Push back from iwi on Curran, calls for her resignation

During the last sitting session in parliament Clare Curran launched an attach on an applicant for the job of CEO at Maori Television.

Today the iwi hit back calling for her resignation.

“Clare Curran, MP for Dunedin must resign her position as an MP for she has no credibility and is not fit to represent this country” said Te Rangikaheke Bidois, Chairperson of Te Maru o Ngati Rangiwewehi, the tribal authority of Ngati Rangiwewehi of Rotorua.

“We are in total disbelief and find it extremely distasteful that this MP chose to put a number of accusations about Paora Maxwell into the public arena under the veil of Parliamentary privilege while he was applying for the position of CEO of Maori Television. That Ms Curran chose to make these allegations about Paora before he even got the job seems to us like a deliberate attempt to discredit and disadvantage him in his application and that is just wrong. Worse still, the allegations are wrong. We’re really pleased that Paora has provided his rebuttal to the Speaker of Parliament regarding each claim made by Ms Curran” said Mrs Bidois. 

We are very saddened that through the actions of this MP the mana of Paora and hard earned integrity has been discredited, along with his whanau and our iwi. Under those conditions we ask David Cunniliffe [sic] to stand her down.

“The mana of a people is hugely important. If she is so brave as to make statements about Paora under parliament’s protection, the least she can do is provide an apology and meet with us, his people, which we have asked her to do. That’s how we do things, face to face”, said Mrs Bidois, “and we expect her to respond to our call for these actions to take place”.

The Chair of the Te Arawa Lakes Trust, Dr Toby Curtis, has been fully appraised of the situation and fully appreciates the stand made by Ngati Rangiwewehi.


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  • Jp

    Will the MSM make this front page news tonight?

    • Phar Lap

      No way the Lie-bour Party channel TVNZ would even entertain the truth of the matter.They would rather lie like drains, when it comes to protect drop kicks like Cunliffe, Curran and the three time electoral loser Parker.With Corrin Dann aboard they are quite capable of misleading the TV news audience.

    • Karl

      I would love to see John Campbell interview Mr Bidois and Curran on this …. it would be so good I’d even watch the programme for a change

    • pukakidon

      You must be joking, that sycophant to the Liarbour and Watermelon party from TV3 wouldn’t have a bar of he is a right little weasel.

  • Arran Hunt

    “That Ms Curran chose to make these allegations about Paora before he even got the job….”

    Would they prefer that she waits until after he has a contract and requires a golden handshake to get rid of him? Of course she’s going to say something before hand.

  • blokeintakapuna

    I do hope Labour get themselves into a shit-storm with Maori over this issue…

    …but I hope Te Rangikaheke Bidois, Chairperson of Te Maru o Ngati Rangiwewehi is even more incensed at the devisive and hate Hone Harawera throws around NZ and through the huge loss of Mana he has heaped upon his Iwi, that they also call for his resignation.
    …because double standards and being a hypocrite totally dilutes ones original argument…

    • AnonWgtn

      Nah – move on !

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        Good to see you are following my teachings….

    • kehua

      wtf ???????

  • Justsayn

    Not sure about your headline… Curran, a strap on, a Maori constituent, and a plea for her timely withdrawal… not pleasant

  • AnonWgtn

    She should find her Aussie Passport and go back.

    • Hazards001


    • pukakidon

      Thank god for that I thought that some NZer bred that old haggard turd of a Woman.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Maori vote Labour in droves. They deserve this. I have no sympathy, let us move on bros, otherwise, the left will turn this as John Key’s problem.

  • Hazards001

    “The mana of a people is hugely important”

    Errr….unless of course they happen to white MotherF***er’s of course.
    Where was Te Rangikaheke Bidois then huh?
    Self righteous f tards give me the shits!

    • kehua

      Rangi Bidois is no more responsible for Haraweras diatribe than you are for Mintos`.

  • P1LL

    ‘Clare Curran launched an attach on an applicant for the job of CEO at Maori Television.’

    I would run a mile if she tried to attach to me as well :P

  • Patrick

    I understand that parliamentary privilege is an integral part of the system but there needs to be some reform or checks & balances around this, too many times Pollies are using parliamentary privilege as a mechanism to take pot shots at other Pollies, Winston Peters being the master at it.
    I suggest once an accusation is made if the accuser cannot back up the accusation with evidence within a period of time (e.g. 14 business days) then they either repeat the accusation outside of Parliament & face the wrath of the offended party or their accusation can be used in a court of law against them.
    Like many parts of the process parliamentary privilege is being abused by those it was supposed to protect.