Could this be like Len Brown?


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  • Col

    Now that’s what I call a relationship, and that’s what Lenny should have done, thought about it, but didn’t do it, he could have made himself happy, in the bathroom.

  • Bart67

    Lyin Len Brown is Mayor Diamond Jim Quimby, and I claim my chocolate fish!

    From Wikipedia!

    ” Quimby is known as a womanizer, and occasionally amuses himself with pornographic playing cards during town meetings. Quimby was once the subject of 27 separate paternity suits. One of the women he impregnated is Cookie Kwan, whose baby is remarkably similar to Quimby in both looks and mannerisms. Quimby also is frequently noticed in bed with the same or similar blonde woman/women, at least one of whom was Miss Springfield.”
    And don’t forget the Monorail fixation!
    The picture below is the aforementioned Miss Kwan. Life imitating art much!