PPTA hate choice – Public waking up

Without a Partnership school having even opened yet and with only five contracted the public are already swinging towards that option with a poll showing 45% support already.

The PPTA are terrified and President Angela Roberts is not seeing the obvious – or even asking the questions:

Roberts said teachers saw the schools as a threat to public education.

“Every time a child moves out of a public school into a charter school, they take funding, they take staffing, and that school which still has kids in it is poorer. So the teachers in a public school are left to try and do an even better job with even less.” 

Moving to a Partnership school will be a choice.

Why would anyone choose that if their local school is world class?

But – if parents believe that their allocated state school is not working for their child the PPTA say they are not allowed a choice. Could their patch protection be more obvious and odious?

Do professional teachers really pay subs to these people? Note Roberts claims to speak for all teachers.


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  • blokeintakapuna

    The Horrid ran an article only a few days ago how there are sometimes 100 teachers applying for a single role. The PPTA claims of taking teaching resources are nothing more than puffery rhetoric.

    The woman is a disgrace as a representative of teachers.

    • OhopeBeachBugger

      But a perfect example of how lefties fail to understand the workings of a free market.

  • Team ENZ

    Is it because Partnership schools show up the other schools ? It shows the PPTA is still protecting non performing teachers and schools. They are really scared.
    I am sure there are good teachers out there who will wake up to the PPTA’s ideological left winger self destruction.

  • Euan Ross-Taylor

    It seems to me that for the PPTA, children = funding.
    Therefore it should be argued that said child funding is now able to be allocated by families in the form of choosing where to send their child. I like Pasrtnership schools more and more, if only because parents can influence allocation of funds to educational institutes. It seems to me that this is democracy at work. But then Socialists like to have other peoples money allocated to them, don’t they, rather than earn it.

  • Whafe

    What this provides is choices, and when a choice has been made, it will then show these scum union hacks that choices have been made because the schools have not taught students what hey need.
    The sooner these PPTA scum have some acceptance that there is other ways, then some logical debate can be had as to the fact, our children are the key here, not teachers

  • johnbronkhorst

    Funding is ..per child…therefore there is NO reduction in funding!
    If say all 5% of the lowest achievers leave for charter schools (as is the gpvt.s intention), There will be smaller class sizes at public schools (ie 1-2 students per class will not result in a loss of teachers).
    Loss of the lower performers will result in an average increase in the average achievement level at state schools making state teachers look better, without any actual improvement.
    There is a GLUT of qualified but unemployed teachers, so what are they worried about re teachers leaving, there will be a new crop to move into their place and be bullied by the PPTA.

    • Peej

      Will the lowest achievers leave for charter schools? Will the parents of many of the lowest achievers care enough or get involved enough and make the effort? Should schools contact the parents of the lowest achievers and suggest they go? Would schools be happy to be rid of the lowest achievers? Are the lowest achievers they’d want to get rid of the ones who present behaviour problems rather than those who struggle academically but have good attitudes and caring parents?

      • Team ENZ

        Parents who really cared for their childrens education will leave for charter schools because they want their children to succeed, whether their children are low achievers or not, REAL parents who cared will want to make the effort to find out how their children are performing and will make the necessary correct choice. We cannot leave it to the Ideologically driven power hungry PPTA president to tell us parents that our children should not go to better charter schools to get a better education.

      • Peej

        At least Team ENZ partly answered the questions. Clearly his/her thought is that parents will use charter schools as a choice rather than it be the gathering place of the lowest achievers. I wonder if the ones who gave the thumbs down can answer the questions.

        • johnbronkhorst

          No because it is irrelevant….NOBODY can do anything about the non caring parents. You can’t FORCE them to care!

          • Peej

            Fair enough. So the lowest achievers with the parents who don’t care, who are the ones in the failing group we’re always concentrating on, will stay at their present schools (when they attend). So what is claimed (on here) as the government’s intention won’t be met. But I can keep sheeting the blame for the lowest achievers to where it belongs!

          • johnbronkhorst

            Not true, your assumption here is that ALL parents of under achieving/ lower achieving kids…..DON’T care!!!

          • Peej

            No. You make assumptions about what you say are my assumptions. I know parents of lower achieving kids who care more about their kids and live with their kids’ abilities and are involved in helping their kids more than most parents. And I know that is widespread. There is another group who do not do well at school whose parents do not have schooling as a priority.

          • Patrick

            Once CS are up & running & proven to make a difference then welfare payments need to be made based on whether the parents have their children’s best interests at heart i.e. they are sending them to the best schools available rather than pushing them out the door at 07:30a.m. & making them society’s problem.

        • Team ENZ

          my point is there will always be uncaring parents who don’t give a toss what or how their kids are doing as long as they reap their DPB/benefits ,and Ithey won’t give a toss or answer your questions. What I object to is PPTA telling me CS is banned by their association merely on their ideological claptrap thinking and not on the merits of how each school performs.

      • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

        Who cares about thick people? They’ve got Shortland Street and Trevor Mallard. There’s no better country in the world to be a moron in.

        • Peej

          Yeah, you obviously heard the PM on that sports show this morning too!

    • Tom

      With a glut, the supply and demand thing means their pay should be slashed.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Apart from the FACT that the REAL reports into charter school achievement, actually say the opposite of what the PPTA have been saying. Showing them up to be liars!

  • metalnwood

    I have one friend that can find fill in positions for teaching but has been trying to find a perm job for ages, too many unemployed teachers all going for the same jobs.

    Besides, charter schools wont take teachers away from public schools. They will just fill up the roles with unqualified people they find from various rocks. Thats what they were telling me before.

  • Col

    It won’t surprise me that some of the teachers who get stuffed around by the “upper stiff lip” that is in schools these days, will be happy to take a role in Charter Schools.
    May a good teacher will move to C/S.

  • CheesyEarWax

    “So the teachers in a public school are left to try and do an even better job with even less.”

    Its called working harder you numb nut, something you obviously don’t know anything about.

  • Jman

    A narrow majority of New Zealanders oppose the opening of five charter
    schools next year and feel the funding would be better spent on state
    schools, a Herald-DigiPoll survey has found.

    I’d like to see more details about this poll. Did it ask “Should parents be able to choose whether their children attend a charter school or the local state school” or did it ask “should money be diverted from public education towards privately run charter schools”. I expect you would get very different results from those two questions and I’m pretty sure I know which slant the Heralds poll takes.

    For them to publish their interpretation of their poll results without including what question they asked is simply dishonest and misleading. About what we’ve come to expect from the Herald.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Matt McCarten says 55% is bigger than 45% as a matter of factly….

    • johnbronkhorst

      So this guy has 55% fat content in his head.
      He is a BIGGER fathead, than we first thought.

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        As you know his head is empty. There is no sign of any brain in his head…..

        • johnbronkhorst

          100% fat content?
          Something has to stop the void collapse.

    • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

      I guess we can consider ourselves part of a cultural elite in that case… :-)

  • plutushead

    This is just another self interested tactic of the PPTA. I recently returned back to NZ with my South African wife who is a qualified teacher with 30 years experience teaching around the world including British, Cambridge & IB curricular. Upon applying for teacher registration she was informed she had to complete the academic IELTS exam (to prove her command of English) which she duly did and which I would suggest that 90% of native NZ’s would fail. To top all of this, she then received a letter (after paying the registration fee) saying that she is now is registered on a “probationary” basis and is allowed to teach with a supervisor present “for the first 2 years” – needless to say no school is going to employ a teacher requiring supervision for 2 years. She has subsequently formed her own tutoring company which is thriving with kids that are not able to receive quality tuition from the PPTA managed schools.
    Bring on the Charter Schools and they may well end up being staffed by more competent and experiened teachers that have been excluded from the protectionist PPTA cartel.

    • johnbronkhorst

      Quiet suggestion.
      Contact all teachers in the same predicament as your wife.
      Apply for charter school status and funding, YOURSELF.
      Affiliate your teachers into a private school and attach yourself to a current private school utilising their funding initially and expanding their funds and scope to help them become more successful.

      • plutushead

        The “Scholars International Charter School” staff appreciation program thanks you for your constructive suggestion

    • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

      Imagine a woman as smart as your wife being overseen by some brainwashed fat halfwit braying to lecture a bunch of impressionable kids about colonial oppression or some other bromidic horseshit.
      Good for her. Consider it a blessing. The kids in the school are the real losers though…