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  • Room with a view …

  • OhopeBeachBugger

    Cesspit in Johannesburg Central, filled with Nigerian drug dealers….

    • I was gonna say it looks like a Judge Dredd Megacity …

  • Col

    That is what you will have if Len stays on as Mayor of Auckland.

    • Morrissey

      Len Brown believes in planned and careful development. Maybe you mistook him for John Palino or one of those other ACT loons on the Auckland scene.

      • Col

        My comment was regarding Lens vision for the future of Auckland, the other 2 people have no say in the matter, nether of them is Mayor.

  • Patrick

    I lived in a high rise in London like that, all the kitchens & some bathrooms opened up to a central area that was inaccessible – you should have seen the filth at the bottom. Food, garbage, womens used rags etc people really are filthy. BTW most in the apartments were foreigners, they have differing views on acceptable standards.

  • Grantavius
    The claim that the rubbish in the core piled up five stories is true, sort of. A friend was part of the team that retook the building in 2000, and the rubbish was more than five stories on one side- but on the other it was barely four
    The gangs knew that the army was coming- it had been announced- and so they pulled out. The army secured the building for the new owners,and then the cleaners took the rubbish out. For sixteen days, apparently- not just from the core, but from abandoned apartments.
    The place is now being rehabilitated, but I don’t think it’ll ever be a prestigious address again.