PPTA also debate/quote themselves – Ban contact with Charter Schools

The PPTA have voted to tell their members not to interact in any way with the five Charter Schools. 

American import and Birkenhead High School teacher Austen Pageua has wildly quoted himself and somehow claims his school will lose a teacher – no guesses for who might be chosen if there was no tenure – though no one has a clue how that might be the case.

He labels the five schools and “invasion of public education”.

Not only that but he tells the PPTA conference – that must be the most boring place on the planet to be right now – that there is an upcoming US invasion (this – from an American who shifted here to teach – a level of hypocrisy way beyond fiction. 

He actually states that he is worried that school with more independence could be coming our way. If he is right we need to build tanks – quickly.

The PPTA position is clear:

– they offer nothing to make a difference to the current failure patterns and cycles – especially where Maori and Pasifika children are involved. As long as the PPTA has control those groups can rot.

– They value children so little they are prepared to separate them off and tell the kids not to play with other. “Our kids are not going to play to your kids.”

There is a saying among teachers that “if the PPTA is against it – then it is probably good for kids.”

I hope PPTA members feel good about paying someone like Austen Pageau a lot of money to waste it on talking crap.


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  • johnbronkhorst

    It would appear, that if the ppta owned a house, they would let it rot around them, for the sake of repairing the roof. All because they don’t like the colour.

    • peterwn

      Wrong they would want the Government to pay for re-painting it, in the colour each person or group wants – never mimd they might not agree. But NOT the colour the Government prefers.

  • Orange

    “Members will also refrain from all professional, sporting and cultural
    liaison with the sponsors, managers and employees of charter schools.”

    So this is Maori schools we are talking about here so if that statement is true then it’s just plain racism? I’m trying to find out what exactly was said in context. People in NZ don’t appreciate racism.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    My main concern is when Curryleaf and Hippie take over in 2014, these five schools will be closed immediately. What will happen to the students of these schools?

    • AnonWgtn

      They do not care…………….

      • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

        Those kids must fail so they grow up to become Labour and Greens voters.

    • Col

      They will get a job with the Labour and Green Party, well they will have more brains.

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        It is sad, after six years of hard work in repairing the economy, bringing the surplus back and the economy starts to build up, the communists and socialists take over…..

  • Patrick

    The 20% that fail, probably a large proportion end up on welfare. Each & every one therefore potential & likely Labour voters. Great “business model” don’t you think. Gives new meaning to the “cradle to the grave” welfare. If it was a tobacco company exploiting people like this we would be up in arms, because it is a Labour Party affiliated Union it is somehow acceptable. The PPTA should come with a health warning.

    • Labia have been very quiet on this. I wonder why?

    • Honcho

      Those people who fail and are not welfare dependant tend to end up working minimum, or close to minimum wage jobs, most of which have heavy union interests. The unions staffed with university academics with a penchant for socialism and will use the influence they can build by treading on people those people yet again to get into labour and green party politics, thus completing the cycle.

  • Pissedoffyouth

    “The union for medical doctors slammed the idea of new private hospitals being built because “The idea is abhorrent – we already have world class medical staff and 80% of our patients don’t die during their stay in hospital – having untrained staff such as cleaners will make these new hospitals do really badly – even if the surgeons are even better paid and trained then our staff””

    “But what about the 20% of people who die?”

    “They don’t matter – they’re brown anyway so nobody cares”

  • Once again the teachers demonstrate convincingly that they are NOT a profession. Just a bunch of cloth capped trade unionists living in the 50’s. And, worse, they think we should trust our young minds to them. I think I may be hearing the sound of a work turning! we can but hope.

  • Sensiblecentre

    Well I have to this is a bit surreal, but I am the teacher this post is about and there are a couple of points that need correcting.
    1. I don’t get paid one cent by the PPTA. Every member of our executive does that work voluntarily on top of their teaching position.
    2. I’m not an American teacher who came over here, I grew up in the US but moved to NZ as a university student and then later became a teacher here in NZ. I’m not a foreigner benefiting from NZ taxpayers money. I live here, I pay taxes here, this is my home. My wages get spent here, benefiting our economy. So no hypocrisy there.
    3. I’m not a left-wing hack. He went through the trouble of finding my FB profile but didn’t note that I list my political views as National Party. I just happen to think that Act’s charter school policy is far-right and dangerous in the same way far-right Tea Party nuts are ruining the Republican Party in the US.
    4. The ban is not on kids from charters playing sports, or doing cultural activities like Kapa Haka with kids from public schools. It is a ban on PPTA members, the teachers, helping out charter school teachers/employees to organize or run such events, or to hand over lesson plans or teaching resources to them. It has nothing to do with the kids, only the adults.

    • johnbronkhorst

      1. So what?
      2. Semantics.
      3.Read the reports by The University of Washington and Stanford University.
      Charter schools are succeeding….NOT failing!!!
      4.again semantics…without the teacher to teacher contact or school to school contact…there is no pupil to pupil contact!!
      Try to remember, the people on this blog, generally have an education (usually a higher education)…..they are not as easily fooled as the kids YOU teach!!
      EDIT: dyslexic digit!

      • Sensiblecentre

        1. The post said I was paid “a lot of money.” I’m not paid at all. That’s a pretty big error. That’s what.
        2. I’d like to know what definition of semantics you use.
        3. There are serious problems with using research on all charters in the US and then comparing them to the NZ situation. The foremost problem is that by US standards NZ public schools are charters and have been since Tomorrow’s Schools came in back in 1989.
        We already have the benefits of a charter system that show up in that research. Our schools compete, have local control, major say over curricula, can be religious, single-sex, Maori-immersion or have other special characters. US public schools have none of those elements. They are centrally controlled, have strict curricula and must be secular and co-ed by law. They have strict zones and never compete.

        What research has shown is that the charters than function best in the US are the more carefully regulated non-profits using what they call certified teachers (which we would call registered). What Partnership Schools are proposing are a much more unregulated and highly risky approach to charter schooling which doesn’t offer any new benefits over the current system but introduces lots of new pitfalls.
        4. Most cultural and sporting competitions are run by third parties so the kids are actually unlikely to miss out at all. This is much more about professional links between the adults.

        • johnbronkhorst

          1. Again…so what!!
          2. semantics are here reading an over importance into your personal history.
          3. Then why Is the PPTA lying about the results? and especially lying about the results they quote from the USA????
          4. Rubbish!!!

        • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

          4. If I was a teacher in a charter school I’d welcome it. The last thing I’d want to have to do is “liase with” some half baked nutter who could never get another job besides “teaching”

          • Col

            Let the C/S start and see what happens?

          • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

            Absolutely. Nothing smashes ideological dogma more than empirical evidence. Those who love the status quo do so from reasoned principles. It is time their premises were checked.

        • Col

          Charter schools work, end of subject, wait for the NZ results, and I mean the kids.
          Done wonders in US.

        • Again, weak, facile, self serving and pathetic justification for a policy that just shows the rest of the country exactly what it takes to be a PPTA advocate – and member. It is to be hoped that there are enough decent, thinking teachers around that your policy will be consigned to the ‘stupid’ bin.

    • plutushead

      It has everything to do with kids! Banning PPTA members from helping Charter school teachers “run such events, or to hand over lesson plans or teaching resources to them” can only hurt the kids. Very very petty!
      By taking this stance it demonstrates that the PPTA must be very worried that the Charter schools are going to make them look bad.
      Why not not take the blinkers off and consider that there may be an alternative method of educating our kids?

    • redeye

      It’s probably been posted before but deserves a rerun;-

      “the typical student in a Louisiana charter school gains more learning in a
      year than his or her district school peer, amounting to about fifty more
      days of learning in reading and sixty-five more days of learning in

      If that result is ‘hard right’ then I’m all for it.

    • Orange

      I do appreciate your post SC but please explain how your school idea is not racist. How is it democratic within the union movement if the topic as never been canvased amongst the rank and file members? And on your other topic, how on earth do you describe a populist movement like the tea-party which has as it’s focus the reduction of national debt as “far right and dangerous.” I think you’ve spent too long amongst the socialists.

      • Sensiblecentre

        I don’t believe our policy is racist at all. We have a Maori membership body within PPTA called Te Huarahi and they supported this paper. Only 2 of the 5 initial charters are Maori-language so they are not being singled out either. It was canvassed amongst rank and file before being approved. Every branch had a month to review and vote on the paper, then it was debated and passed at regional levels and only then did it come to the annual conference to pass. That’s how all policy has to be approved in PPTA.
        Now it’s a bit off topic, but I will also respond to your view on the Tea Party. As I said I’m not left-winger. If I lived in the US I’d still be an NRA member, I support the death penalty, limiting govt intrusion into our homes, and I’m not a huge fan of Obamacare as it stands. But the Tea Party is extremely dangerous because they are uncompromising zealots willing to damage the US and potentially world economy to block a law passed by the democratically elected govt. I also think they are being manipulated by corporate interests. One of NZ’s greatest strengths is that the elected govt here cannot be held to ransom by the opposition, or as in the US, a hard-core minority of the opposition. Imagine if the Greens could block Bill English from passing a budget and shut down the NZ govt until Key agreed to withdraw the GCSB Bill or something. That’s why the US system is quite flawed and the Tea Party is irresponsible.

        No that’s all I’ll say on the Tea Party because it isn’t the topic of this thread.

        • johnbronkhorst

          The tea party is small govt. low tax pressure group.

          T axed, E nough, A lready!!!!!

          The lefties don’t like them because they want to spend other peoples money, and the only way to do that is to tax more!!!

          ◾I contend that for a nation totry to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle.-Winston Churchill
          ◾A liberal is someone who feels a great debt to his fellow man, a debt he proposes to pay off with your money.-G. Gordon Liddy
          ◾The government is like a baby’s alimentary canal, with a happy appetite at one end and no responsibility at the
          other.-Ronald Reagan
          ◾There is only one way to kill capitalism, taxes, taxes, and more taxes!!!!!Karl Marx
          ◾The power to tax is the power to destroy.John Marshall
          “The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them
          between the millstones of taxation and inflation.” – Vladimir Lenin

          • “You going to put taxes up?”
            “You bet!” – David Cunliffe

        • Orange

          “It was canvassed amongst rank and file before being approved.” You lie. The attitude towards charter schools has never been canvassed, it has never been up for discussion because the union has decided what the union stance is without respect to member opinion. And it may be “your” policy but it is not “our” policy. Our union is making a big mistake on this racist and anti-education policy.

          Again, you describe the tea party as being “uncompromising zealots” which is simply pejorative nonsense. They reason they ended up being a force to be reckoned with was precisely because they were so broad based and populist. You seem to deliberately misrepresent what is going on. There is a system hard baked into the US political system which allows and even demands that the current debate on funding take place. Obama has insisted such debate cannot take place. That is a direct attack on the system which is set up to have that debate. Everyone in the situation has exactly the amount of power they are meant to have. To say otherwise is anti-American but you’ve said that yourself when describing the US political system as quite flawed. Only flawed if the borrowing can’t go up eh?

          • The PPTA doesn’t – and never has – discussed anything with its members. The clowns who run that circus simply prescribe their policy.

          • Orange

            It’s like there’s two organisations. One that works in schools for free to help in practical situations with the bureaucrats and another one that only exists to take teachers money and use it to promote some weird bullyboy antiprofessional turf grandstanding socialism. I’m getting a bit tired of the latter and I see why it’s so hard for us to get new members.

          • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

            It is funny how he calls the tea party zealots and neglects to mention Obama’s unwillingness to compromise on his shitty piece of legislation which is clearly a lead balloon. If there was ever a zealot, it’s that arrogant worthless prick Obama.

          • Orange

            Yup. People were upset with Novapay, and that’s peanuts compared to the technical problems of the new socialised medicine plan.

        • Team ENZ

          Nope–” One of NZ’s greatest strengths is that the elected govt here cannot be held to ransom by the opposition..” The opposition DO hold the govt. elect to ransom under MMP.
          Yeah, I am not racist.. my best mate is a maori…. mmmm food for thought…a Tui..

    • Bunswalla


      Thank you for having the cojones to post your thoughts on the blog. If you’ve visited this blog regularly (which your history suggests is the case) then you may have encountered John’s particular style before. He means well and you’ll never die wondering what his thoughts are. We have a whip-round once a year to send him a new keyboard.

      I note that your comments on this post are much more moderate than those in the PPTA PR, which can fairly be described as alarmist, extremist and even perhaps rabid. They are full of conjecture based on your particular view of what has happened in countries on the other side of the world that by your own admission are very different to the New Zealand education sector.

      The fact that school rolls change is not new and is caused by many factors. 5 new schools opening in a country of 4.5 million, with a number of new state schools also opening each year is not going to dramatically change the landscape.

      If parents are choosing to take their children to other schools (which happens all the time by the way) then you should have a good hard look at the reason why they choose to do so. It won’t be because the first school is giving their kids a great education, with committed motivated well-led teachers inspiring them and motivating them to achieve – trust me on this!

      If the Partnership schools fail to deliver good educational outcomes then parents will choose to take their children elsewhere, just as they’ve done for decades.

      For the PPTA to apply nasty blackmail techniques such as those voted in, merely reveals how desperate you all are to protect your patch. You’re not even pretending about this – the comments that refer to “threats to teachers”, “losing a teacher”, “cuts to funding” etc, from yourself, Angela Roberts and others, show that what you’re really afraid of is being exposed as poor teachers and your cosy monopoly being dismantled.

      To pretend that this is not about the kids and that your vote to “refrain from all professional, sporting and cultural liaison with the sponsors, managers and employees of charter schools” will not affect kids is disingenuous at best, but in reality an outright lie.

      Who do you think organises and manages the sporting and cultural links? You think it’s “mostly third parties” that run these events? Rubbish. Have a look at the biggest school sports festival in the country – AIMS Games – run by teachers. UNISS – run by teachers. Even if the actual organisation is done by non-teachers, refraining from contact in sporting and cultural events is mean-spirited and petty-minded, and will hurt your own kids (that we already know are not your main priority) as well as those whose parents have chosen to put them into Partnership schools.

      Your actions and attempts to justify them do you no credit whatsoever. Thanks for clearing up the inaccuracies but a black mark on your report for spinning bullshit inside and outside your union.

      • johnbronkhorst

        Please…no need to apologise for me or make excuses.
        I know how to research that what I don’t already know.
        The PPTA is not interested in education of children per se. They are only interested in the political power they can wielded over the Ministry and design the education system to suit themselves!

        • johnbronkhorst

          No mention of OUTCOMES in their model!
          Just lying to refute potential outcomes in the govt.’s model!

    • Team ENZ

      4. “The ban is not on kids from charters playing sports..” but it DOES affect the kids . Once again PPTA is bullying teachers and members into this ban because CS policy is “far-right” and dangerous..because PPTA is a far-left ideologically drivel driven union. It is pure seperatist. Where is John Minto? Probably sleeping with the presidente…

    • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

      The tea party are ruining the republican party? So guys like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are worse than George W Bush and Donald Rumsfeld? Help me out please…
      In the case of Kapa Haka, I would have loved to not have to do that. As a kid I was forced to by fruity teachers who couldn’t explain long division but still considered themselves educators. By all means boycott that nonsense and the charters will definitely be a success because the kids could learn something useful instead.

    • Explaining is failing. Especially when your arguments are facile and self serving.

    • Affecting the adults affect the kids you idiot.

      What if they are PPTA members? Did you think about that? Thought not.

      • Crumble

        If who are PPTA members?

        • johnbronkhorst

          Jesus are you that stupid?
          The teachers at the charter schools you fool!!!
          If I can work that out, from one reading. Why can’t you?
          OOOHHH, sorry you must one of our “quality teachers” where basic comprehension is as allusive as fairy dust!

          • Crumble

            I asked to make sure because if he read the paper that he is complaining about he would know that teachers at charter schools cannot be members of PPTA.

          • johnbronkhorst

            Yes they can!!!
            Unless the PPTA is not as inclusive an organisation as they claim.
            ANY registered teacher can join the union!!!!! If the choose.
            Was always my belief!

          • Crumble

            No, they can’t to be a member of PPTA, you have to work at a state or state integrated secondary school. That is why primary teachers and teachers at private schools cannot be members of PPTA. NZEI for primary and ISTA for private.

          • johnbronkhorst

            No where in their rules , pamphlets or forms does it expressly deny membership to anyone!!! I HAVE read them!!
            Post Primary teachers association…means it is a secondary teachers union
            like the EPMU is an engineering union and has no actual sailors as members, that mould be the MWU!
            You really do have a problem with comprehension, don’t you!?

          • Crumble

            You can keep staying they can’t or you read the constitution. Why do you think there are three teacher unions?

          • Sensiblecentre

            PPTA Constitution Membership Section Rules 5 and 9 on pg. 8 and 10 respectively say that you must be a teacher at a state or integrated secondary school to be a member. Since charter schools are run by private groups their teachers must join the ISTA.

          • johnbronkhorst

            and charter school/partnership school, by definition and description would be an INTEGRATED school!!!!!

          • Sensiblecentre

            No, integrated schools actually must fall under a very specific piece of legislation, The Private Schools Conditional Integration Act 1975. The legislation allowing Partnership Schools is totally different. Integrated schools have Boards of Trustees and are subject to the OIA and hire only registered teachers so they are in fact quite different.