Raw unedited footage: driver crashing, then fleeing scene

Some hours ago, in Atlanta, USA.


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  • Rodger T

    You`re not supposed to sample the merchandise ,dude.

  • cows4me

    That’s not fozzie’s ute ?

  • Azeraph

    That’s a meth out. stop on the motorway, nae nae’s. I thought this was an advert.

    • Falling asleep goes against what I’ve heard about meth. He could have been a type 1 diabetic having a hypo. More to the point, why did that fat useless fuck not pul the keys out when he had the chance? some people have no brains.

    • Tom

      Yep. Guy I worked with not so long ago did the same. Had been up for three days, went out to get more gear, nodded off and smashed a parked car. Got nicked for possession class A etc. The fun really started for him when the really nice people who had ticked him up a couple of grand’s worth of crack, (which the police had confiscated obviously) wanted some money please chop chop.

      Ain’t meth a grand old hoot of a time

  • Hazards001

    Fucking smacked out meth head.

    Still whaddafuck..legalise cannabis and it will all be good…yeah?

    • Muffin

      I see what you are getting at but weed is so easy to buy anyway not sure that decriminalising it will actually change the supply demand dynamic, just stop the needless court cases and convictions etc

  • disqus_cTYPCkCVDM

    Most likely post-ictal phase of an epileptic seizure, a bit unfortunate

    • Hazards001

      Good point..and I should have taken that into consideration. (not a doc…did date a grand mal epileptic many years ago) And also am aware diabetics have been confused as drunk drivers or users also.

      Doesn’t change my philosophy on drugs.

      • Rimutaka

        Unless you include alcohol and tobacco under your drugs philosophy that post is nothing but pure hypocrisy. So you’re for banning alcohol then.

        • Hazards001

          On ya bike hoon head.

  • Rasputin

    It’s clearly an epilectic fit. The question being, should you ban all drivers with epilepsy?

    • Hazards001

      As I said above…and she was banned from obtaining a drivers licence in NZ more than 20 years ago. And she personally approved of the logic behind it.

      Me…I wasn’t so sure.

  • drummerboy

    they didn’t stop him? bet they took photos on their smart phones though haha. hope he is ok

  • Col

    Should have taken the keys out?

    • Hazards001

      Before or after they checked if he had a gun and a violent history? Those guys are paid by the state to throw a bit of petrol in your car or give you a tow to get you out of harms way(started by good Samaritans and picked up by any number of States). They’re not trained cops or Ambos.

      Most likely they are making just over min wage.

      • Col

        Point taken?