Why is this a problem?

Ariel Castro hung himself in prison rather than face his life plus 1000 years behind bars. Now the liberals are having a moan about the fact he croaked.

From the Associated Press yesterday:

Ohio officials say two prison guards falsified logs documenting their observation of Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro in the hours before he killed himself. A report from the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction says video indicates no checks were done on Castro at least eight times the afternoon and evening before he died.

Falsified logs. Lack of supervision of an inmate. Lack of adequate staffing. Lack of communication. This is almost precisely what happened exactly one month earlier, in August, to Billy Slagle, the death row inmate who committed suicide just hours after his lawyers learned new information that might have spared him from execution. Here is the link to our Atlantic coverage of Slagle’s death. And here is the link to the “after-action” report in the Castro case.  

What the two incidents tell us is that Ohio prison officials were unable or unwilling after Slagle’s death to implement policies and practices that ensured Castro’s safety—in other words, the reasonable recommendations contained in the Slagle “after action” plan were not put into place in time to spare Castro. They also show that the practice of falsifying records” was not limited to the state’s death row (remember, Castro was sentenced to life in prison). Since 2000, 88 inmates have committed suicide within Ohio’s prison system.

Eight-eight inmates — an average of nearly seven a year. Eight this year, according to a Corrections Department spokeswoman, and eight last year. Will the officials responsible for the failures of the Slagle and Castro cases ever be held accountable? Will corrections officers lose their jobs over this?

Bloody liberals. These blokes need a congressional medal of honour. It is real dangerous in prison, when they saw Ariel Castro hanging or int eh process of hanging himself they needed to be careful, it could have been a rise to assault the corrections officers. It was sensible and wise to wait until things settled down and he stopped moving about.


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  • Lion_ess

    A stool and a rope should be mandatory furniture in the cells of all high risk – never to be released prisoners. Castro did the proper thing in checking out early.

  • Col

    I heard he had his pants down and was having a hanging time to get himself off, but who will know?
    Good that he has gone, closed book.

    • Rodger T

      Snap! LoL

  • Rodger T

    I saw an article last week that it was an auto-erotic asphyxiation attempt and not a suicide ,even though that was the end result.
    In the long run why would anyone give a fuck ? It`s a win all around really,not least for the US taxpayer.

  • Rimutaka

    Referring to the journalist in question as just a moaning liberal is a bit unfair considering the journalist in question “Andrew Cohen is a contributing editor at The Atlantic, 60 Minutes’ first-ever legal analyst, and a fellow at the Brennan Center for Justice. He is also chief analyst for CBS Radio News and has won a Murrow Award as one of the nation’s leading legal journalists.”

    The point of the review was not to moan about Castro but about Ohio’s prison system ” Since 2000, 88 inmates have committed suicide within Ohio’s prison system.”

    • opusx

      See if they can make it an even 150 by 2020 :-)

      • Rimutaka

        As much as I can empathise with your POV I prefer that reason rules over emotion when it comes to Govt policy. All I’m saying is that prisons should take reasonable steps to prevent suicide and I find the public celebration of any death distasteful. I think it makes us lessor people. But hey celebrate away it’s a freeish country.

        • Jonathan Pull

          You’ll find at least half the comments here distasteful then. People here seem to revel at the ultimate demise of criminals regardless of their crime.

        • opusx

          Actually you are correct. Suicide prevention in this country is actually taken very seriously by both Police and Corrections. The stats in Ohio speaks volumes of their lack of training or professionalism when it comes to this subject. My comment was with tongue pressed firmly in cheek…along the lines of:
          America…fuck yeah!

          I don’t think many will lose sleep over these scrotes topping themselves, but I believe the systems in NZ are more robust than most.

    • And your point is what?

      • Rimutaka

        An award winner in legal journalism has highlighted an apparent case of systemic failures in the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections.”The employees involved in the Castro case are on administrative leave
        pending the outcome of the administrative investigation and could face
        discipline.” They falsified records.

        My point is.
        I have no problem with Castro hanging himself, none. As a lefty liberal I have a huge problem with systemic failures in any government system.

        • Muffin

          Maybe it was a stuff up on compassionate grounds, I mean a life being locked up and raped probably wasn’t overly attractive to him, having previously enforced that on others he knew how bad it would be.

        • Mr_Blobby

          The answer is less big Government.

        • Patrick

          “Award winning journo” awarded by whom? Other journos. Unfortunately that trade lost all credibility many years ago, you need a different standard if you are trying to argue journos are some sort of fine upstanding members of the community that we must respect & take notice of.
          The only disappointing thing about this death is that the three victims weren’t given the choice or option of ending his life.

        • Hazards001

          Well the simple answer is that there wouldn’t have been systemic failures if the soft cock liberal touchy feely systems hadn’t been mandated by lefty liberal retrospective law makers in a knee jerk reaction to bad publicity and with likely little or no consultation with the doers that actually had to implement said soft cock recommendations.

          Seems to me this halfwit pinko journo answered his own question..”What the two incidents tell us is that Ohio prison officials were unable or unwilling after Slagle’s death to implement policies and practices that ensured Castro’s safety—in other words, the reasonable recommendations contained in the Slagle “after action” plan were not put into place in time to spare Castro.”

          Fuck ’em all…let ’em hang.

  • Rick H

    Just like Antoine Dixon – a win win all round

    • HtD

      I can’t help admiring his guts – I couldn’t do death by headbanging myself. Still, I’m glad he’s dead

      • Mr_Blobby

        That’s because you were not him. In the end he finally did the right thing.

        Thank You Antoine Dixon RIP.

  • Dave

    Its not like the system caused his death, he didn’t get a beating, or slip on a banana skin and impale himself on a sharpened broom handle, he took his own life.