A quick summary of facts

1.  “I have made full disclosure” — Len Brown

2.  James Bews-Hair is fired, leaving only two names to pick from as the source of threatening texts

3.  “There are 3 more women [that Len Brown has cheated on Shan with] that I know of” — Cam Slater

4.  Len Brown cancels public engagements, spin weasels cease talking to press.


Impertinent questions  

1.  Does Len think there is a way out of this that allows him to continue as Mayor of Auckland?

2.  Is he really going to stare down the media leaving them no option but to throw more women under the bus?

3.  Does he think Whaleoil will continue to show the restraint shown since breaking the story?

4.  Would any of those women be another Auckland City Council subordinate?

5.  Does that continue to make it ‘just a private matter’?

6.  Why does it take a blogger, instead of the MSM, to hold down a scumbag Mayor for well over a week, with little assistance from anyone else, to get the man to take responsibility for his actions?





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  • dilligaf2013

    MSM working with his spin team to try and save his career

  • blokeintakapuna

    Those are some GREAT questions!
    Will Len answer them, or will he have the CEO answer it through a “press release”?

    • dilligaf2013

      They will continue to be ignored by the NZ Herald, Mr Brown and his spin team

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        Yep you got it…..ignore and it will all go away…..

        • Bart67

          If the open letter to Auckland from Len is anything to go by the ‘I hope it will all go away’ card is being played for all that it is worth!

  • ratesarerevoltinig

    Mathew Hooten pftttttttttt…….

    • Jonny W

      What does the Hooten think Cam needs to front up with?

      • Release the Hounds

        He’s right thought we need to blow this Brown twat out of the water.

      • I think it’s best summed up thus:

        Hooton: “Cameron Slater needs to poop or get off the pot”

        • Sponge

          And I think he has grabbed the paper and is of to the little house for the weekend….

        • James Growley

          I volunteer to stick Hooten’s head in the pot when Cam gets off……..

  • JeffDaRef

    While we all have our opinions on how the MSM represent stories, and at times our own political views can colour how we see this, this would have to be the one defining story that has illustrated the institutional bias of the media – in particular Campbell and the Herald.
    Even left-leaning commentators have highlighted this.
    It will be interesting to see – from now until next years election, and beyond – whether the public can ever trust their representation of political events as being impartial.
    Regardless of Len Browns future, we may have just witnessed a game-changer.

    • opusx

      What’s been the real eye opener for me is the fact this became a political story at all. To me this was straight forward, the Mayor of Auckland behaved in a manner that should have seen him resign. Common sense just walked straight out the door with this farce.

    • Mr_Blobby

      The problem is that in general people are very unaware of what is happening around them.

      Nobody actually reports the news, they look for an angle that often necessitates, that some things are discarded and other things are enhanced. The problem is that the News is generated somewhere else and then passed onto the patsy news readers, who take ownership of it, as if it was their own. It is used as a distraction to shift attention away from something else that has reached the point that it cant be ignored.

      Gives new meaning to father forgive them for they no not what they say.

  • Time For Accountability

    Len – some advice.

    My wife and I were summonsed to the hospice one day for a close relative who had been in a coma for a week.

    When we arrived in the room the nurse said to the close relative – it’s time to go.
    My wife said the same thing and the relative died that instant.

    Len it’s time to go.

    • cows4me

      Perhaps Len needs a hearing aid.

      • opusx

        Or a bullet.

        • Eh, no. Not even as a joke. We do not suggest harm to anyone. Len may be a waste of oxygen, but he’s still someone’s father, husband, friend.

          • opusx

            In some civilised societies historically one would literally fall on their sword. The bullet is a metaphor for this, but consider me told off thanks Pete.

          • Thanks! We just don’t need the distraction of being accused of whipping you lot into a murderous mob ;)

          • Bart67

            and lover?

          • I think we’re up to 4 now. Who knows where the count will end?

          • May as well go for a cricket team?

          • Let’s just be positive and cap it off at a netball team for now.

  • cows4me

    Because now it’s between the left (msm) and the right.

    • Time For Accountability

      Ecclesiastes 10:2

  • Whafe

    The man is sinking and his world is about to be blown apart even more… The sill chopper probably thought it couldn’t get worse…
    Oh but it will. One by one his so called team that is surrounding him will remove themselves as the see the debacle that this is… No Shame Len Brown will come out of this with not a cent of respect….

  • Reid

    Yes question six is the big one isn’t it. It was obvious to anyone that his actions during the affair raised many legitimate questions not just about his ethics but also about his judgement and that alone should have been enough for any decent journalist to smack their commie sub-editor up the side of the head, leap straight over their prostrate body and file a story excoriating the mayor on those elements alone.

    But no, not once, did any recognition of those surface amongst the so called watchdogs of our democracy. Even when the man subsequent to the allegations behaves in a despicable blame-shifting harm minimising way, which again gives rise to the very same issues of integrity, ethics and judgement, yet still, no media take up the cudgels and nail this little prick to the wall, as he so justly deserves.

    It’s left to a lone blogger, with few resources, to do their work for them. They should hang their hats up. They don’t deserve to call themselves journalists. Well done Cam. I hope the Qantas Media Awards gives you all the prizes this year. That’ll learn em.

    • opusx

      Well said, golf clap from me.

    • captainnotsosensible

      Here here. Spot on. Keep up the pressure guys.

  • Sponge

    While LBIAFC and must (and it seems now will) go I am actually feeling a little pang of pity for him. His world is about to come crashing down around his ears and that would not be a pleasant thing for anyone. I feel even more pity for his wife and children. It must be awful for your daughters to see this sort of stuff in the press about their father.

    For all of the above he has only himself and absolutely no one else to blame for his actions and the position that those actions have put him in. I bet though that you will see him continuing to snivel about how this should have been a private matter.

  • Chancey

    why did he call Penny Hulse “that woman”

    • Mark

      He was channelling Bill Clinton?

  • Col

    Throw the BRICK Cam throw it.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    The sad thing is every day Whale Oil delays the knock out punch, Lentils’ position becomes stronger…after a few days when the punch comes, Lentils would have prepared all evidence to deny that…he is getting away for good bros…

    • I’ve heard Lens demented brain thinking the same thing the last couple of days.

      If you are a drinker, I’d recommend a good Scotch Whiskey SCS, that’ll knock Len Brown out of your head for at least a week.

      N**e S********n …
      Protecting the convict since 1701.

    • Release the Hounds

      I agree. Any more evidence that exists need to be released now. People will only forgive and forget drip feed info. Knock punch needs to happen now or won’t be knock out.

    • GarethsPussy

      Agreed. It’s Labour weekend, FFS.

      Unless this next revelation is massive, the time to strike has surely passed?

      Shrugs. I can’t understand the timing at all…..

  • Dick Brown

    I’m new here so I’m not familiar with the acronym MSM but over the few days I’ve been here I am now willing to offer up a guess; mass subservient media?

    • Dick Brown



      bloody paywalls, get nicked NBR

      • 4077th

        After they threw Jock Anderson under the bus I cancelled my subscription. One of what WAS the remaining credible news sources.

        • CommonSense404

          Hear hear 4077. Still don’t get that move by NBR.

    • Main Stream Media

      ie: Herald, Dominion, TV One, TV3, Campbell Live, and so on.

      • Dick Brown

        Ah thank you Petal.

        Although the contrarian in me would suggest my guess is somewhere near the mark also.

        • john Doe

          Thank you Petal..really Dick!

  • Timboh
    • Timboh

      The corpse that MSM are still hugging.

    • Whafe

      The comments are what 80% against #noshamelenbrown it seems…

      Get away with you noshamelenbrown

  • MarcWills

    This will be great study for some bright journalist to undertake, maybe for a doctorate in media studies… How a compliant 4th estate can undermine the whole of our democratic governance in the pursuit of the dollar… or Does style overcome substance?

  • middleagedwhiteguy

    Whatever happens from now on, I do feel that someone such as yourself should look very carefully at how Len Brown and his spin team have used parts of the media. Some outlets are not going to look good at the end of this.

  • captainnotsosensible

    here ( not verified and from wikipedia so maybe not entirely accurate but hopefully close enough) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_state_and_local_political_sex_scandals_in_the_United_States
    is a list of US Mayors and other politicians who were involved in sex scandals of one kind or another. No country bias they were just the first that popped up when I searched.

    If you read the summary, you will see that most of them resigned soon after the scandal broke.

    So my question is …..what makes Len B think he is so different?

  • Azeraph

    Yes, why doesn’t he commit Seppuku? I would if i had been caught out. This could be a major push to see if he and possibly in his mind only ( ” For the team ” ) to see if the public are conditioned enough to allow it. I don’t mind the guy but it is a time honored tradition to commit Seppuku.