The ratbags of the EXMSS

JC Chapman, XmSSS Prsident

JC Chapman, EXMSS President

Massey University appears to have pulled the funding plug on the Massey Extramural Students Society (EXMSS), based in its Manawatu campus, after a raft of complaints about the embattled society and its president, JV Chapman, over the past six months.

In a message to students yesterday afternoon, Massey said it would now deliver services to extramural students it previously contracted to EXMSS, as it wants students to have uninterrupted access to services.

Students have been calling for a SGM to get rid of Ms Chapman since the EXMSS train wreck started in April , but the secretary, Anne Palmer, refused to convene meetings.

Since April, Ms Chapman has dismissed  the society’s vice president, dissolved the executive, attempted to trespass   the dismissed vice present from  campus, and EXMSS offices, then called in lawyers and unsuccessfully attempted to put a restraining order on him. She also increased her part time salary by $30,000,  to  $53,000. She then fired her communications manager Adam Dodd, and co-opted her mates onto the executive to “pass budgets”. 

This has outraged students and  attracted the attention of the Manawatu Standard in an editorial.

Ms Chapman replaced Mr. Dodd with Dan Scott, a good friend of newly employed staffer Tammy Crompton , whom she employed during the dispute without executive approval. EXMSS staff members also removed and banned  more than 300 members from the EXMSS Facebook page, set up to assist extramural students, and promoted Mr Scott and Ms Crompton to admins. All staff are paid through contracts for services with Massey University, funded by compulsory student services levies.

Members then started their own closed Facebook page and are arranging a SGM on October 19 in an attempt to overthrow Ms Chapman.  EXMSS refused to convene a requested meeting when a letter, with 28 names and student IDs , was forwarded to Mrs Palmer asking her to convene a SGM.  Ms Chapman says the letter was not valid as it was not signed by all 28 people – then promptly banned 27 of them from membership of the  EXMSS Facebook page.

That’s because the other on the list, Nat Tate, was a fake, and added his name to the list of SGM supporters by corresponding through a fake Facebook page.

Some EXMSS members believe that “Nat Tate’s” Facebook page was created by Dan Scott and/or JV Chapman at the EXMSS offices, to hijack students’ attempts to arrange an SGM and eavesdrop on discussions.

Massey University has confirmed the person supplied a fake ID number on the SGM letter as evidence of membership. After the letter was sent to Ms Palmer, “Nat Tate” tried to withdraw his name from the list before he was kicked out of the closed Facebook group. He then tried to rejoin three times in one day.

One member who signed the SGM letter telephoned Ms Chapman to challenge her on the removal of a third of the members of the EXMSS Facebook page. Her own personal Facebook page was hacked within 48 hours, and transferred onto the “Nat Tate” Facebook page , and pictures of semi-clad women were posted. The page is now suspended.

That same week  the former vice president’s semi anonymous twitter account was impersonated, adding his full name and including a profile photo  as viewed in messages within the closed Facebook group.

Some students have said they believe that the impersonation was initially done within EXMSS.  It is understood that Massey University is aware of the impersonations and has been fully aware of issues within EXMSS.

Massey registrar Sandi Shillington’s position  until  yesterday was that EXMSS should conduct itself within relevant laws, and the issues were “not a matter for Massey University” and  the university could not step in.

Massey University has now apparently decided, after six months of dilly-dallying, that it is a matter for the university to the extent that it does not want to fund the embattled association any longer.

When Massive Magazine editor Morgan Browne rang Ms Chapman this afternoon to put some questions to her, she ranted, “leave me alone, you dumb bitch!” then hung up.


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  • blokeintakapuna

    yep – she certainly looks like a seasoned trougher – and far from a starving one at that!
    The bitch needs some public humiliation – and a Whale spanking will deliver it just nicely.
    Nice shootin’ Tex!

  • Which branch of the Labour Party does JC Chapman belong to, and is she an example of the kind of women that Labour is seeking to promote via the man-ban?

  • Mickrodge

    The thing that shits me the most about studying at university is the outrageous Student Services Levy (SSL). Currently at VUW its $670 a year which, without any investigation is a kick in the plums to anyone funding themselves through uni but, after observing some of the tossed up fucked up self serving fiefdoms that these levies go to fund it just amounts to a fucking lolly scramble for every trougher in town with a sense of entitlement to other peoples money.

    Cunts the lot of them.

    • Rosie Orr

      Im at massey, studying via distance. The extra fees i paid this year (outside of paper fees) totalled $250.

      • Dave

        All for her salary rise, hope you receive value from her massive increase in salary. Suggest you write to her, asking what the increase was for, and what extra value she will bring to the table from the increase.

  • ConwayCaptain

    Looking at her is she related in any way to Dr Cat Pause

  • OT Richter

    Why isn’t it called MESS? Nepotism gives me the shits.

  • cows4me

    She doesn’t run the Palmerston North branch of QTopia by any chance?

  • James Growley

    It is an Incorporated Society and whilst a “Special General Meeting” is mentioned several times, there is no mechanism in their rules on how anyone can call for such a meeting, which begs the question – how did the registrar pass the rules?

  • Rat

    big tits

    • Richard McGrath

      Get yer tits oot for th’ luds!

  • RightOfGenghis

    Someone has to ask why students are funding this thing when membership is optional and they have nothing to offer. A fool and his money…

    • Debbie

      When I was studying at Massey, there was nothing voluntary about Exmss membership whatsoever. So whether one was a fool, or not, one had no choice but to part with one’s money. I presume nothing has changed.

    • RightOfGenghis

      I might be wrong but this looks voluntary to me…

      When you enroll for your 2013 paper(s) you have the option, in the online enrollment process, to join EXMSS for a minimal cost of $15. Click below to find out about the benefits of being a member

  • Glenn Peoples

    Thank God for Voluntary Student Association membership.