Random Impertinent Questions about Berms


Why has the council closed half of Orakei Road in order to narrow the already busy road and to install berms?

Who will have to mow these berms now that the council has decided to put them in when they never existed before?

How much has this folly cost?

Why is the council putting in berms when it has no intention of maintaining them?

And it isn’t just berms either…Cameron Brewer has discovered other un-mown council features.

?The long grass around Auckland is not just limited to suburban berms. Auckland Council and Auckland Transport have also stopped mowing many pocket parks, road reserves, and grassed traffic islands,? says Auckland Councillor for Orakei, Cameron Brewer.

Mr Brewer today released two photographs as current examples to highlight his point ? one showing very long grass immediately out the front of Point Chevalier Library and the other showing knee-high grass along a kilometre-strip at the back of the Ellerslie Racecourse. Both areas have clearly not been mown for months.

He has reported these and encourages others to ring the council and Auckland Transport on (09) 301-0101 to report long grass in such areas.

?It?s also becoming clear that Auckland Transport is not delivering on its policy promises such as mowing berms that aren?t directly accessible to properties, on steeper gradients, and in front of unoccupied properties. In many cases that simply doesn?t seem to be happening.

?This is not about the little berms outside the posh homes in the flash streets. Most of them remain nicely mown. This is mostly about road reserves with no residential guardianship, the elderly, those on low-incomes, recent migrants, and tenants who in many cases are just not in a position to start maintaining the council?s berms. It?s insulting that our elderly and unwell are being asked to produce medical certificates.

?This is nothing less than a service cut when at the same time many in the Auckland City area have had rates increases of 30 percent over the last three years under this Len Brown council.

Will grass be the undoing of Len Brown?