Your reward for filling in the census forms: One less Scum List MP

It seems the quickest way for us to reduce the number of list MPs in parliament is through net immigration and an increasing birth rate.

You know what you  have to do.

When you’re done, read this

New Zealand will have a new electorate next election, following new data from the census released today.

The number of people living in New Zealand on census night was 4,242,048, which was 214,101 more than at the last census seven years ago.

The increase in population means that at the general election next year there will be 71 electorates, with one new North Island electorate, up from 47 at the last election.

The number of Maori electorates will stay at seven, and the number of general electorates in the South Island is fixed at 16 by the Electoral Act 1993.

“Adding this new electorate means there will be one less list seat in the 120-seat parliament – excluding any overhang seats,” MacPherson said.

Of course, there isn’t a silver cloud without a dark lining  

Speaking from Bali where he is attending the Apec conference, Prime Minister John Key said he had not seen details but it was likely the new electorate would be in Auckland.

“I’ve heard there’ll be at least one or two, and it’s likely there will be certainly in Auckland – the way population growth has been – and I would have thought on the North Shore…”

He said that would likely have an effect on his seat of Helensville, Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully’s seat of East Coast Bays and Defence Minister Jonathon Coleman’s Northcote seat.

The general electoral population is 2,867,110 for the North Island and 954,871 for the South Island. The Maori electoral population for New Zealand is 420,990.

This is the first information released from the 2013 Census – the official count of how many people and dwellings there are in New Zealand.

“It’s been seven years since the last census and a huge number of people and organisations – including central and local government, businesses, iwi, and community groups – are eagerly waiting for this information. It is also an important part of the electoral process,” MacPherson said.

“The population number is lower than New Zealand’s estimated resident population, as it doesn’t include New Zealand residents overseas at the time of the census or the estimated number of people who didn’t complete the census. This shows the value of checking our population periodically with the census,” she said.

“It has been our top priority to complete this work so that the Representation Commission can use it to determine the electorate boundaries and the location and name of the new electorate.”



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  • Blue Tim

    The fall out from Christchurch earthquakes will be interesting on how the Chch, Selwyn, Waimak and bottom of Kaikoura Electorates will look too. Now all we need is to reduce the total number of MPs’ to less than 100 and we’d get ride of more scum list MPs. Time for a Citizens Referendum. Might get Dr Norman on to it

    • Mr_Blobby

      99 Actually the first party to get 51 seats, 1 required for speaker, is the Government. Better still as the speaker is supposed to be independent have a separate vote, let the people decide who is to look after the kindergarten.

      Dump MMP it is not representative at all, at least drop the number of list scum places to reduce the likely hood of dumped MP’s sliding back in on the party list

      Get rid of the race based seats that are causing the overhang, one man one vote at the moment Maori are over represented in the house, making one Maori vote worth 2 from the rest.

  • ConwayCaptain

    If the electorate is on the N Shore then it will be a National Seat I would think.
    Any is S Akl could be a toss up as you have Pakuranga and Otara close to each other.
    I think there should be an INCREASE in electorate seats nation wide and a decrease in SCUM list MPs.

  • Col

    I noticed Christchurch East had a decline of pop by 17% due to the earthquake, did Lianne know something and didn’t tell Poto. Be interesting what the vote for Labour will be, I predict it will be down,

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      According to Labour internal polling, Poto is at 65% of the popular vote. Curryleaf will be touting this as a victory against asset sales…..

      • Col

        Ok I have a beer on that, you say 65% anything less your buying.

        • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

          That is good. Now, do you admit defeat and say Poto is going to win? What happened to the theory National won the party vote etc??? The sooner you all realise there is Curryleaf popularity wave sweeping this country, the better it is !!

          • Col

            I always wait until the fat lady sings, anyway I will twist and turn to suit myself when the results are out.

    • AnonWgtn

      Whilst Lianne is stupid, of course she would have had a very good idea that the electorate had dramatically shrunk.
      She only had to drive around her Electorate to see the empty State houses.

      • Richard McGrath

        What’s the bet some of those empty state houses will still manage to register one or two Labour votes in 2014…

        • Col

          May be 3 or 4 votes per house, your on too something Richard, I bet you Lianne gets more votes from ChCh East as Mayor, due to all the stolen papers from the letter boxes!!!!!.

  • Phar Lap

    Talking about” list” seats.Take Lie-bours so called front bench.Most have no electorate.To make things even worse,should Lie-bour and green taleban and Peters party, get the treasury benches in 2014.Most of the MPs will be” list”,with no electorate seats.The voters will have no say ,as” list” MPs are employed by their party’s.Surely to run a country,any party should have to have at least a certain number of electorate MPs.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Phar Lap – That is MMP. People have spoken and elected Curryleaf and smelling hippie Norman. So get on with life. Your turn will come again in 2026.

      • Phar Lap

        Hope you are not a handwringer.SCK.

        • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

          Once I knew Curryleaf is unstoppable, I have accepted him as the messiah and my life is peaceful now….

          • Phar Lap


  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Another seat to add to Curryleaf’s majority folks!

  • Andy

    Independence for the South!

  • Arran Hunt

    Why is another seat on the North Shore a dark cloud? Seems like one of the best places to have a new seat.

  • Alex

    New seat will be Albany… where Colin Craig lives. He will be jumping for joy