Rodney Hide on the Green taliban

Rodney Hide points out in the Herald on Sunday that Greenpeace have only themselves to blame for the predicament of their pirates hooligans.

Greenpeace writes up the activists as a cross between Batman and Wonder Woman. And here’s the logic: Politics doesn’t work. We are powerless. Greed is dictating outcomes. Time is running out. We need to even the playing field. Give voice to the voiceless. We must act. That’s the propaganda of demagoguery. Greenpeace says its activists act with the “courage of their conviction” and “take full responsibility for their actions”. And that they “bend rules” and “push boundaries”.

Well, they may have bent one too many rules and pushed one boundary too far. It’s the Russian Government they have tangled with. It’s not known for being a soft touch. But not to worry, the activists have the “courage of their conviction” and “take full responsibility for their actions”.

That means accepting the consequences. That’s looking like a long spell in prison. That’s what it means when you put your “own personal liberty on the line”.

Of course, Greenpeace could do peaceful protest against Arctic drilling by standing outside the Russian Embassy. But that wouldn’t titillate the news. Such a protest would not be reported. Far better to be boarding a rig, with protest banners and embedded journalists. That’s news.

It is also likely to mean a spell in some pretty hard prisons. The Russians are immune to public relations campaigns.

And that’s money. Greenpeace is a multinational organisation that rakes in hundreds of millions of dollars. It does so by endless protest and always upping the ante to secure headlines. The Russian Government taking the Greenpeace 30 captive and charging them is gold to Greenpeace. It will give them continuous news coverage, endless opportunities to protest, and flood their coffers with donations. It doesn’t do anything to make the planet a better place. But then that’s not its point.

Greenpeace are corporate hypocrites.


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  • conwaycaptain

    All it needs is for the Russians to ban TV cameras and reporters from the trial. Only newspaper reporters and don’t give the larrikins any publicity.

  • terrynaki

    Love them Russians.Hope they do long sentences and keep them in the hardest prisons.

  • Statehousekid

    Yes the Russians do not fornicate with arachnids. 91,000 prisoners were taken at Stalingrad only 5000 returned home.

  • James Growley

    I guess in context then, Greenpeace HQ considers the 30 Muppet’s collateral damage in their quest for world dollars. Greenpeace should be called Codpiece……

  • Whafe

    I love telling the Greenpeace try hard collectors that I am right into drilling for oil etc etc. the looks on their faces is priceless

    • terrynaki

      Me too,they get so pissed and Im laughing at them,then tell them to go home Mummy has tea on the table.

  • AnonWgtn

    Greenpeace’s New Zealand political branch appear that all they want to do is destroy any future our children have in our Country.
    And they are proud of their ability to stop whatever goes against their activist wishes.
    The fact that Labour fawns to their wishes, for power above all things, will do Labour no good in the real future, whereby Greens and Labour will quickly, along with Labour’s Unions, destroy jobs as overseas owned business shut down, having no future under this regime.
    The dollar will devalue by about 30% in weeks following a Green/Labour Government.
    Great you say for exporters, but watch the prices for overseas imports crash up to a new high – the price of fuel oil will soar to $3 a litre minimum. All those electrical goods will soar – leaving retailers out of jobs as the prices will be prohibitive.
    Inflation will soar and mortgages will go to 12%.
    New Zealand’s future still remains a product for which we are one of the World’s best – rain falling on grass and the byproducts of that this brings. Good practices are occurring every day, but no – Greens thinks Cows and Sheep are anathema. They must be destroyed as they feel that they are destroying the planet Gaia.
    Currently Oil is our third largest export – destroy that they maintain. Don’t drill for gas either in case some ducks get hurt
    Don’t touch the snails on Denniston – what snails – have these people ever been to the other planet – Denniston. It is the most bleak other world which they should go for one hour and stand, on the windswept escarpment.
    There are no bloody snails – they cannot live there. Unless they have been salted there, which would not surprise me.
    It is becoming obvious throughout the world that Greenpeace, being a very rich organisation, paid for by sentimental nutters.
    They are consummate liars and cheats.
    Great on PR as the Russian saga has shown – they knew exactly what the PR results would be. Why should they care a stuff for their employees. Look what happened to the Adi Gill – did they care – not a stuff – good PR.
    And this is what New Zealand will sign up to next year.
    May God forgive New Zealand, but a country gets only the Government it deserves.
    We will see a new era in our country’s history of attempt, once destroyed the likes of which can never be recreated.
    And Labour will not be forgiven for this relationship. They have no policy, only innuendo, following the Greens.

  • MarcWills

    Tell the Greenpeace collectors you will donate generously if the money they collect will be used to send Lawless, Wussell, and Campbell to Saudi Arabia to make an ‘activist’ protest against the oil companies. Get a receipt though – you want to take the credit if they follow through.

    • AnonWgtn

      I ask for a balance sheet and a receipt – they look at me as though I must be mad (probably am anyway).

  • peterwn

    If I were the judge, I would give the captain 6 years, those who climbed on the rig and the photographer 5 years, senior crew 3 years, the rest 4 months. If some of the rest could convince the court that they tried hard to persuade the captain and climbers not to proceed (this is a defence to being party to a crime), I would acquit. IMO convictions for piracy and party to piracy charges would be available assuming NZ law (which latches into international law on piracy).

    As for the ‘Arctic Sunrise’ I would order what the Aussies do to foreign boats illegally fishing – burn them out off the coast at Darwin (rather Murmansk) and sell the remains for scrap.

    It must be of serious concern to Greenpeace, Gareth Hughes and his Green Party mates that many Kiwis are sticking up for the Russians over this. The Russian Ambassador and staff must be laughing their heads off.

  • Col

    I hear the captain is saying he got the wrong Rig, the navigator was an insider for Greenpeace, well it is worth a try!!!

  • timemagazine

    The environmental movement (Greens etc)was created by the Sowiet Union in the 60s and 70s to penetrate western governments, to influence and to destabilise them. How ironic it is today, to see them bite the hand that fed them for so many decades. Well done, comrades!

  • Rodger T

    Apparently Lucy the cupid stunt has launched a twitter war on Stephen Joyce,

    Maybe Alex the churnalist should google what “withering” means .

    • Patrick

      Emotive language sounds good – Lawless is demanding more taxpayer subsidies be used for her husbands company. Why don’t the MSM see it for what it is? She should be getting criticised for using her “celebrity” to enrich her husband.

  • Patrick

    In the immortal words of Mr Gordon Mathew Thomas Sumner (aka Sting) – slightly modified of course:

    In Europe and America, there’s a growing feeling of hysteria

    Conditioned to respond to all the threats

    In the rhetorical speeches of the Environmentalists

    Kumi Naidoo said we will bury you

    I don’t subscribe to this point of view

    It would be such an ignorant thing to do

    I hope the Russians smash the greenies too

    How can I save my little boy from Greenpeace’s deadly spin

    There is no sign common sense

    They are such a hypocritical bunch

    We share the same biology

    Regardless of ideology

    Believe me when I say to you

    I hope the Russians smash the greenies too

    There is no historical precedent

    For any of the doomsayers predicted events

    There’s no such thing as an eco warrior

    It’s a lie we don’t believe anymore

    They are all just socialists

    Protesting just to take the piss

    Believe me when I say to you

    I hope the Russians smash the greenies too

    We share the same biology

    Regardless of ideology

    What might save us, me, and you

    Is if the Russians smash the greenies too

  • Andy

    I heard that Greenpeace had tried a similar stunt a while back on a Russian Rig, that were let go on the understanding that they wouldn’t do it again. They do it again, and hey presto.