A poem for Len Brown

Poetic Alice writes a poem :

A poem dedicated to Len Brown

You the Auckland mayor, Len Brown,
Has been caught with your pants down,
The sordid details make me sick, hearing about what that girl did to your d***.
Really did you think you would get away,
With all that extra marital play, Apparently you gave the girl chlamydia,
If I was your daughter I would not forgive ya!
25 years younger every one has said,
Turns out she wants some one who can last longer in bed,
So Len old boy, before you charge us for our trash,
Pop down to your doctor and sort that rash,
Resign from being our cities mayor,
And for gods sake sterilize your seat and chair.


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  • asheltie

    I hope he gets professional help for his problem and doesn’t just say sorry to everyone and try and carry on as if nothing was wrong with his dirty thoughts and actions.

    • Garbageman

      But he has said sorry when he went on weasel face Campbells show, to do as you ask would imply he has morals and ethics, how can we have not forgiven and forgotton by now after all ” he has been a great mayor”

      • Bunswalla

        His “apology” was weak, insincere and had to be prised out of his lecherous gob after 15 minutes of back-rubbing and sympathetic murmuring from Campbell.

        I’m not certain but I think Campbell was actually giving him a hand-job under the desk.

        • Bad__Cat

          No, it was a brown-nose-job.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      That is exactly Lentils is planning to do and nobody can do a damn about it. So get on with life as if nothing happened.

    • dianne65

      Brown the creep is passed being helped.