More on the ratbags at EXMSS

Yesterday I wrote about the ratbags of EXMSS.

EXMSS is a Massey University Students’ Society funded by compulsory students services levies, which pay for services under contract with the university . One of these contracts is for communications. However since the associations’ president Jeannette (JV) Chapman fired her competent communications manager Adam Dodd, another has been employed and Mr Dodd has been seeking advice.

That comms person, Dan Scott, looks like he has some interesting friends . He has apparently been alerting them to a closed Facebook group set up to call a SGM of the society, which EXMSS staffers have opposed.  Society members claim that some of Mr Scott’s friends have attempted to join the group to hawk. One, has a facebook page under the name of Trent Haskell, (with a  nickname of ‘scummy’)  that looks remarkably like another under the name of ‘Nat Tate’ – one that is currently suspended by Facebook –  which was used to  enter a closed  EXMSS members’ Facebook group in an attempt to pass off as a member of EXMSS interested in calling a SGM.  

EXMSS members are curious to find out who hacked into the twitter account of the society’s former  Vice President, and the Facebook page of a current member last week. Some are pointing the finger at Mr Scott, maintaining he is filtering his dodginess into EXMSS affairs with the knowledge of Ms Chapman. The police are currently looking into the matter.

While Mr Scott was apparently facilitating the Nat Tate facebook page into a closed EXMSS group calling for an SGM, ensuring  Nat Tate’s name – and fake student ID –was among the 28 members on the letter calling the meeting, he and Ms Chapman were booting out hundreds of legitimate members from  the Society’s own Facebook group, to howls of protests from these members who were using it to communicate matters benefiting extramural students in the lead up to exams.

Since Massey University announced that it was taking over services formerly provided by EXMSS, the Society’s Facebook page has been active with Mr Scott’s posts. He was promoted to an admin of the site last month, soon after starting at EXMSS. As the society’s student-funded communication  employee, he posted the following comments yesterday on the Society’s Facebook page…“I`m definitely not a massey student. Oh god, I couldn’t think of anything worse/ EXMSS is now a dead horse for you students to beat. Kind of like a piniata with no candy inside.”

When told by a member that screen shots of his comments would be saved, he said “Thank you.  I am motivated by money, mostly.  I don’t have time for entitled self righteous assholes.”

When former co-opted executive member Shane Field responded, “Look who’s talking,”  Mr Scott wrote: “Great movie, I love kirsty alley.”

This is what Massey University is funding.  This is the kind of behaviour that appears to be condoned by the society’s president, JV Chapman, ignored by Massey University staff – but not by students or members.

While Massey University has announced that it is taking over services provided by EXMSS, it is refusing to take action over this behaviour of the society’s employees, which it funds, and its President.

Many are shocked at the attitude of Ms Chapman, who yesterday afternoon spoke to Morgan Browne, editor of the student magazine Massive.  Ms Brown wanted to ask how Massey University will now provide services to extramural students that were formerly provided by the society. After a short greeting by Ms Brown, Ms Chapman said, “leave me the fuck alone you dumb bitch”.


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  • opusx

    Just un…believe…able. Simply breathtaking abuse of funds without consequence. Bring back the biff’.

    • Don McMillan

      How sad to see my old student union being run by a self-serving dictatorship. I wonder what their agenda is???? Keep up with this one, Cam – I’m agog and aghast!

  • This goes far beyond the realm of mere ratbaggery. There are significant abuses of power alleged, and if they are proved to be correct, there may even be the potential for criminal charges, especially with the allegation that Ms Chapman voted herself a 130% salary increase.

    Whoever your informant is Cam, all power to them for bringing this out into the open.

  • peterwn

    Great CV material for a CV when applying for a Labour Party staffer job – rather like the ‘dares’ potential bike gang members have to do to gain membership.

    Ms Chapman obviously has what it takes to be a Labour staffer and ultimately a MP.

  • Never in the dark…..

    Looks like Trent Haskell has done a runner from Facebook too.

  • JeffDaRef

    Could the Labour Party please remind us all exactly why compulsory student union membership is one of their must-haves???

  • Cadwallader

    I had a little to do with EXMSS about 20 years ago. At that time it seemed to be little more than a private drinking club for the staff and selected hangers-on. The drinks were courtesy of the enforced membership.

  • Dave

    Miss JVChapman has found the perfect training ground, she will be president of the commie division of the CTU within 3 years, and then have a seat with their fully owned subsidiary, the Labour party in another 2 years, be deputy leader of the Labour party in 87 years and leader of the opposition within 10 years, providing she backs SCS’s rich pricks tax.

    In hindsight, with her form already, she should challenge Cunnliffe now, she is almost as competent as him, and as nasty as most in Labour.

    Is that a missive from Helen’s UN office now, move over DC……