Q-Topia Standards? What are those?

A statement from [People’s Choice candidate for the Hagley-Ferrymead community board Paul] Findlay on Friday said he regretted his actions and agreed they were wrong.

He also resigned as a board member of Q-topia, a social support group for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex youth aged 14-25 in Canterbury.

The group accepted the resignation.

“We understand that at no time did any interaction progress beyond the online environment,” Q-topia said in a statement.

“As a board, we have every confidence that Paul’s time on the Q-topia board was undertaken with the utmost integrity, and that he maintained the highest standards that are expected of all board members while undertaking Q-topia duties.

“We respect Paul’s decision to remove himself from the board, and believe that this decision has been undertaken to ensure that the Q-topia standards are not affected in any way.”

What exactly are Q-Topia standards?  

As an organisation they hide.  Nowhere do they have the names of their current board members or office holders on public display.  Contact details are nebulous:  Facilitator or Coordinator.

As they are operating as an Incorporated Society, their constitution is available from the Companies Office, but any attempt to look into their recent financial history is thwarted by no records having been filed since 2008.

There is no public statement about vetting processes, complaints procedures or even who to contact.  Parents and Caregivers with concerns have this awesome resource dedicated to them



Even when they release a statement in a matter as serious as one of their Board members having been busted for sending pictures of his proud penis to a minor, the statements are unattributed to a specific person.

This is the only  public statement that suggests there is any structured  Ethics procedure in place at all.

Facilitators are governed by a code of ethics and are overseen and supported by a board that have established Q-topia as an incorporated society and are members of the Canterbury Youth Workers Collective.

Canterbury Youth Workers Collective do have a formalised statement on the matter

CYWC promotes the importance of having a Code of Ethics for Youth Workers and has a CoE which Youth Workers wishing to become members of the Collective agree to abide by.

CYWC provides CoE Training which is open to all youth workers or individuals interested in working with young people.

Participants receive a certificate and an ethics pack containing useful information that will benefit their youth work.

Unfortunately none of these documents are on-line, but I have requested copies.

I’ve contacted Neil Hellewell, the Q-Topia board chairman, and I’m in contact with the people who have laid the complaint with police.

Q-Topia, through their sub-group “Forge” can deal with children as young as 12.

I’ll keep you all updated as this story develops.


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  • Patrick

    An organisation under suspicion investigates itself & then clears it’s own name? In the interests of those using this organisations services wouldn’t they be better placed getting an independent investigation?

    • Garbageman

      Yeah nice thorough investigation like the one they done that turned up this 15 year old loving perv…oh hold on that was W/O

  • OhopeBeachBugger

    Keep up the great work.

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