Could the rest of the world invade CONUS?

The short answer is no, and the chances are not even likely…remote is even too brave as description.

VICE has the long answer.

First of all you have to assume that the uS has lost its nuclear capability…let’s assume that.

So, once the nuclear capabilities are down, what could an invasion of the US look like?
The US is the sole country in the world that has the capability to project force across the globe on a large scale. The combined military air- and sea-lift capability of the rest of the world would be insufficient to even get a foothold on the continental United States. The amphibious assault capability of the world’s militaries, excluding the United States, is simply too small.

That means the adversary would have to seize and use civilian aircraft and ships not designed for nonpermissive environments. These ships would require secure bases in Canada and Mexico, since they lack the capability to deliver forces onto unimproved shores. Thus, any attempted invasion of the US would first look like a rather motley caravan of vulnerable civilian ships and aircraft.

If these forces managed to avoid US attacks and build up, they could then launch an attack over land. 

In other words, it is bordering on impossible.

The primary problem here is geography. Just as the vast Russian steppe swallows armies, so would the oceans that surround the US. No matter the manpower or armament, it must be delivered across the Pacific and Atlantic in order to be brought to bear. This is where US naval and air power would destroy any adversary, far before they sullied the US shore.

And this is where you meet the second primary problem, which is technology. There are not enough aircraft carriers and amphibious warfare ships in the combined navies of the world to force an entry past the US Navy. There are not enough attack fighters to gain air superiority against the US Air Force.
This is how amazingly out of balance the military might of the world is today.

Go ahead…make their day…to paraphrase Clint Eastwood.



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  • maninblack

    bugger attempting that.

  • Who’d want to invade anyway , imagine the Social Welfare bill M8!

  • tspoon

    Way to miss the point. The US has already been successfully invaded. California is gone, now a northern province of Mexico.

    • Oh well, they’ll never take the United States of Texas!

  • James Howlett

    I’ve just finished re-reading World War Z where the US (among others) had to radically rethink its war strategy in the face of millions of zombies. It’s actually a great read if you can purge the image of a globe trotting Brad Pitt from your mind. Full disc – have not seen the movie.

  • thor42

    The US? Not yet.

    The UK and Europe? Definitely – it is happening now – they’ve opened the immigration floodgates and millions of Muslims have flooded in. The governments have already been subverted and “dhimmified”.

    • johnbronkhorst

      I read somewhere once. That during the cold war, without a nuclear deterent. Europe could have been over run by the Eastern block within 3 weeks!

      • sandynobb

        The NATO joke was that German villages were 3 kilotons apart.

  • johnbronkhorst

    With Canada on the North, the point of entry via Alaska and Mexico (as in the movie) is too narrow considering the size of armed forces on each side.
    Thermopoly (film “300”) springs to mind.
    Let alone getting your troops to Mexico to achieve it…through the Caribean, they would be ambushed at every stage as the sailed through. Across the Pacific same result as the stepps of Russia.
    Through Alaska, surprise is mooted as their is a sizable buffer between Alaska and the continental USA ….called Canada!
    EDIT: oops forgot the Atlantic…….They would need to wade through NATO!
    So the Russians can’t do it and it is even more problematic for the Chinese.

  • GazzW

    Why invade? China is already quietly converting the USA into a financial colony.

    • johnbronkhorst

      They definitely need to STOP borrowing from the Chinese.

      • GazzW

        The total US national debt just about equates to the total amount of Chinese investment in the US. About $3 trillion I believe and I stand to be corrected. Sure, that’s a very simplistic way of looking at it but it has a lot of relevance.

      • James Howlett

        How does the saying go? If you owe the bank a million bucks you work for the bank – but when you owe the bank a couple trillion the bank works for you?

    • Sponge

      Dead right. There is more than one way to skin a cat.

  • cows4me

    Why the need to invade, the way they are going at the moment they’ll destroy themselves without the need of any foreign help.

  • thehawkreturns

    The USA is ALREADY being invaded by people who place their adherence to the doctrines of an evil misogynist cult above any loyalty to the USA or its Constitution.

    2010 U.S. Religion Census shows Islam was the fastest growing religion in
    America in the last 10 years, with 2.6 million living in the U.S.
    today, up from 1 million in 2000.
    There are over 1200 mosques in the USA.
    Just like Europe or will the Americans react in time?

    • Mr_V4

      That includes it’s “political class”.

  • Mr_V4

    “I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves
    me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. . . .
    corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption
    in high places will follow, and the money power of the country
    will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices
    of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands
    and the Republic is destroyed.”

    —U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, Nov. 21, 1864