Rapid Fire Q+A on Len Brown story

Oderint Dum Metuant

Let them hate so long as they fear.

Some clarification in one location of my many media statements, mainly because there are great many conspiracy theories out there.

My story and answers have been the same throughout. But here is a summary for the record since I’m sick of having my words misconstrued ignored or deliberately lied about. I have been available to ALL media at all times, even Red Radio, without fear or favour.

Many people have defamed me and I am collecting their defamations of both me and father, but Brian Rudman, Martyn Bradbury and Peter Aranyi are amongst the worst offenders, their hatred of me has clouded their judgement seriously. Russell Brown disappointed me with his rant-fest including links to a crazed serial stalker and convicted harasser. Brenden  Sheehan is also sailing close to the wind, but that ratbag has other issues far greater than with me.

So here is a rapid fire Q+A to answer questions that have been asked and answered many times but terminally stupid people or wilful liars like Greg Presland can’t seem to get through their thick skulls.

1. Did I get paid for the story by anyone? – No, categorically no.

2. Was Stephen Cook paid?  – No, categorically no.

3. Was Bevan Chuang paid? – No, categorically no. Not by Stephen Cook or myself.

4. Was she offered jobs, cash, money for stories?  – Not by me or Stephen Cook. She was made an offer from Woman’s Day, but no deal was arranged, only an email from Woman’s Day to me to pass on. She has however spoken to other sources of mine about being offered money, and interestingly after declaring on Facebook she would no longer be talking to media she has continued to drip feed information to the NZ Herald after being contacted by Lincoln Tan. I fully expect that we will see her appear soon in Woman’s Weekly, which coincidentally is another APN publication. One has to ask the Herald and APN if any deal has been struck, since despite her claims of not speaking to the media she has spent three days giving stories to them. It is hard to continue to believe she is a woman of her word. 

5. Did Stephen Cook or me ever harass or pressure Bevan Chuang?  – No, categorically no. In point of fact we went out of our way to protect her, including putting her up in a motel at our expense. Our reward for that, being lied about and thrown under the bus. We have audio, txts and emails that show that there was no pressure, she can release ALL of my texts or emails anytime she likes, but won’t because she knows and I know there was no coercion, pressure or harassment. In fact she was given multiple chances to withdraw the story right up to 2 minute (ironic) before the story was broken.

6. Were John Palino or John Slater informed of the story or the details of the story before it ran by Stephen Cook or Cam Slater? – No. But they both received threatening texts on the 8 October 2013 from the same number that threatened me and Bevan Chuang and two other unconnected people.

7. Why wasn’t the story released before the election campaign? –  Simple, there was no story before the campaign – just salacious gossip. Even immediately after the threatening text messages there was no story, and Stephen cook assessed the story in the week following immediately before election day. As of election day there was still no story, and it wasn’t until Sunday the day after election day that I saw the first texts. At that stage all I thought we had was a minor rude text scandal that hardly rated a mention, this was I thought not even as big as as Paul Findlay. It wasn’t until Monday evening when I saw the draft affidavit that I knew we had a massive story.

8. Was there a conspiracy to unseat Brown in favour of Palino? – Anyone who repeats that as a strategy is retarded and shouldn’t be taken seriously as a political commentator and clearly doesn’t understand electoral law for Auckland Council elections. Even with the timing there was no way it could possibly benefit the Palino campaign, after election day it would always have required a by-election. It is beyond stupid for anyone to believe that this story benefited John Palino in any way.

9. Why did I not tell my father the details?  – As stated above, even I did not know the full details until after the election had completed, there simply wasn’t anything to tell him. He called me after receiving the threatening text to ask me what it was about…since at that stage I didn’t have a story I couldn’t tell him anything. I did find it funny though that someone in the Brown camp was unsettled and that they were going to spend the last days of the campaign sweating over what I thought was a non-story.

10. Why did we run the story? – Because Len Brown has a history of this sort of behaviour…little did I know just how bad, and that will eventually come out in coming days. This has turned out to be way bigger than just a rooting mayor…it now involves favours for floozies, graft, bribery, secret commissions, breaches of the Code of Conduct and likely to reveal additional affairs and murky dealings with a major player in Auckland that could only be construed as graft and corruption.

11. Was this a sting by the Palino campaign? – Not as far as I was concerned. But consider this…Bevan Chuang was still in a relationship with Len brown in May when she volunteered to assist the campaign…she also has said she voted for the mayor…despite evidence to the contrary emerging…a case could be made given the way she threw Len Brown under the bus and then Luigi Wewege and an attempt today to smear John Palino as well that in fact she initially was working for Brown to get inside the Palino camp. It is fanciful but this whole case has become stranger day by day and the only thing consistent in all of this is Bevan Chuangs lust for revenge, first against Brown for spurning her in July to ensure there was no embarrassment in the two months leading up tot he election and then revenge against Luigi Wewege for not reciprocating at the same level in what she regarded as a relationship. It would appear she has played everyone. I’m just glad I got her to swear an affidavit…I pity the NZ Herald who haven’t.

12. Come on Cam why did you really launch this story?


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  • conwaycaptain

    WO’s motto should be “All the news without fear or favour”

    • Intrigued

      I agree and congratulate and thank WO for exposing the ‘affairs’ (pardon the pun) of this past week. I hadn’t realised the extent to which our MSM is so highly politicised in favour of the left and am gobsmacked at the brazen manner in which they are defending the actions of our deceitful and vainglorious mayor who has brought the whole mayoralty into disrepute. Keep up the good work!

  • Whafe

    No SHAME Len will be kicking himself for ever wanting to get it on with Beven. Let’s hope she was worth it No SHAME Len. Somehow I doubt it.

  • paddles83

    WO keep the sunlight shining through

    • richard.b


      • Steve (North Shore)

        O for Oarsome

      • I must add, 500 grams is a little misleading :)

        • Sidey

          No-one wants to “like” this comment, lest we make Cam’s shit list!

          • Yea but you can only get on it once. It’s free reign after that.

      • Honcho

        Nice one! im sure someone out there with a few graphic design / photoshop skills and more then a couple of minutes could polish this brilliant design into something of a logo, brand image!!!

        • richard.b

          It took a team of 12 consultants 6 days to come up with this. The bill is in the mail.
          Might send the bill to the council.

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  • blokeintakapuna

    Nice shootin’ Tex!
    I suspect though that it won’t stop plenty of orchestrated trolls from trying to overload the blog…

    But bring it on!

  • The bottom line is this. Had Len Brown not had an extra-marital relationship with Bevan Chuang, everything that has followed would not have happened. Every action has a consequence, and both Mr Brown and Ms Chuang are discovering.

  • Acid

    And the hits just keep on coming..going down to Brown Town.

  • Stephen

    Why is ratepayers money being spent on defending what is a personal situation. I refer of course to the spin masters at the council.

    Given the security guard knew (well perhaps he didn’t recognise the mufti in the dark)

    there is almost certainly others in that council and in the management that knew.

    Was the Security Guard paid off?

    Inevitably when affairs happen in workplaces ,especially with people in the same space the staff pick it up. Ladies are very perceptive about these things. so, it defies belief that no-one at the council management level didn’t know and if they didn’t them management wasn’t doing their job around the security of the organization.

    • The Mayor has form. Of course Bevan isn’t the only one. And lots of people know, and others are involved, and they are talking. To us. To others. The general parameters of the story are now known.

      But there is a big difference between being told about them and being able to “print” them as stories.

      Had Bevan been true love, and this was just a love story gone wrong, then perhaps we wouldn’t be talking about it. Instead, we are now talking about a man who has no sense of perspective and has been out of control for some time.

      First with money, now with women.

      There are currently people waiting to see if Len Brown will stand down from the mayoralty. If he does, they will not see the need to come forward. But if he doesn’t, their anger and feelings of injustice will motivate them to speak out in public.

      The label Psychopath is overused when it comes to politicians, but the truth is that for many high flyers they need at least a fair proportion of psychopathy to survive and be successful. The same skillset causes you to be blind to when the game is truly up.

      Add to that a highly paid mob of spin doctors that aren’t just telling you what you want to hear but right now fighting for their own jobs, and you have a situation where Brown is given all the wrong advice and thinks that he can tough it out.

      He can try.

      But as soon as the next woman speaks up, and then the one after that, no amount of money or professional PR monkeys is going to be able to save this man’s job.

      • blokeintakapuna

        Wow Petal. More stunning revelations to come!

        Keep shining the sunlight. Great work team Whale!

        • What amuses the crap out of me is that the Herald is bleeding poor Bevan dry while the real story is still out there. If they’re not careful, they’re going to miss two in a row.

          One thing they have achieved is that nobody will leak to the NZ Herald about these sorts of things. They can clearly see how they “protect” their source by prostituting Bevan for their own ends.

          Rule number one of journalism: Protect your sources.

          NZ Herald have lost their way. I suspect this may become part of the ethics part of journalism courses in the years to come. How in the desperation to take back the initiative from a ‘mere blog’, they traded one of their most prized principles: for sources to be 100% sure they wouldn’t be used, outed or otherwise fed to the dogs.

          • fozzie2

            If there are more stories then they would be mad to let anyone running this site expose them . As pointed out when this stories splattered it’s way all over this blog – whoever were advising Bevan were at best incompetent … worst … my motto is not to use expletives. It is cringe worthy to see the fall out , Len has destroyed his own reputation all by himself – a fool any which way you tell the tale – but Cameron has succeeded in destroying the political career of a future mayor, his own father’s political reputation – a man much admired for his political operative skills – and now proceeds to fire threats at anyone who dares to question his motives or modus operandi.

            This behaviour smacks of desperation – !! Why ? – not for me to canvas , but think there were some home truths in the e readers email “I’m sorry you feel that way…..” published yesterday.

          • LabTested

            So where should the other women go to with their stories?

          • fozzie2

            If they value their reputations – a million miles away from here !!

          • Steve R

            Why would you say that . Bevan wasnt named on this site ,it was lens crowd that did that . Re watch the campbell live interview . You could see in his eye when the commy campbell named her that it was a set up

          • LabTested

            Fozzie at least acknowledges that there are other women.

          • fozzie2

            Mmm Stevie you are not really that naive are you ?

            Cam knows how to play these sorts of stories that ensures the maximum benefit and exposure for himself. Once all the juicy details were posted and he is getting gazillion hits – string it out – and then point the finger at everyone else blaming them for naming her. Pure as the driven snow…. yeah right !

            Bevan was always going to be named – it was on the affadavit for gods sake – a public document .

          • Steve R

            Atleast we both agree cam wasnt the one that released her name lol

      • Lion_ess

        Entirely agree with your assessment. This is not a story about a middle-aged man who falls for a younger woman. It’s about a douche-bag who has used his position to bonk the help because he believes he’s bomb-proof.

        • williamabong

          A one sentence summary that nails it in one hit, well done.

      • BJ

        “The Mayor has form. Of course Bevan isn’t the only one.”

        So that’s how come he was at work in his mayoral job was 24/7

      • Marion Peters

        The word is that Lennie has a “thing” for Asian woman and that Bevan is not the only one he has chased. But this “other” woman is too scared to come forward.

        • All depends on who she goes to.

          As we’ve all seen – everyone likes to makes fun of Whaleoil and Stephen Cook and “gutter journalism” like The Truth, but let’s be objective here?

          Who can be trusted? The Herald? Or the Whaleoil Team?

          People who speak to us will not be thrown under the bus for the sake of ‘circulation’. Whaleoil didn’t publicise Bevan’s details. That was done by Len’s spinners and grasped by a complicit NZ Herald.

          Even though we have lots of details on Bevan Chuang’s life, and even though she’s turned ‘against’ us, we still won’t throw her under the bus.

          People know that talking to us is 100% confidential, and nothing we do will compromise this.

          Anyone who feels they have information can speak to us off the record without any fear of being turned into a media whore like NZ Herald/APN has done/may continue to do to Bevan Chuang.

          • Garbageman

            Shine the light baby, personally living in invervegas this has no relevance to me but damn do i love seeing filthy ratbags getting their ass handed to them dont know if iv ever seen this many comments on a lazy sat morning

          • Steve (North Shore)

            This blog can be trusted. The Herald? wouldn’t trust them as far as I could kick the bastards. That goes for TV1 and 3 as well

        • BJ

          Remember Len’s ‘fact finding’ trip to China last year.

      • Rodger T

        Providing there are other women out there that are prepared to deal with the shame of admitting having had “sex” with 2 minute Len.
        Would the humiliation be worth it?

        • I know you’re kidding, but it isn’t that simple. The whole collection of motivations for anyone to speak out takes into account their own situation and how coming forward may affect their future.

          The Len PR team threw Bevan under the bus specifically to scare others from coming forward. Was I in their position I would have done the same thing.

          Right now we’re in a waiting period. We have the contacts and the information, but they would prefer not to be chewed up by Len Brown, his spin monkeys and the NZ Herald, so they are waiting to see if Len steps down in the next few days.

          If not, it is going to take at least one of them to feel their personal embarrassment is a cost they are willing to put up with to make Len Brown face responsibility and to make sure he can’t continue to abuse his position by involving more women in the future.

          Let’s see what happens.

      • John Warren

        It all remains to be seen, but where there’s smoke there is usually fire, and if it’s true that Brown pursued Chuang, then I find it difficult to believe that it has only happened once. If it was true love, then we could all forgive him and let him get on with fixing his broken life, but the reported facts of the affair clearly point to nothing more than a sexual conquest. A cheap bra-and-panties do not true love make. Furthermore, I wouldn’t give a flying fuck about any of this, except for the gross hypocrisy that it represents. According to Len Brown, his fitness for one of the highest offices in the land is based not only his political experience and skills, but his impeccable credentials as a family man, husband and God-fearing pillar of virtue and community. When these credentials are revealed as nothing more than smoke and illusion, he is deservedly exposed to public vilification.

      • philbest

        “…….Add to that a highly paid mob of spin doctors that aren’t just telling you what you want to hear but right now fighting for their own jobs, and you have a situation where Brown is given all the wrong advice and thinks that he can tough it out…..”

        That could be extended to half the Council bureaucrats, especially the urban planners. Giving Len the wrong advice, fighting for their own jobs, denying reality, pursuing ideology, serving vested interests…. the whole thing is a disgrace. I have always regarded it as highly likely that mayors and local politicians and bureaucrats who are anti-car, “anti-sprawl”, cause gross housing unaffordability, and piss public money up against the wall in white elephant public transport projects, are part of a highly corrupt network of vested interests, either wilfully or as useful idiots.

      • terrynaki

        your serious?,could there be more women,or is that just gossip?

    • LabTested

      My business partner & I have one Golden Rule – don’t poke the payroll. Its been bloody tempting at times, but some things are just going to burn you.

      • I assume trip went well?

        • LabTested

          Unbelievable. A week on the moose. Hard work. Forest there so thick you could not walk through it, so had to work the tracks & swamps. Camping, at night below zero. Lots of sign (fresh track / dung) but we never got on one. First Nations people spot lighting near the roads – I wanted to comment about a post Cam did a few days back about Blaze vs Camo (but I missed the window)

          2nd week was all birds. Canada Geese, Lesser Geese, Snow Geese, Cranes, Ducks & Grouse. Some brilliant days, some dryer days, but eff it was fun

          ps. bloody moose came out when we where scouting for Geese feeding areas!

          • Honcho

            Sounds like a bloody good adventure you had Lab!

            It was a good post about the camo, loved it, I like the science behind how things are scene, how it all really works so im gutted you missed out.

    • peterwn

      The Security Guard possibly logged that the Mayor and a guest were present at the time and this would not have aroused any suspicion. His situation is a bit problematical because of the dual nature of the Town Hall building – part convention/entertainment centre and part Mayor’s suite/ Council Chamber – he may have hired via ‘The Edge’.. No security can be blamed for not reporting an ‘indiscretion’ involving ‘senior’ people who are entitled to be on the premises, to do so could be employment suicide.

      The Mayor’s suite is in a quite separate building from the Council CEO and general Council employees, following Robbie’s refusal to relocate the mayor’s office in the then new Council building years ago. Hence his activities would not come to the notice of general Council staff.

  • disqus_Aa7kWsb7Fp

    Well, the new media (Blogs) are doing what the old media (newspapers, radio, Television) should be have been doing all along… Blaming WO for their incompetence further diminishes their ability to tell the story rather than create and be the story

    • blokeintakapuna

      … And they’re all playing “catch-up” to WOBH.

      So if WOBH is “irrelevant” does that make their covering of Whales coup “Repeaters & Churnalists” out of the MSM?

      The leading story for a week… And the MSM have to get their leads from an “irrelevant” blog.

      How horribly inconvenient for them. Especially when they love to hate Whale.

      • disqus_Aa7kWsb7Fp

        For to long they (the ‘traditional’ media) have made themselves the news item.
        Just watched a traditional woman reporter ‘interviewing’ Cam and he wasn’t subscribing to her opinionated view of the story.
        She should have quit while she was behind

  • mick le prick

    Great work Cam and Co.
    Did you hear that little sniffling creep lefty Tim Watkins on Larry Williams banging how how the way Slater released all the gory details …its just despicable….(or something along those lines)
    But Larry pointed out Tim, Cam never released her name etc that was the main stream media.

    Im loving it that the sad tragic lefty Lame stream media have the shits because they got out gunned on the years biggest story and had to their HORROR visit whaleoil.co.nz to get the details.

    • blokeintakapuna

      Even worse of them… It was one of their own, caught with his hands in the cookie jar… Or Asian dumpling as the case maybe.

      As an aside though… And speaking purely from a male DNA a perspective… I’d give her one too. Except it would be than a one two that’s for sure!

      • GregM

        Just think of Lenny’s smiling face at it like a fox terrier and you may wish to change your mind. : )

      • Sponge

        You would want to wrap it before you put in near her…

        • blokeintakapuna

          Haha – You and GregM made me laugh.. And be a little sick in mouth at the same time too. I didn’t really mean “her” just another hottie aAsian chick with similar body… And if she wanted my autograph… I’d so give her one!

  • Never in the dark…..

    I’m not sure where BC would normally reside or work, but the address on that spoiled voting paper is Highbrook, Auckland, 2161. Is that the area BC would’ve had a PO box? Or is there some other tomfoolery going on?

  • James Growley

    As Len’s retinue of spin doctors, consultants etc are all on the payroll of the council, ultimately being paid for by the ratepayer, is it appropriate that Len is using council resources for what is obviously a private matter?

    • GazzW

      That surely is a question that trained & skilled investigative journalists should be asking but of course there is more than a small degree of conflict of interest involved. A good question for Larry Williams to pose.

  • whippersnapper

    Question #6. Shouldn’t the answer be “yes” based on today’s Herald story? Palino and BC just met in a parking lot late at night for a casual chit-chat?

    • suites

      If you read between the lines he is saying they knew but Cam and Stephen Cook didn’t tell them. Ok, I’m fine with that. I don’t blame Cam if his father and Palino lied to the MSM about prior knowledge.

  • conwaycaptain

    I wonder how many NEW REGULAR readers WO has picked up.

    • I’m waiting for the numbers to settle. We’ll know in a few weeks.

      But just on raw statistics, we did 1.5 mil pageviews this week, when we normally take a month to achieve it.

      A normal week day clocks in at 45-60k pageviews “BCE” (Before Chuang Era – chuckle), and yesterday we clocked 180k

      Weekends usual clock around 70-80k and at 10am staurday we’re already staring at 31k.

      We don’t yet know what the ‘new normal’ is, but we’re sure glad we have a lot of new people who have discovered Whaleoil and a different way to consume news and opinion.

      • blokeintakapuna

        Brilliant stuff! Even better… WOBH can brag it broke the political story of the year that the Herald repeated resulting in probably their largest print run for a long time.

        I hope APN / Herald send WOBH a fabulous Christmas card this year as thanks for helping them break records? They might have finished eating humble pie by then.

        • If that happens, I’ll [insert something unlikely here]. A number of senior people at The Herald have personalised this in a way that no other media outlet has ever done. They have manouvered themselves into a position where they will prefer to do something so it might drag down Cam Slater over what they would have chosen to do if they weren’t so emotionally invested in their little private wars.

          They’ve taken our original work and attributed it as “a Herald Investigation reveals…”, and we just laugh at their immaturity. They are supposed to be better than that. But no, they’re not. They need a good clean-out at senior level and get some fresh ideas and a more relevant set of standards behind them. Until then, the fun will continue.

          They really don’t know what to make of this blog. They’re completely bamboozled by its success, the fact both ignoring it and trying to smear it only sees it grow.

          Genuine advice? They should concentrate on running a good show themselves and stop worrying about a bunch of hobbyist punks eating pizza and coke while they blog sitting in their underwear ;)

          • blokeintakapuna

            …And if they just reported the complete facts, angles from opposite ends of the political spectrum and let the reader make up their own mind.

          • Dave

            Petal. I agree with your comments, particularly the last paragraph, but the mental picture of you all sitting around in your underwear is not a good look!!

            The Herald and a few other publications, would do well ot take a serious look at their market, their alliances, and AGAIN, Katherine Viners article, and read bot hover and over. I would then suggest they get a planning board, and write down what readers WANT. Truth, News and a voice. Not manufactured lies. To achieve this, they will need to rid themselves of a lot of the repeaters aligned to the left most of the left, and the old die hard “Chemo Journalists, those with a solid manufacturing background!! (Would dearly love to run a strategy workshop for them, but would take months even years to remove the blinkers first)

            Only then, can they change and form a progressive and client aligned strategy. They wont be able to do that though, too many old hacks.

            Look at “The Guardian” its growing, funny that.

            Final point: Congrats to all at WOBH again, I’m a very happy reader and appreciate the opportunity to post my views, right or wrong, and the correction from others, even SCS!!

            But please, I think boxers might be better than those old stained Jocks.

          • I’ve got boxers with “Lover Beast” all over them. Perhaps that will do? They were picked by my, then, 8 year old son as a Fathers Day present…

            They seem to be quite the appropriate ‘uniform’ for the current circumstances?

          • Sooty

            CHRIST. That’s an ugly thought!

      • philbest

        I am hoping that before the by-election, WOBH will spread enough information about what a useless mayor and utter hypocrite Brown is the other 99% of the time he is not up to sexual antics.

  • Annie218

    Well done, Cam, on keeping to the facts and the principle while all around create their own versions. Have probably most enjoyed how “effective” the spinners (?paid with my rates – want to see their invoices next month) have been in “forming some public opinion” – and how shallow people are! Trying to think what Rudman would write if Pants Down Brown was a right winger. Keep on, Cam and don’t let the bastards get you down!!

  • CommonSense404

    As a regular reader and supporter of the blog I’m just a little but concerned that Cam is breaking one of his own rules – explaining is losing. Better to be the one asking the hard questions not answering them.

    Pete’s comment below implies there is way more to come out and therefore no need to have to defend why WO has acted the way it has

    • BJ

      I disagree.
      He is not justifying or explaining a position or statement, but merely listing all in one place, for clarification, the answers to questions that have previously been been put to him.

    • Mr_Blobby

      I concur. Stick to the facts, Whale boy. Dirty old man in a position of power takes advantage of much younger woman. It is wrong dead wrong.

      Standing by to assist if required, Whale.

      • Patrick

        Are you suggesting we should all pull together over Ms Chuang Mr_Blobby? Or is that something best left to Mayor Brown?

  • Random66

    So it is now apparent even to WO that this Bevan woman’s word cannot be trusted. Her ability to be fast and loose with her word has destroyed any credibility she might of had. As previously thought she is fueled by vengeance because Len caste her aside before she got what she thought she deserved. Clearly this is a conniving women who had a calculating agenda to achieve political and social favour by sleeping with a weak and disgusting man (Len). Or should we say men because her inability to name the person who gave her a STD would confirm she had multiple stallions in her stable at one time. While she may of had some grand plans, it would appear she did not have the necessary intelligence to carry them out. Going dog on WO was not the wisest of moves for her, in fact it is plain stupid, especially when this is not his first Rodeo and he had the forethought to get a signed affidavit from her. Nice to know ‘Liar’ can now be added to Bevan’s achievements. Len is by far worse than Bevan going by all accounts, (and that’s saying something), so how low can he go before he finally resigns and does the right thing for Auckland city.

    • philbest

      She has obviously been threatened by the Brown mob. The kind of local politics he is involved with will very likely be similar to what is known as “Chicago” politics. All this needs busting wide open – NZ is no place for this stuff.

  • cows4me

    Sounds like Brown supporters have got to Bevan to change her story. The Nation . WO stood his ground.

  • Toryboy

    Yesterday, on Rudman’s hysterical article, I posted a comment saying you, your Father, and Mr Palino had all acted honourably, and far from being irrelevant it tends to substantiate your father’s claim to playing with a straight bat.

    I have 262 thumbs up for my comment – yet still the socialists peddle the fiction!

    If you, or anyone else, does release details of more adultery, and “graft, bribery, secret commissions” will you hear the socialists calling for Brown’s resignation? I doubt it.
    But notice John Banks is being called on to resign by these same people for something – (assuming for argument’s sake is true) – which is small beer by comparison.
    Hypocrisy is just pathetic by the left wingers.

    • Patrick

      What is surprising re Rudman’s article is that the Herald moderators allowed what appears to be free & frank comments to be submitted, highly unusual & I question the reasoning, usually they are very selective around what is allowed to be published. They are second only to the Standard when it comes to censorship. Was it an attempt to portray themselves as impartial? If so Rudman got thrown under a bus because there were plenty of comments critical of his opinion.

      • I suspect they were embarrassed by Rudman’s piece and it was their passive aggressive way to retaliate.

      • Toryboy

        Yes you are correct – as a rule of thumb 2/3 of my comments never get posted on the NZ Herald site.

        Every one of them either points out inaccuracies by the article writer, or advocates support for a National government policy, or shows where Labour is either wrong or hypocritical.

        Never make it through.

        You would be astounded at the number of times an article has been written criticising government policy, I post an innocuous comment supporting that policy, it never gets published, and there are 75 anti National comments which get through.

        Simply breathtaking the number of times it happens.

  • ozbob68

    Just saw Cam on “The Nation”, he held his end well. Smalley had a scattergun approach, trying to tie 2 of Lens “opponents” (Cam and the Palino camp) into a conspiracy, he spiked the inference quite nicely. Are there any decent journalists left in mainstream NZ media?

    • Steve (North Shore)

      she also got the meeting date wrong – creating Chinese whispers.
      Deliberate lie

      • dyannt

        I can’t stand Smalley. The few interviews I’ve seen her do, it appeared that she came with her preset agenda and ran the interview to confirm her biases. She appeared to not listen to replies but had her mind focused on her next question. Awful to watch.

    • Dave

      After one Cameron Slater, Only a handful, another I have respect for is Hoskings.

    • Sidey

      “Just saw Cam on “The Nation”, he held his end well”

      Channeling his inner Brown under the desk?

  • Raine

    gee i love reading your blog! :)

    on the defense now i see.

    defamation threats from you, blackmail from your mods below … just doesn’t get any better than this! keep up the good work. :D

  • greg

    According the herald its all ok for half of you Aucklanders……….unbelievable!

    • suites

      No surprise here. Unholy matrimony between men was just legalised. Prostitutes free to sell their surgically inverted penis vaginas outside primary schools. Adultery is the least of our worries.

    • Dave

      Incorrect, its okay for less than half of aucklanders who can be bothered with the lies and manufactured stories from the horrid.

      With “reach” of the horrid at under 33% of Aucklanders, that means, its only about 17%!!!!!

      Who was it that said – lies, lies and damn statistics ??

      • greg

        Don’t worry Dave I have very little respect for the herald, thats why they use it for chip paper.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Several points.
      1. Who commissioned the poll
      2. What was the slant on the questions.

  • nani

    Cameron Kia kaha to you your family and all at WOBH
    …and any one who chooses to wear a WOBH tee shirt
    our perceptions do change at the moment of truth lying len brown
    any one that can lie to their loved ones blithely,
    will find lying to people they don’t know all that more easier.

    • suites

      yes, this is what some said of Cam when his affair came to light. If he can lie to his family, then what about us readers? Well I can say we choose to be here and read it. Len Brown was forced upon me by the left!

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    Cam. I know you probably already think like this BUT Martin Bradbury is the last person around I would put any credence in. He has to be the most biased blogger( if you can call him even that) around. If that clown leans anymore to the left, he will fall off the planet. He is a fuckwit and I think most people know that.

    • He’s still blogging? I thought he left that gig to go into real estate?

      • Dave

        Petel. With respect, please correct your post above. You meant BEGGING not blogging. what Bradbury spews out cannot be classified as blogging.

      • philbest

        If Bradbury went into RE, that is very telling, considering the likely corrupt connections between the pro-planning Left and the RE rent-seeking sector.

    • The dead beat dad has plenty of skeletons in his closet with regard to the treatment of women…as does the editor of the Herald…if they want a war I am well armed

  • Grizz30

    Had WO not released this story, some other media outlet would have. Bottom line. It was Len Brown who had the affair and defiled the Mayor’s Office.

  • GregM

    I’m looking forward to the rest of the iceberg surfacing, and it will. But where to from here? Even if there is a by-election, I think both camps are tainted.

    • Bob Parker?

      • GregM

        Oh god no. I’m surprised SCS hasn’t been along to encourage us all to vote for Minty Minto.

        • philbest

          Stephen Berry of the Affordable NZ Party got third place; Minto was 5th.

          In spite of Minto getting media coverage and Berry getting none.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Bloody good comment!

  • Stamper44

    Another aspect of PantsDownLen’s hypocracy is his signing up to:


    See his profile here:


  • parorchestia

    From the left’s perspective the trouble with you Cam is that you don’t fit the stereotype of a cunning, rich capitalist. Their remedy – rant louder and wider. The basis for this is that if you shout loud enough and long enough you may hit on a kernel of truth, or a supposition that can be paraded as truth.
    It’s just socialism.

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    Nice summary. I thought Mayor Quimby was a fictional cartoon character, I was wrong.

  • philbest

    “,…..10. Why did we run the story? – Because Len Brown has a history of this sort of behaviour…little did I know just how bad, and that will eventually come out in coming days. This has turned out to be way bigger than just a rooting mayor…it now involves favours for floozies, graft, bribery, secret commissions, breaches of the Code of Conduct and likely to reveal additional affairs and murky dealings with a major player in Auckland that could only be construed as graft and corruption…..”

    EXACTLY what I have been saying is highly likely, all along. The media watchdog is a lapdog.
    The nature of “compact city” planning and “transport investments” that benefit only the CBD, mean that there is almost certainly corruption involved, far more so than with new urban fringe development. There is far more profit involved.

  • philbest

    He’s a hypocrite anyway, with his own 1 acre section and mansion; the zoning boundaries that miss his own neighbourhood by half a k; and his opposition to all road projects except the ones that would benefit the location where he lives. Cheating on his spouse is just part of his whole character, not an aberration by an otherwise “good mayor”.

  • John Phillips

    In the light of all this – and a lot more over the years – from Brown, it is hard to read the accolades from the goofs on here without gagging:


  • Edwin Wigmore

    Thank God we have this blog. If I was a betting man I’d bet money that if the Herald had been given this story and no one else it would never see the light of day.

    I find it disgraceful the Herald is focusing only on “the dark right wing conspiracy”. Who cares where it came from. Proper questions answered from Lenny please.

  • pukakidon

    Regardless of this woman being a complete psycho. The deviant Molesting Mayor of Auckland is in the wrong here. Good work on the Signed affidavit, there is not going back on that now. Incidentally the two minute man is still are corrupt deviant liar. .

    • Mr_Blobby

      Yes the affidavit was a smart move. Given that brown stains team has got to her. Wonder what they promised her.

      • pukakidon

        It really does show the scum that floats in the cesspool of the Herald and the Len Brown political team. There needs to be an investigation into the corruption of the Herald as well as opening that stinking muck that clings to two minute Len.

    • Jdogg

      Yeah couldn’tve put it better on all points, can’t wait to see how number 10 eventuates. GO WO!!!

  • Gaynor

    Who was the mystery person Len had dinner with and refused to identify?

    Why does he compare himself to Jesus?


  • Sir

    After watching that Batman clip Cam, I believe you now to REALLY be a complete nutter, LoL, I LOVE YOU MAN, Keep on brother!

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