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via Imgur


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  • blokeintakapuna

    Lyin’ Lion Len tries to create an obfuscating dust storm to cover up his porkies!

  • FredFrog

    Do not fuck with a warthog. They are vicious little fuckers.

    • I have a Ruger M77 Hawkeye .270 that begs to differ.

      • FredFrog

        Try using that in dense bush. Little fucker will have had you before you can swing and take aim. In dense bush, a handgun is better for taking these little bastards out.

        • Jax Taylor

          Actually no Fred all you need, is to hold a virtual mirror up to them. Then they are quite likely to reduce to blubber or say ”Diddums” but not understand the irony that they were quoting Auntie Helen, without sensing the karma boomerang coming.

        • Yea looks like a dense bush in the photo.

          • FredFrog

            Looks like a Ruger in the photo too.

          • Well which do you suppose would use the Ruger? The lion or the warthog?

          • FredFrog

            Neither. Nor would I. I would use a 9mm automatic (any would do), loaded with hollow points.

            Discounting the existence of dense bush based on a single photo is not very clever.

          • Neither is assuming their habitat is dense bush.

            See, I wouldn’t have commented on your post if I didn’t already know the answer:

            Warthogs are found in moist and arid savannas. They avoid rainforest, deserts and high mountains.


            So with respect, I don’t think you’ll find a warthog in dense bush any time soon. They’re not wild NZ pigs.


          • FredFrog


            Your answer, unfortunately for you, is incorrect

            Your source is talking specifically of P. aethiopicus, which is the desert warthog of northern Kenya, Somalia, and eastern Ethiopia. Not much woodland there, so of course the range of the species described in your source article will not include any dense bush

            The common warthog, or P. africanus, is found over a much wider area in the sub-saharan regions, including woodland. Part of their range is the Limpopo valley, where I have seen them. In many parts of this area, in the rainy season you’re lucky if you have visibility of more than two metres when off established tracks or game paths. Also at this time of year, due to the overabundant vegetation, they’re likely to have their young nearby, so they’re also more likely to have a go.

            So with respect, I have seen them in dense bush. Actually seen them. I can categorically state that you WILL find them in thick bush. I have.

          • Right, my quoted articles are incorrect. And I’m meant to take your word. Got it.

          • FredFrog


            Your quoted article is correct for the species it relates to:

            Take note of the range of this species.

            However, it is NOT correct for the common Warthog:

            Take note of the ranges of the four subspecies of the common warthog, and contrast it to the range of the desert warthog.

            Now…. a list of wildlife found at Mashatu Game Reserve in the Limpopo Valley – note the entries under Suidae:

            Then have a look at some of the images from the Mashatu website, bearing in mind that some were taken in the dry season, and some in the wet. Pay particular attention to the ones where the vegetation is green, rather than where there is little vegetation at all.

            Now, bearing in mind that there is not much point taking photos when you are actually in the bush, due to limited visibility, one would take photos in clearings. So in the two attached photos, take note of the bush on the opposite side of the clearing, and on the opposite side of the waterhole. If you do not regard this as dense bush, then please state exactly what you would define as dense bush in the southern African context. Of course, if you’ve never actually experienced dense African bush, but are instead an armchair expert, I’ll understand how you could have got this so wrong.

            What puzzles me is that you post a source regarding a species with a very small and limited range, refuse to accept that there is another species with a much larger and varied range, and then refuse to accept that maybe there are other people around who know better than you.

          • Didn’t this get serious all of a sudden…

          • Patrick

            I’m with the Frog on this Travis, seen them coming out of the undergrowth at a rate of knots in the game parks in South Africa, you wouldn’t stand a chance. They are mean mo fo’s.

  • Kimbo

    $10 to Win on the cat.

  • Col

    I always put the Hogg down as a real short solid body builder who can knock your kneecaps off, I would say the Lion lost this one if the Hogg could get into the bushes.

  • Jax Taylor

    Please get some help for Cameron urgently Travis or Peter
    After listening him to Willie and JT today he clearly and urgently needs another mental health break. Not impressed by what has happened with Len Brown or an apologist for him or his behaviour, but anyone with common sense know that cats and wolves will always trump pigs.
    Defendant John Bank’s really should know that too by now…
    Quote for you..
    ‘People who connive or collude to ambush others cannot rely on ignorance or mental health breakdowns as a defence either!

  • nani

    Razor sharp tusks could slash that cats throat from ear to ear before the cat knew what was happening.
    Never underestimate the strength of a pissed off hog.
    Addo national park fab place to visit.

  • slade52

    Hakuna matata?