Same problem here

Tony Blair has a point when he lambasts career politicians.

Tony Blair said MPs should work normal jobs before entering politics to give them a better overview of how the world works.

Tony Blair took a swipe at modern MPs like Ed Miliband for lacking experience outside politics, claiming they should work normal jobs for several years before heading to Westminster.

The former Prime Minister said there was a “general problem” in Western democracies with career politicians who have never worked outside the political sphere.

He insisted that following careers in other areas before taking up politics was vital as it meant the MPs were “better able to see the world”.  

His statement will not please Mr Miliband, who became a Labour policy researcher and speech writer within just one year of leaving university or David Cameron, who also leapt straight into politics after completing his Oxford University studies.

When asked if the Labour party might one day have a leader who was not a former special adviser, Mr Blair said: “Look, it’s – this is not a specific point at all, because I support Ed’s leadership and I support what he’s doing, but I think there is a general problem in politics, not just in our system but in Western democracy – I mean, it’s a far bigger topic than this.

“But, I do think it’s really important.”

Speaking to The Independent, the Middle East envoy said: “I advise any young person who wants to go into politics today: go and spend some time out of politics.

“Go and work for a community organisation, a business, start your own business; do anything that isn’t politics for at least several years.

“And then, when you come back into politics, you will find you are so much better able to see the world and how it functions properly.

Labour has a very real problem with careerists…the likes of Jacinda Ardern, Chris Hipkins, Maryan Street and Ruth Dyson who are all party servers with not much real world experience shows that.

Even David Cunliffe actually lacks any real world business experience. They have simply lived a life inside or adjacent to the beltway.


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  • Allyson

    Politicians need a day job to go back to when they fall over or get voted out. Look at the damage NZ Labour have endured having to put up with losers Goff and Shearer lousing the place up after getting the arse card. Dont they know a “dont come Monday” when they get one.

    • Pissedoffyouth

      Hahahahaha List MP’s buddy! Now clingons can stay forever!

  • Chancey

    Jamie Lee Curtis?

    • conwaycaptain

      He is the only National MP who can be put in this inexperienced class.

    • mike

      This is not the person you are looking for…

      • Chancey

        soz ross

  • Pete

    Cunny needs to embelish his CV again to show some real world experience.

    • Hazards001

      That’s enough of that shit you right wing bastard.

      Cunliffe was a war hero (he’s seen a bridge too far 12 times FFS), a salvation army captain (he gave at the office), a farmer( he can afford lamb& MILK!) and shopkeeper (he’s heard of the warehouse…he’s never been in…but he’s heard of it!), he was a wharfie (he’s been to shed 10) and a fisherman (he’s been to a fish and chip shop)
      So how dare you right wing bastards try to portray Cunnylips as a CV embellisher when everything he said he did..he did…errr….except for the things some one else might have said he did…which he did do but doesn’t want anyone to know about…so he didn’t…unless it looks like a job..then he did…or might have…maybe..and…oh hell…I need a lie down..

  • conwaycaptain

    At one time the MPs in the Commons only did their Parliamentary work as part of a wider career. many were successful lawyers, business men in the City or were of independent means. Many had served in the forces during peace and war.
    Patricians like Eden and Macmillan knew more what the person in the street was thinking after their experiences in the army in WW 1.
    This carried on into the 60’s but now we have the career Pollie. Especially in Labour where if you look at their background and upbringing have little or nothing in common with the working person.
    When I was serving my apprenticeship at sea we were told we had to do the shitty jobs to see what they were like as one day we would be telling people to them ourselves. And this goes into ordinary life. So how can these career pollies tell people how to run their lives, businesses or whatever if they haven’t experienced it themselves. Helen Clarke is a case in point, school uni, uni and then parliament.

  • Dick Brown

    Remember this is Tony bLIAR talking here so anything he says has to be put through a rigorous truth filter.

    As for his contention that politicians need to serve some kind of capitalist or physical apprenticeship is just ridiculous.

    I have no love for them but I am certainly willing to concede that some people are born politicians and/or diplomats; having them serve some kind of ‘common man penance’ smacks of Left wing nanny stating of the highest order.

    • BW_Lord

      I disagree with this. I think it comes back to inherent vs. learned skills actually.

      Sure a politicians skills can be inherent to someone, however they can also be taught. The experience gained through employment outside of politics, learning how business relationships work in a real environment, is something I don’t think can be learned from behind a political desk.

      • Dick Brown

        While I agree with your sentiments regarding ‘learned’ behaviour I can’t help but refer to the current ‘apprenticeships’ available to aspiring politicians:

        1. Student politics

        2. Young National/Labour whatever – I can’t think of a better place; inspiring members, mentors out the ass, the encouragement to be productive while learning political skill.

        3. The system itself – Once a little tacker is 18 and has a following you can learn as you go!

        There is nothing that you can add to what is there already in my opinion.

        • Agent BallSack

          All of that created Gareth Fucking Hughes. Prime reason for it to be outlawed.

          • Dick Brown


          • Bea

            Gareth Hughes’ degree is in religous studies I believe. I don’t think he’s religous – it’s a degree for the sake of being able to say you have degree.

        • Hazards001

          You really are the penultimate trougher aren’t you?

          • Dick Brown

            I don’t understand what you mean. I know what a trougher is I just can’t get the connection between myself and a trougher.

            Could you be a bit more specific so I can comment or respond?

  • Agent BallSack

    I am surprised you didnt mention any of the Greens. Most of them have no life experience apart from smoking dope and wearing hessian

    • Kopua Cowboy

      Don’t be mean. Some of them are very good at asking for their flag back…

  • Bea

    Not just politicians, but all civil servants should be required to work normal jobs before they let them onto the government payroll. Teachers are a good example of people who would have a great deal to gain by spending some time in a real-world job.

  • Toryboy

    There are very, very few National MPs ever who can be considered in this category which has been of great benefit to the country over the last 80 years.

  • Mr_V4

    And here is exhibit ‘A’ in NZ, look no further than old ratface.