Rapid Fire Q+A on Len Brown story

Oderint Dum Metuant

Let them hate so long as they fear.

Some clarification in one location of my many media statements, mainly because there are great many conspiracy theories out there.

My story and answers have been the same throughout. But here is a summary for the record since I’m sick of having my words misconstrued ignored or deliberately lied about. I have been available to ALL media at all times, even Red Radio, without fear or favour.

Many people have defamed me and I am collecting their defamations of both me and father, but Brian Rudman, Martyn Bradbury and Peter Aranyi are amongst the worst offenders, their hatred of me has clouded their judgement seriously. Russell Brown disappointed me with his rant-fest including links to a crazed serial stalker and convicted harasser. Brenden ?Sheehan is also sailing close to the wind, but that ratbag has other issues far greater than with me.

So here is a rapid fire Q+A to answer questions that have been asked and answered many times but terminally stupid people or wilful liars like Greg Presland can’t seem to get through their thick skulls.

1. Did I get paid for the story by anyone? – No, categorically no.

2. Was Stephen Cook paid? ?- No, categorically no.

3. Was Bevan Chuang paid??- No, categorically no. Not by Stephen Cook or myself.

4. Was she offered jobs, cash, money for stories? ?- Not by me or Stephen Cook. She was made an offer from Woman’s Day, but no deal was arranged, only an email from Woman’s Day to me to pass on. She has however spoken to other sources of mine about being offered money, and interestingly after declaring on Facebook she would no longer be talking to media she has continued to drip feed information to the NZ Herald after being contacted by Lincoln Tan. I fully expect that we will see her appear soon in Woman’s Weekly, which coincidentally is another APN publication. One has to ask the Herald and APN if any deal has been struck, since despite her claims of not speaking to the media she has spent three days giving stories to them. It is hard to continue to believe she is a woman of her word.?

5. Did Stephen Cook or me ever?harass?or pressure Bevan Chuang? ?– No, categorically no. In point of fact we went out of our way to protect her, including putting her up in a motel at our expense. Our reward for that, being lied about and thrown under the bus. We have audio, txts and emails that show that there was no pressure, she can release ALL of my texts or emails anytime she likes, but won’t because she knows and I know there was no coercion, pressure or harassment. In fact she was given multiple chances to withdraw the story right up to 2 minute (ironic) before the story was broken.

6. Were John Palino or John Slater informed of the story or the details of the story before it ran by Stephen Cook or Cam Slater? – No. But they both received threatening texts on the 8 October 2013 from the same number that threatened me and Bevan Chuang and two other unconnected people.

7. Why wasn’t the story released before the election campaign? – ?Simple, there was no story before the campaign – just salacious gossip. Even immediately after the threatening text messages there was no story, and Stephen cook assessed the story in the week following immediately before election day. As of election day there was still no story, and it wasn’t until Sunday the day after election day that I saw the first texts. At that stage all I thought we had was a minor rude text scandal that hardly rated a mention, this was I thought not even as big as as Paul Findlay. It wasn’t until Monday evening when I saw the draft affidavit that I knew we had a massive story.

8. Was there a conspiracy to unseat Brown in favour of Palino? – Anyone who repeats that as a strategy is retarded and shouldn’t be taken seriously as a political commentator and clearly doesn’t understand electoral law for Auckland Council elections. Even with the timing there was no way it could possibly benefit the Palino campaign, after election day it would always have required a by-election. It is beyond stupid for anyone to believe that this story benefited John Palino in any way.

9. Why did I not tell my father the details?? – As stated above, even I did not know the full details until after the election had completed, there simply wasn’t anything to tell him. He called me after receiving the threatening text to ask me what it was about…since at that stage I didn’t have a story I couldn’t tell him anything. I did find it funny though that someone in the Brown camp was unsettled and that they were going to spend the last days of the campaign sweating over what I thought was a non-story.

10. Why did we run the story? – Because Len Brown has a history of this sort of behaviour…little did I know just how bad, and that will eventually come out in coming days. This has turned out to be way bigger than just a rooting mayor…it now involves favours for floozies, graft, bribery, secret commissions, breaches of the Code of Conduct and likely to reveal additional affairs and murky dealings with a major player in Auckland that could only be construed as graft and corruption.

11. Was this a sting by the Palino campaign? – Not as far as I was concerned. But consider this…Bevan Chuang was still in a relationship with Len brown in May when she volunteered to assist the campaign…she also has said she voted for the mayor…despite evidence to the contrary emerging…a case could be made given the way she threw Len Brown under the bus and then Luigi Wewege and an attempt today to smear John Palino as well that in fact she initially was working for Brown to get inside the Palino camp. It is fanciful but this whole case has become stranger day by day and the only thing consistent in all of this is Bevan Chuangs lust for revenge, first against Brown for spurning her in July to ensure there was no embarrassment in the two months leading up tot he election and then revenge against Luigi Wewege for not reciprocating at the same level in what she regarded as a relationship. It would appear she has played everyone. I’m just glad I got her to swear an affidavit…I pity the NZ Herald who haven’t.

12. Come on Cam why did you really launch this story?