Questions about Auckland City Council employment legalities

A reader wrote to me with a whole host of sharp questions

Would an ACC employee have any claim to ?Unjustified disadvantage??in the Employment Courts should they feel they are being forced to?resign their employment with ACC, rather than risk being associated?working for an organisation headed?up by a now-proven corrupt?individual/Mayor?

If Len?s continued insistence he?s done nothing wrong and claims to still have a valid platform to represent Auckland ? then surely
his actions, by association are condoned by ACC in general? ?

What happens to the employee forced to resign out of disgust at the Mayor?s corrupt behaviour?

What ?remedies? would the Employment Court recommend when their 1st preference is re-instatement? What if an honourable person
doesn?t want their reputation tarnished by association? Do they just get a big, rate-payer funded hand-out as compensation?

What do employment laywers and HR professionals say on this matter?

And what about those ACC employees that ?have lost their job for having sex/relationships at work? ?Don’t they now have a clear precedent to claim that they can return on full pay, arrears taken care of, because it never actually impacted their ability to do their job?