Preparing for the whitewash

So far the spin and process from Len Brown’s ratepayer funded spin weasels has followed the David Lewis playbook to the letter. He used this in hosing down speculation about Peter Davis, fixing up the David Benson-Pope scandal, Dover Samuels,  and many other issues Helen Clark faced.

It goes like this.

Do the faux apology without actually saying sorry…then roll out the family…the next step is to have a meaningless inquiry that will produce a whitewash…

Spending by Auckland mayor Len Brown while he conducted a two-year extramarital affair is to be reviewed.

Mr Brown, who admitted the affair on Tuesday, has said there was no inappropriate spending or use of council resources involved in the affair.

The Auckland Council’s chief executive, Doug McKay, says he has received assurances from the Mr Brown and his chief of staff that no mayoral office funds were used in relation to the affair – but says he will independently review it anyway.

Mr McKay reiterated that the mayor doesn’t have a credit card, and all invoices and payments are checked and approved by other staff. It is not known when the review will be completed. 

He might not have a card and all invoices are checked and approved but I’ll bet dollars to donuts that these rooms are comps…and so once again we ahve the mayor using his position to garner secret commissions or benefits due to his position.

Radio NZ also tried to run me through with Mary Wilson on Checkpoint…have a listen…these red radio ratbags just love justifying Len Brown’s despicable behaviour….we are getting ot the point where we will have to create the “Brown Standard”  of public ethics.


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  • Alloytoo

    I imagine Len’s Mrs would like a copy of his Itinerary, for accounting purposes later……

    • Kimbo

      I dont think Gmail calendar has 2 minute increments so he should be OK.

      • Euan Ross-Taylor

        Note to self, “Do not drink hot liquids while reading comments on WO”.

        • Bunswalla

          I used to think that but now I just put nose plugs in and have a hot coffee-proof keyboard.

  • James

    I’m pleased that no ratepayer funds have been used at all. I assume that, as this is a private matter, there are also no ratepayer funded spin doctors being utilised by the mayor at the moment either. It is a private matter after all.

    • OhopeBeachBugger

      Knowing Len’s impeccable integrity, he will of course pay out of his own pocket for the spinners, the inquiry and the time various Council people from the CEO down are spending on him.

    • CheesyEarWax

      Yep, that $3.2m a year PR team he put together is just working on council stuff, like mowing berms.

    • Bunswalla

      James, thank you for writing what I’ve been thinking as I watch this unfold. If this truly is an “entirely personal matter” then of course any damage to his reputation is only personal and any expense incurred in trying to protect his personal reputation MUST be a personal expense.

  • metalnwood

    I see on the herald Bevan says that she doesnt think that hotels were paid for by the council but that she thinks some could have been offered free of charge by the hotel.

    More stuff the wife would love to know. Living not far away why would he have an arrangement for free hotel rooms..

  • williamabong

    Remember Lenny has previous for buying the groceries on the company card, there is also the infamous dinner he refused to disclose, the Teflon must be getting thin.
    I feel sorry for his family imagine knowing your idiot father performed like a cunt struck 15 year old, grow up Len and man up, you’re as weak as piss.
    As an aside the Davies thing should have seen the light of day it would have helped expose Clark for the hypocrite she was and would have ended our suffering years earlier.

    • Time For Accountability

      It was the Davis affair that Winston Peters knew about as part of his MFAT role.

      This was the leverage he had over Clarke resulting in Labours support in the famous no incident.

      Remember two MFAT staff were present on the flight to the USA to pull Peter of of the hole he screwed himself into.

    • Time For Accountability

      Actually this dinner may be more important now.

      Was the reason he would not disclose because he had a mistress present?

      The Mayoral first lady may in fact be the mayoral third or forth lady.

  • Apolonia

    Surely it should be a “Brown wash”

  • williamabong

    Put things into perspective here, this wasn’t a quick blowie at the the Christmas do, this went on for two years, so he deceived his family, the ratepayers, council staff, councillors, for two years, there must rate a fair degree of premeditation.
    come on Len do the only honourable thing you’ve done in the last two years, resign, face it you’re a Lame Duck and the stink from this will never go away.

  • patrickstarr

    Even if AC held an inquiry and found Brown had breached the Code of Conduct there is absolutely no consequence for it.

    “LGA 2002. Schedule 7; (15 ), (7) – To avoid doubt, a breach of the code of conduct does not constitute an offence under this Act”


  • Carlos AkNz

    Len Brown….. SPRAY AND WALK AWAY…

  • steve and monique

    Swept under the mat, and then some moral high ground from someone who is a lying cheater. Good luck Len, shit sticks, and you will always be known as a dirtbag for what you did to your family.

  • Bretto

    Surely the smart thing would be to just resign and call for re-election. He had a pretty big win over the italians (Luigi and Palino) and I actually think he’d get in again albeit by a smaller margin. Unless one of the Camerons ran against him.

    There would be absolutely nothing anyone could say after that…

  • cows4me

    ” Private business”, my arse, if the left and Len claim that this is simply private business and that it has no bearing on his job then why didn’t Len come out and say he was having an affair while in office? I will tell you why, in case you can’t work it out, because it does have a bearing on his job. He is in a trusted position, what sort of message does it send to others and why should any other elected official be expected to show some sort of morals if the mayor of our biggest city can give the fingers to the voter. I guess anything goes now so why have rules at all, we get what we deserve.

  • Mr_Blobby

    “the mayor doesn’t have a credit card” that’s because he cant be trusted with one.

  • Toryboy

    When the report is written windows will have been smashed.
    Because the windows were not smashed at 2:15 on a Wednesday afternoon by a rampaging, pink coloured, sabre-toothed tiger – (which is what the inquiry brief asked them to investigate) – it will be ok. Phew!

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  • Steve (North Shore)

    The Mayor doesn’t have a credit card? right.
    He doe not have a Council Credit Card, but he has many of his own I think.
    These transactions will be re-embersed by the Council. I wonder if Len has let his family know about all of the Cards?
    ffs I have 3 credit cards,but I don’t have a card for the girlfreind