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  • wanarunna

    The Auckland City Council staff kitchen sink after Len has had his morning tea?

    • Dave

      Another reason why Lying Len CANT lead Auckland and needs to go, he will be the butt of all jokes that cum his way, anything to do with council.

      Council Executive to secretary – please book the Meeting room. We cant boss, Len has an exclusive on that room, and it hasn’t been sanitized yet.

      Chinese business party planning to do business in Auckland. Forget the pewter mug, give him the attractive secretary and some tissues.

      Chow Brothers new Brothel. We hired Len for the face of our Brothels, as he is a big rooter, and into our Asian professionals.

      Chow Brothers opening special. Brown Special. 5 minutes for $30.

      Chow brothers decor rooms…….. They will now have: The Peking Duck Fuck room, the Ngati Whatua room, the Manchu room, and the Giesha room.

      Then the mother of them all, the Premium room, the Mayoral office, rumour has it the Chows have called in Architects to recreate Lying Lens office in all glory, complete with those “stains”

      • Rusty B

        Question: Are the 5 minutes mentioned all in a row, or will he need a break as usual?

  • Orange

    So many uses for dry ice. I’m sure Air NZ can find some more.

  • PM of NZ

    More like the manufacturer’s name on the sink outlet in the pic has some relevance. No hat trick in cartoons for WO today.

    • Bunswalla

      Not strictly true – Emerson has betrayed his lack of talent and surfeit of bias by drawing Key, Banks and Simon Bridges as bumbling Nazis, with Palino and Wewege in the background confirming they “know nothing”.

      Apart from being a crass, insensitive cheap shot, Emerson shows how truly awful he is as a cartoonist, by having to put name tags on every person in the shitty drawing. Pathetic.

  • Bunswalla

    Morning tea at Heston Blumenthal’s place?

  • Col

    Lenny dropped his brain in his cup, and it is still working!!!
    No problems here, just wipe it off with tissue clean.

    • dumbshit

      far too big for brain matter- could be three days blue-ball build-up