Politician of the Year nominee – Mark Harper

Surely this guy has to be in running for politician of the year for comments like this.

Furious immigration minister Mark Harper personally told a failed asylum seeker to go home – on live television.

The senior Tory told Iraqi Esam Amin that his claims to stay in Britain were ‘ridiculous’ and he ‘should leave’ the country.

During the highly charged confrontation on the BBC, Mr Harper said neither the government nor the courts believed Mr Amin’s claims and the British taxpayer should not support him.

Mr Harper, who has taken an increasingly tough line on illegal immigration, signed off the controversial ‘Go Home’ ad vans which toured London this summer. 

He came face to face with Mr Asim on BBC1’s Sunday Politics West, making clear that the Iraqi had no right to stay in Britain.

Mr Amin’s claims to asylum have been rejected five times in the past six years.

The minister said it was now time to leave the country.

During a 10-minute row, Mr Harper told him: ‘We are very clear Mr Amin has had the chance to claim asylum, his case has been looked at very carefully by the government, we didn’t find it credible.

‘We have a fair system where he is able to go through a legal process and the judge didn’t find his claim credible, in fact he said parts of his claim were “not credible and ridiculous”.

‘I’m afraid he has no right to be in the United Kingdom and he should leave.’

Now if we could find our immigration minister to say the same thing to a grandstanding fat kraut.


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  • conwaycaptain

    The UK is now fed up with these migrants and now some EU big wig an avowed socialist is saying the UK must pay benefits to all these benefit tourists and this will push the UK to exiting the EU.
    In France the National Front Party of Le Pen is getting stronger and stronger in the working class areas and now has 25% of the vote. They want OUT of the EU and theEuro.

    • thor42

      Yep, and in the Netherlands, Geert Wilders’ party is going from strength to strength too. Great to see – he knows more about Islam (and scumbag illegal Muslim immigrants) than ANY other Western politician.

      • James Growley

        It also appears that in Germany, the Neo Nazi’s have infiltrated the Greens with an agenda to take that lot back to the original Blut und Boden concept………..

    • botti

      It is encouraging to see a Minister speaking so plainly, but they need to do more. They need to get out of the EU Courts jurisdiction which undermines their democratic rights and autonomy.

      Note that the EU funds organisations that lobby to limit free speech and dissent to their Socialist Utopian vision.

      In the meantime they amplify stories about boat people seeking to enter Europe and push for more money/resources to allow this to happen. These people in turn will move to the parts of Europe with the most generous welfare systems.
      As the population of sub-saharan Africa is projected to double to 2 billion by 2050, where is this going to end? It’s unsustainable, but the EU seems more intent on facilitating this rather than stopping it.

      They need to learn from the Rome in the 5th Century* and how it fell.

      * http://www.epjournal.net/wp-content/uploads/EP08376389.pdf‎

    • Bunswalla

      Yep this guy is a ratbag. His uncle Idi was not much better.

  • thor42

    Sounds good, but instead of *telling* him to “go home”, why not MAKE him go home?
    Words are cheap – *actions* are what counts.
    His asylum pleas have been rejected so get the cops around to his place and get them to put him on the first flight to Iraq. No pissing around.

    • ozbob68

      Nice idea , put him on a plane; however it would have to be “Con Air” to make sure he could not sabotage the aircraft or his removal.

    • botti

      That’s a good point. It really highlights why the UK under Socialist EU laws is unsustainable. They are reduced to asking invaders to please leave.

  • Allyson

    We got Darien Fenton, a trade union hack and lifelong sniveller, waiting in the wings as shadow immigration dude. Just wait till you see the colour of her mettle.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Yes. She will be inviting these people to come and settle in NZ as they will become Labour’s vote bank. I will spare the agony for all of you. I won’t publish Darrien’s photo this time…..

  • Patrick

    Well done but words are cheap & grandstanding on telly does not equate to stopping this economic migration.
    I fear Mr Harper is pushing shit uphill with a sharp pointed stick but good luck to him I hope he has some impact on the mess Labour created under Blair when they gerrymandered the electorate – for Labour’s gain let’s not forget.
    When the NZ Labour Party (& the Greens) start advocating for higher numbers of immigrants please take a look at what happened in the UK, the place has been changed forever & right now you would have to say definitely for the worse.

  • Arran Hunt

    We (Scotland) are looking at leaving the UK, I can’t see it being a stretch for the UK to leave the EU.