How about these rules Len? Do these apply to you?

Under Section 41.4 of the Local Goverment Act, Len Brown was a JP during the time he conducted certain activities which he has neither confirmed nor denied, apart from the admittance of the affair itself.


Len Brown says that the council code of ethics and code of conduct don?t apply to him? he thinks he is above every other mayor, councillor and community board member in the land in ignoring the code of conduct.

Well how about he explains his ethics and conduct to the Royal Federation of NZ Justices.

The good news about this approach is that the defensive shield he tries to use ?private life? is null and void. ?

The Royal Federation of NZ Justices?Code of Practice states:

The office of Justice of the Peace for New Zealand has powers and responsibilities that involve dealing with the private affairs and rights of individuals from all races, creeds and backgrounds and, as such, demands sensitivity, standards of performance in the role, and the maintenance of high standards in the private and working lives of Justices of the Peace.

Code of Ethics

Justices of the Peace shall:

2. maintain the integrity and dignity of the office through ethical conduct, good example, high standards of citizenship, and by not acting in a manner which is unlawful or likely to bring disrepute to the office of Justice of the Peace.

Code of Conduct

Justices of the Peace shall:

5. in the carrying out of duties of a Justice of the Peace disclose any interest or relationship likely to affect impartiality or which might create an appearance of partiality or bias, and refrain from participating in such circumstances.

Len Brown can try and weasel out of this one because he will say he was not acting as a JP when writing a reference. But his big problem is that he was acting as a mayor, and a Mayor is a JP, let’s see David Lewis spin him out of that one.

If he cannot? comply with the Code of Practice for a JP, it would seem? difficult that he can remain a mayor, unless S 41.4 ?of LGA is revoked.

There enough here to lay a complaint with The?Royal Federation of NZ Justices, there is a very long procedure which can tie somebody up for a long time, explained in a website link to Federation Policy.

Of course there is a by-pass to the The?Royal Federation of NZ Justices?if they think they can drag the chain on behalf of Len Brown.

I have had a look through legislation and there appears to be a short cut by complaining direct to the Minister of Justice under the provisions of the Justices of the Peace Act 1957.

The Minister can, if the complaint is upheld, order a section 5D order for counselling for Len.

That would be sweet, Judith Collins orders Mayor Brown to undergo counselling for masturbating in the office;

Or under section 5, may remove a JP for misconduct.

Let’s see what David Lewis says about this then.