banks?

    That’s right, Banks is from the Right, Goff from the Left.

    Therefore if Politician is from the Left = Not in public interest… QED

    • Sammy

      You do realize that the Police declined to prosecute Banks as well right?

      I must have missed the pages of moral outrage expressed over that injustice on this blog…..

      • OhopeBeachBugger

        I for one was outraged.

      • rrroberto

        True,, although I believe the Police cited “lack of evidence” rather than “public interest” as the reason to decline

      • Uhmm the time limit had expired…like the 32 other outstanding complaints regarding electoral law breaches.

  • Orange

    Phil Goff is a career politician. Useless.

    • AnonWgtn

      And will not be seeking re-election.
      He has made his pile and “should” GreenLabour get he wants London appointment or Washington, both suited to his lifestyle to augment his already huge pension.

  • Statehousekid

    Winston Peters would have a field day with this letter in Parliament if he initiated it. It would really suit his conspiracy fear agenda.

    • mike

      But he won’t because he wants to get into bed with Labour next election

  • Phar Lap

    Seems like a private prosecution is in order.That you John Banks nemesis Mr Macready.You have been given another challenge,your mission should you accept,is to nail a Lie -bour leader in waiting Phil Goff,after Cunliffe gets found out, and thrown out, for confirming he really is coo-coo, and also a manifest liar.

  • rouppe

    I have recently been issued a traffic infringement. I have provided evidence that the Police Officer was wrong in their assertion by way of a statement from a third party that proves I went where the Police Officer asserts I could not have gone.

    They still refuse to waive the infringement, I have elected to not give in and the preliminary court hearing is in a couple of weeks.

    Yet after making a complaint and providing photographic evidence of a Police Officer parked between an on-ramp and motorway, not engaged in any official business, no other vehicle in the vicinity, no red and blue beacons operating, it has taken a month for the complaint to be ‘investigated’, and still no decision. I’m betting that the result will be a warning for the officer, and not an infringement as any member of the public would have received.

    One rule for us, no rules for them…

    • hamsap

      that mantra sounds familiar….oh wait, that is the left’s mantra

  • Daniel

    Are the Police taking the piss? That must be a joke letter surely, and they are really planning to prosecute. How on earth do they justify prosecuting Cam and fail to prosecute another public figure?

    • Silverspoon

      The same reason Sky City and hotels who offered Len a freeby room for his romps with his mistress wont come forward and spill the beans unless Len isnt mayor any longer.

      i.e. Self-Interest.

  • JeffDaRef

    Will McCready pursue this as a private prosecution?
    Much more of a smoking gun that with Banks.

  • Glenn Webster

    Oh look.
    It’s a whining fascist.

    • Hazards001

      Oh look…

      It’s a snivelling left wing troll..

  • suites

    Shame on Phil Goff for exposing the hate crimes that led to a young gay man topping himself as the deceased family wished.

    • Hazards001

      The deceased family wished a young gay solider to top himself? Really?

      That’s so mind boggling I’m almost lost for words….Almost!

  • Whanga_Cynic