Rodney Hide on benefits

Rodney Hide slays some sacred cows in regard to welfare benefits.

Which, while we are talking about it..Why do we call them benefits? It is certainly no benefit for the poor ever paying taxpayer, nor to the government. I think one way to reduce welfare is to name the payments something nasty…

Anyway Rodney Hide exposes the myths and lies of welfare.

Our welfare state has proved both addictive and dangerous. It survives propped up by propaganda and disinformation.

For example, when Steve Maharey was in charge, he declared, “The widespread belief that most Domestic Purpose Beneficiaries are teenage mums who deliberately get pregnant to get a benefit is a myth.” He explained, “The typical DPB sole parent is female, in her mid 30s, with one or two children, who went on to the benefit because of a relationship breakdown”.

And, “The average duration for a sole parent on the DPB is about three and a half years”.

So that’s okay then. The DPB does not attract teenagers into a benefit trap. It’s mostly for women whose relationships turn sour. These women need temporary assistance to get back on their feet. They aren’t on the benefit for long. 

Sounds fair and reasonable doesn’t it…only a heartless, evil right winger should possibly be against those poor hard done by recipients in dreadful need because of a cad of a man leaving them destitute. Problem is the facts don’t fit the narrative.

The best [information] we have is a 2010 survey, Understanding Sub Groups of Sole Parents Receiving Main Benefits. That survey found that one-third of all welfare-dependent sole parents had become parents as teenagers. But that’s a minimum proportion: some first-born children may have already turned 18 before the 10-year study period began and do not appear on their parent’s benefit.

So at the minimum a third of all DPB recipients were teenage mums. It’s probably more like half. And it’s likely to be more than half for Maori. So much for the former minister’s claim that it’s a myth that teenagers have babies to collect the benefit.
Oh, and what about his claim that the average duration of time on the DPB is three and a half years? Too easy. Mr Maharey only considered continuous duration on the benefit. The large numbers who come on and off the benefit pull the average down dramatically.

A third or more are teenagers…looks like Maharey’s statements were very hollow indeed. There is newer information now…that really shows up the myths…or perhaps we should call them lies.

What we need to know is the expected total time on a benefit. Thanks to Social Development Minister Paula Bennett we have that information. We now get facts, not propaganda.

The just-released Taylor-Fry report, Actuarial Study of the Benefit System, found the “average future years on a benefit” for DPB recipients is 15.8 years. And they already have had some years in the benefit system. For teenage mums it’s 20 years.

So here’s what we know: more than a third of solo mothers entered welfare as teenagers. Their expected time in the benefit system is 20 years.

It’s disinformation to report that the “typical” solo mother is in her mid 30s, has one or two children, is in the system for only a brief period and is there because of a relationship breakdown.

Mr Maharey pushed his propaganda in a column in the Dominion Post, “Why We Need the DPB,” in 2001. Back then he was minister of social development. He is now vice chancellor of Massey University. His column is reported on Massey University’s website as an “academic output.”

Sounds like the kind of academic output David Cunliffe would claim on his CV.


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  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Fellows – Under the progressive government of Labour-Greens-NZ First-Mana, led by the great leader Curryleaf, all the benefits will be increased and could also become tax free. The additional funding will be provided by rich pricks’ tax. That is what we communists call “restoration of social justice”. Game over fellows.

    • Mr_Blobby

      “The average duration for a sole parent on the DPB is about three and a half years”.

      Lets accept that. How about we limit a persons benefit both DPB and Dole to say three and a half years in total.

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        What happens after three and half years? They are so vulnerable and that bleeds Curryleaf’s heart. They are entitled to other people’s money as long as they want. Social justice.

        • Mr_Blobby

          They have time to reflect on their stupidity.

    • ratesarerevolting

      It is game over Lyin Len brown the cunt of all cunts is back to fuck Auckland’s finances while raping the ratepayer.

      Maurice Williamson you are a coward and a fucking cunt !

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        Yes he is. Along with all of National party.

      • Mr_Blobby

        Maurice could have possibly pulled it off, certainly better than Palimo, I think junior missed out.

  • Mr_Blobby

    20 Years, thought you went odd the benefit when the child turned 18. Sounds like state sponsored prostitution to me.

  • Edwin Wigmore

    If I was benign dictator of NZ for a day I would immediately bring the DPB back to what it was originally intended as – a temporary back stop only for woman who could prove they were seriously in danger if they stayed with their husband.

    For those looking to retire at 18 – tough bickies.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Labour are trying to create a production line of dependant voters through the encouragement of welfare breeding programmes to those cultures where the larger ones family is, the greater the status or Mana.

    It’s nothing less than a long-term, inter generational, racially profiled and targeted election bribe.

    For the deliberate “grooming” of vulnerable ethnicities they have deliberately targeted, I think there should be laws against it. Especially since in 2013, the World is fully cognisant of the fact that Socialism has failed everywhere… And will fail even faster to catastrophic proportions if attempting to implement it where a free market economy has been working well and performing best in the OECD across numerous metrics.

    Besides; the only way Charity can happen is through successful individuals making enough money as to be able to give some of it away. (Think The Gates Foundation and the Billions donated by them and Buffet) That could never happen with Socialism.

  • Pissedoffyouth

    How about this? You have 6 months for your whole life in unemployment benefits.

    • Honcho

      Make it similar to the Japanese system wheee it is my understanding it is linked to your former taxable income, much the same as ACC, a safety net that should keep anyone ticking over until they can sort themselves out.

      • Meg

        In NZ you can get no assistance until all your pay and savings are gone.

        • Muffin

          Rubbish, if you have equity in a home they don’t force you to sell it immediately.

          • Graeme

            What about kiwisaver? can they tap into that before paying benefits?

          • Meg

            Don’t know about KS.

          • Meg

            I am talking about cash in the bank.

            Keep up.

          • Muffin

            What’s the difference idiot, it’s an asset just less liquid. You should leave the conversation to the adults, you obviously only know how to set a lesson from a text book.

        • FredFrog

          Bullshit. There are many on the DPB who go through a breakup, go straight on to the DPB, and only later get their half of the proceeds of the sale of the mutual house. They then conveniently “forget” to notify, and suck on the taxpayer tit for years.

    • Meg

      And if after 6 months of searching you have not gotten a job? Then…… what? On the street with you?

      • Pissedoffyouth

        Yes. In between jobs I’ve worked at a gas station etc, might not be what I need but at least shows other employers you’ll do whatever it takes to keen in a job.

        Or should people be able to stay unemployed for years?

        • Meg

          LOL, so you are willing to create a poverty epidemic because of your political views. Ahhh the right, More stupid than a sack full of hammers.

          • cows4me

            We’ve had decades of your liberal shit Meg, are poverty levels declining, are less going on the DBP, geez whose more stupid. Someone that does the same thing time after time and expects a different result or someone who may suggest a new path?

          • Patrick

            Poverty “epidemic.” What a load of tosspot nonsense. The above from Hide clearly demonstrates that people are choosing to breed as a career. 20 freakin years on the benny & a fair few have never contributed to the tax pool at all. I suspect neither have many of their parents.
            What we have in NZ is a welfare epidemic, the system is designed to hook people on welfare, assuring Labour of their vote because their very existence depends on Labour’s largess. When you are sitting navel gazing do you never ask yourself why the welfare state has grown so big, why it is such a monster. It was never designed to be what it is today, those who originally implemented the welfare state never ever envisaged that the medicine would become the poison that it is.

          • Paranormal

            Ah the stupidity of the bleeding hearted left. So wet you could drown in your sleep.

      • Goldie

        Unless there is a Great Depression – yes. Absolutely yes.

        When I left university in 1990 (when unemployment levels were much worse than today) I was unable to find a job I thought appropriate for a person with a degree. I spent a few months on the dole. Then I woke up and realised that I am an adult and responsible for my own life. So I took shit jobs making pizzas and cleaning toilets. Not much fun, but it got me enough money to retrain and I haven’t looked back.
        Anyone on the dole for more than 6 months is a bludger, sponging off my hard work.

        • Meg

          See above comment.

          • Paranormal

            Still haven’t woken up then Meg.

            You and your kind create more family misery than realistic people that recognise the only way out of poverty is hard work. The real poverty in this country is the poverty of human spirit.

      • cows4me

        Then you have another baby, do try and stay with the program Meg

      • James

        Plenty of work out there for people to do that isn’t currently being done. There are trees to plant, bush to restore, beaches to clean, graffiti to remove, reserves to tidy and all these people to organise. For the vast majority of pep there should be no welfare – instead there should be a community service obligation in return for minimal payment by the taxpayer.

  • I can’t help the observation that Maharey has been receiving the largesse of the state for considerably longer than 20 years.

    • Whanga_Cynic

      Yeah, you’re right – his Masters in Sociology has meant he’s been a teacher, followed by an Mp, followed by Massey. Not a real productive job there.

      • Patrick

        Probably turn up as the Minister of Finance shortly – like that other arrogant tosspot history teacher that spent like a drunken sailor.

        • Honcho

          The same guy who got knighted? after titular honours which he got rid of were reinstated after he was booted out? Hypocrites and self centred arseholes the lot.

  • Without the benefits there would be no potential for ‘vote farming’, would there? Imagine how hard it would be for Labia to get itself in to power without the ‘KFC’ supporters.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    When I was 31 I seperated and divorced. I kept the kids and the house. On my own with the 2 school age kids for 4 years. Equity in the property was such that I had to get a second mortgage at 22% to pay off the ex.The kids grew up and left the nest and now I have 3 grandkids. Now in a relationship that has lasted well

    I did not need or want any Benefit – I just worked and survived, I would not let anyone beat me. Now we are freehold and have a rental.

    These people on a Benefit need to get a life and do some work

  • Mr_V4

    Would Rodney care to comment on parliamentary welfare that he was more than happy to accept?

  • James

    Sounds like the sort of academic output I used to leave in the University toilets after a heavy night out.