Sanctimonious Chinese hypocrite gets mocked online

The Chinese government got on its high horse in the wake of the media manufactured Fonterra botulism scare. Their finger pointing even reached their president who used the APEC meeting to castigate John Key for food safety…even when there was no risk at all from the Fonterra scare.

Well, his own population set about mocking their president in social media.

It’s rare for Chinese citizens to laugh outwardly at their president. But when Xi Jinping appeared to scold his New Zealand counterpart over food safety during a face-to-face meeting in Bali on Sunday, the irony proved too delicious to ignore. 

During a short get-together ahead of this week’s Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum, Mr. Xi reminded New Zealand Prime Minister John Key that food safety mattered to people’s health,according to the official Xinhua news agency.

Xinhua said Mr. Xi “urged New Zealand to take tough measures to ensure food quality and thus maintain the sound momentum of economic and trade cooperation between the two countries.”

Chinese social media users, inundated on a monthly basis with reports of domestic food scandals, responded with a collective face-palm.

“The entire country is laughing,” wrote one user of the Twitter-like Sina Weibo microblogging service, where the news was greeted with an outpouring of animated guffawing emoticons.

The sanctimonious finger-wagging hypocrite got his beans.


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  • blokeintakapuna

    it always pays to remember that when pointing a finger at someone, you usually have 3 of your own pointing back at yourself…

    • Rusty B


  • Col

    Very interesting that Xi pointed the finger, I would say he was ill advised, as I thought between him and Key all would be ok.
    It shows here that NZ is regarded highly by Asian countries, and as we see the people of China have spoken, here we have the Chinese people pointing the finger at their own govt.

  • Blue Tim

    Won’t stop Damien and the lackies in the media reporting that the Chinese aren’t happy with NZ food safety

  • Team ENZ

    I avoided buying all canned and fresh foods from China, even though I love asian foods as I have seen how dubious their food prep and food safety standards (none) are, it is hypocritical for Xi to question our standards.No wonder he is a laughing stock at home and abroad,.

    • Whafe

      Agree totally. Have seen so many situations in China in the farming areas that make my skin crawl, and I have travelled the world fortuantly in regards to giving growers advice

  • Whafe

    I have done work with commercial vegetable growers in China…. Have seen so many situations of appalling food safety.
    All I can say is that, in regards to food safety, they should basically STFU until they move ahead in copious leaps and bounds re food safety!!!!!!!

    • Andy

      Give us some examples…DDT use, human shite as compost…

      • Martin White

        Yep I heard in some area’s human faeces are the only fertiliser available.

  • cows4me

    I had to laugh when Chinese authorities stated that Fonterra was on it’s final warning, fucking bullshit artists. Seems they are still happy to pay top dollar at auction, funny you would think a country on it’s finial warning would be somewhat shunned. Guess those paying the bills and buying the product don’t put much stock in what their authorities pontificate about.

  • Patrick

    Next they will be lecturing us on human rights.
    Seriously though if this Fonterra mess hadn’t happened we would be in a stronger position. Now about that unaccredited lab testing……

  • andrew carrot

    Watch out people; dumping on Xi will only result in this blog being taken down by the Chinese Army!