Saturday General Debate

What a week.  And it isn’t over yet.  At least most of us have a few days to gather our energies.

So, do you think the All Blacks will complete the Perfect Season tonight?

Is the Hansen 2013 All Blacks the best All Blacks team ever?

(or just start your own topic!  this is the daily general debate, after all)


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  • blokeintakapuna

    No wonder the Planners didn’t want Boobs on Bikes for Auckland!

    Len’s staunchest supporters claim he was set up in a “honey trap” that has led to his current predicament. Never mind it was him instigating it and carrying on for for over 2 years of deliberate, wilful deceit. That’s a rather inconvenient fact, so never mind it.

    But the planners could see what might happen if they allowed Boobs on Bikes… Lusty Lennie would be calling for scooters and hooters for everyone! Build more motorways!

    …and there goes the train set…and intensification.

    One things for certain, if it’s got wheels, tits or floats… It will give you grief and cost you a fortune.

  • Michael

    The 1905 Originals, 1924 Invincibles, the late 60s team, the 1987-1990 team that went unbeaten for 50 games, the 1994 first series win in SA, the 2011 World Cup team under Graham Henry (which this team is essentially the same).

    Now, which of those is the greatest remembering you have to allow for amatuerism, fitness/technology advances, rule evolution…

    • Salacious T Crumb

      It’s always hard comparing different eras. Personally I think it has been harder under professionalism as the NZRU doesn’t have nearly as much cash as the home unions. For mine, I will regard this current era as the greatest owing to the RWC win, back to back RC’s and the contribution of some of the greatest players to have donned a black jersey. If they can knock off the next RWC that would seal it.

      • Michael

        Richie McCaw and Dan Carter are two of the best rugby players in history, they deserve to be ranked alongside Colin Meads and George Nepia in the debate over who is the greatest All Black ever.

        This team can be the best ever if they go back to back at the RWC, but they can’t afford to fall away (or get too aged) like the 1991 All Blacks did.

      • Morrissey

        Really? You’re proud of that tainted “win”? You need to watch the game again, this time when you’re sober….

    • James Howlett

      You mean ’96 series win in SA rather than ’94 mate. I lean towards that 87-90 team: a World Cup followed up with dominating for years. Current team have the World Cup and have dominated since – give them another year or so and we can perhaps compare.

  • Steve R

    Who else is looking forward to kimi and Ferdinand in the same team next year hahaha

  • andrew johnson

    So let me get this straight. Palino meets with Bevan Chuang , late at night , in a car park the night after the election under cover of darkness and Slater Snr would have us believe that the meeting was arranged for a bit of “general chit chat” …….Blinks….. Yeah sounds legit. Let us mark this week as the week the Tea Party round into town

    • Salacious T Crumb

      Why not throw a “teapot” in there as well. Another fine example of balanced reporting by the media.
      Larry Williams summed it up nicely last night. “The response by some sectors of the media and particularly the left, has been nothing short of vile”.

      • Larry did a good job last night. That little snot that talks a million words a minute Tim Watkin was having a good ol’ sook about the amount of details released and making journalists look bad blah blah.

        • Pissedoffyouth

          Did anyone capture the audio?

          • Nope.

          • Hazards001

            You wouldn’t have wanted to hear it. I nearly punched the radio listening to Wilkins lefty whining. He was fucking near blubbering with indignation.

    • greg

      What ever drew,,,,,,,,Brown’s hands are still sticky.

    • Lion_ess

      I suppose you want to believe Len was going to confess, and these other rascals have beaten him to it and stolen his thunder.

      • And a 2 year affair was a simple one off mistake.

      • andrew johnson

        Quite the opposite. Brown is a douche bag for selling out the wharfies

        • Lion_ess

          “…… Is a douche bag”. Full stop.

        • blokeintakapuna

          The wharfies sold themselves out and short when abdicating their personal rights to MUNZ – who in turn used them as political pawns, holding the Port and Auckland to ransom until their demands were met.

          Since then, the competing Union seems to have cannibalised MUNZ. Membership… But that wouldn’t have been possible had everyone been satisfied with MUNZ.

          • Morrissey

            You don’t seem to know what you are talking about.

          • blokeintakapuna

            Quite the contrary…. And the tens of Millions of dollars in lost revenue the unions inflicted on PoAL and Auckland would also confirm it.

          • Morrissey

            The unions “inflicted tens of millions of dollars in lost revenue”? Please expand on that remarkable claim.

    • Macca

      Of course Andrew, didn’t you realise?! It was Palino’s hand that played with Lying Lens cock under his desk and also Palino’s cock that was rooting this woman on the boardroom desk – so it must have been all Palino’s fault!
      Fuck me, you snivellers from the left should listen to yourselves – get a grip of yourself…..Len will show you how!

      • andrew johnson

        No argument here. Brown has to go. The thing im enjoying is how the whole thing is exploding and fucking magnificently too! The body count keeps going up. First Luigi Wegege [you couldnt make that name up] has to run and hide under a rock when Chuang exposes him and what hes been up to and then poor old Palino couldnt get his arse to the airport quick enough lest someone finds him and sticks a mic in his face and asks just what were you doing meeting Chuang in a dark car park at 10.30pm the day after the election? When pressed about this meeting , the best John Slater can come up with is “they were having a chit chat” A FUCKING CHIT CHAT! He should have said they were hatching a plan to make Jerusalem the capital of a reunited Palestine, it would have sounded more fucking plausible. Im from CHCH – I couldnt give a fuck about Len Brown , im just enjoying the circus , Cameron the Ringmaster has lost control of his monkeys and i didnt even have to pay to get in

  • Andy

    Any posts/comments on the John Banks scandal?. Looks like he has form here too.

  • Blokeintakapuna

    Does Central Government need to step into Auckland governance now or launch Corruption investigations?

    For the sake of “perception” alone, they should. And we know Cunliffe will support all moves to ensure transparency and to give the correct “perception” Especially over the welfare and governance of NZ’s largest metropolis.

    But the real reason is possible corruption. Len has been caught with his pants down, by not only the security guard in Council rooms… But perhaps by his closest support team also, who might be taking advantage of the Mayor in a compromised position with his trousers around his ankles.

    His support team will fall broadly into 2 camps. The 1st will not be aware of anything untoward going on. But it’s the 2nd camp Auckland and Central Government should be focused on. The small group of complicit individuals close to the Mayor that knew of the affair, would have either knowingly or unknowingly helped him carry on his deceit for over 2 years, so who knows what “favours” they received in return for their silence and assistance.

    All I know is my rates have increased by considerably more than 10%, services have certainly reduced… And ACC now has plenty more individuals earning over $100K

    How many of those are in Lennie’s “inner circle”?

  • Michaels

    Is anyone else having a bit of trouble with this site? The last week it seems to not refresh, opens up in unusual ways and generaly just not perfroming as it normally does.
    Are there some dirty little lefties trying to cause problems?

    • It has been explained in a previous post a day or 2 ago. It is due to the high amount of traffic we’ve been experiencing this week thanks to Pants Down Brown.

    • Col

      May be DOTCON playing with you.
      I had this problem when Lenny hit WO but all seems to be ok since.

    • Steve (North Shore)

      Clear the Temp cache

    • Use -F5 to force the cache to refresh

  • Lion_ess

    Central Government should step in to send a message to these “out of control” Local authorities and their gormless leaders that they’re accountable for the performance of their organisations. Some performance objectives and benchmarks would need to be produced – I don’t know that there are any that measure how well a council has performed. There should also be limits put of how much debt they can incur before being forced to operate within their means.

  • blokeintakapuna

    So it’s not if, but when… So should we have a sweepstake on the timing of his “reluctant resignation”?

    I think it will either be before Church this Sunday, or early next week once the full impact has sunk in and he realises that no matter how he tries to spin events, circumstances, perceptions, fault, blame or anything else… His reputation is now in tatters making the role of leading NZ’s largest city untenable by an individual capable of such on going deception.

    Gone by lunchtime Tuesday…

    • Col

      I like Fridays.

    • GazzW

      A bye-election is the only possible outcome to ensure stable governance for the next three years. Brown has no moral claim whatsoever to the mayoralty and is not fit to represent our city no matter what spin his PR people and their compliant media serfs put on the situation.

      • blokeintakapuna

        He’s even more of a lame duck now than Mallard is.

    • LinkinHawk

      depends how long it takes for the other several women he has bonked to come foreword with there salacious tales .

  • hookerphil

    First Test I ever saw was in 1958 and Australia won when no one expected them to – this is a dead rubber and now quite a new team, if they win really well they are certainly well on the way to greatness if they bookend World Cups.

  • Salacious T Crumb

    No need BIT. The SFO are already there having a wee chat to some nice chaps from Auckland Transport.

    While you’re there boys……..

    • GazzW

      Images come to mind of Nazis in 1945 frantically burning incriminating records in the bunkers of Berlin. Hard drives are not so easy to dispose of.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    The Nation. Rachel v WhaleOil – ha!

  • Couple of great pics from Wired ….

    Mars crater rim

    Saturn from above

  • blokeintakapuna

    Could some Financial Guru please tell, is this how our financial system works too? Cheers! Paging The Owl…

  • Hazards001

    Did anyone see in yesterdays Horrid the expose on Auckland Transport looking to change the colour of street signs from the current Teal Green to Blue?

    Or is Blue to Green?
    Fucking seriously? Who the FUCK cares?

    How many millions would that cost? There is some shiny arsed jobsworth being paid by us that is exploring this bullshit and the pricks are daft enough to do it!

    There needs to be some accountability in that outfit.
    Corrupt bunch of c*#t’s.

  • Steve (North Shore)


    I just ordered 5 tee shirts that say ‘Whale Oil Beef Hooked”
    Are you man enough to order and wear one?