Q-Topia media statement

06 10 2013

Media Release

QTopia initiates inquiry into its own policies and procedures

QTopia – the Christchurch peer support group for gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex youth –
confirmed today (6 October 2013) that it has requested the Canterbury Youth Workers’ Collective to
examine the group’s policies and procedures to ensure they provide the best levels of confidentiality
and protection for young people associated with the group.

Spokesperson Neil Hellewell says the move follows two incidents involving members of QTopia’s
board. In one case Paul Findlay stepped down voluntarily after an incident involving a private
conversation on a cell phone contact application. Hellewell said he did not expect Findlay to return
to the board. In the other incident a board member has stepped down at his own initiative to focus
on legal action he is taking against people who have been making a series of accusations about his

“The member concerned completely denies the accusations but needs time to sort this incident out.
We support his decision.”

Hellewell says the board has no evidence of any inappropriate behaviour or risk from the two
members toward the youth members of Qtopia.

“We believe that the timing of these two different cases is coincidental and not an indication of a
symptomatic problem at QTopia. “However, we need to ensure our processes are robust, ethical,
transparent and accountable, which is why we have asked the Youth Workers Collective to look at
how we manage things like this.”

Hellewell says he has no indication at this stage as to how long that inquiry might take.
Media inquiries to: Steve Attwood, 0274191080 or steve [A T] xtra.co.nz





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  • peterwn

    Why does not Neil Hellewell be prepared to face the music himself instead of hiding behind a spin doctor?

    • dumbshit

      he is keeping head below the parapet immersed in a bucket of sand hoping the wave of shit coming washes over the top

  • Whafe

    Sunlight being admnistered by Whale Oil, all because somewhat thought it wise to put his chopper standing at attention onto the world wide intranet…. What a dick

  • LesleyNZ

    Sounding like a seedy lot!

  • paddles83

    Hellewell is now worried that all the Sunlight be spread over this seedy group may have its funding looked into.

  • James Growley

    “peer support group for gay….” should be more aptly named “Queer support group for gay….”

  • williamabong

    He forgot the important part, so ill finish it for him – “In the meantime the organisation would continue with their core function, grooming vulnerable young men to be coerced into having sex with disgusting predators on the pretext of helping them to understand their confused sexuality, all the while funded by government agencies”

  • Jono Griffin

    One of them is running off to his lawyers. That’s says a lot about panic and covering his arse than being honest and owning up. He will ruin this youth organization just like dodgy Paul Findlay did two weeks ago.

  • Weasel words from Mr Hellewell, with little if any responsibility being taken. But no surprises there…