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  • FredFrog

    Was that them bloody Deniston Plateau snails what did that?

    Best we get that mine going pretty damn quick before them snails destroy even more of our environment.

    ‘ang on a mo.

    There ain’t any snails there. Not until them greenies try to settle some there, at any rate.

  • James Growley

    That leaf looks like it has been attacked by gas – Russell was hugging the tree and shit his pants………

    • FredFrog

      Maybe it symbolises the slow rot engulfing the green movement?

      • The green movement IS slow rot. Just like gangrene really. People moan about the current govt not listening, the greens are worse than National or even Labour, as they force their opinion on people, don’t listen to people, and don’t care what cost it takes for their environmental policy.

        It’ll be interesting when they get in. Likely to happen too.

        • Kimbo

          …and such are the workings of democracy.

          However, once they do make it in, possibly in 2014, much more likely by 2017, we are all best to temporarily forget our bank balances and the country’s fortunes, pull up a seat with a large bucket of popcorn, and enjoy the spectacle, which is fair enough as our tax dollars will fund it.

          Two things will happen: –

          1. The Greens will be a train wreck, making the Children’s Crusade look like a well-thought out adventure (apologies for mangled metaphors)

          2. The memory of their mismanagement will be so seared into the nation’s subconscious, they will come nowhere near the Treasury benches again in a generation. Even Labour will learn to shun them, as they will be electoral poison.

          Edited for typos and grammar

          • Kimbo

            Interesting photo BTW

  • Col

    Len slowly getting eaten away.