Sauce doesn’t apply to Brown’s goose, it’s cooked nonetheless

If you were a corporate boss who ran one up the staff, or a Navy chief who screwed the crew you’d be sacked…not so Len Brown…he thinks the rules don’t apply to him.

Employment relations experts though say in the corporate world similar cases would result in Len Brown’s sacking.

Brown won;t speak, is in hiding and still the scandal rolls on. Sooner or later he is going to have to front and the media are going to ask about his double standards…the “Brown Standard”.

They will especially ask about the senior Council manager currently on gardening leave pending an investigation into his screwing of the crew.

Employment relations experts have weighed in on the Len Brown case, with some saying if he was employed as a chief executive on one of New Zealand’s major listed companies he would be fired.

Susan Hornsby-Geluk, partner at Dundas Street Employment Law said there would be a “strong likelihood” that Brown would be asked to stand down by the board of directors if the same behaviour occurred in a private company, more so if he led a public department.

“One of the critical issues would be if the other party was a subordinate, then it would be wholly incompatible with the objectives of the chief executive of a company,” Hornsby-Geluk said.  

The power issue here is immense…the elephant in the room really…and one Len Brown can’t or won’t speak about. I wonder what people would say if it was found a second person inside the council auspices was also involved…is it still a “private” matter then?

“Another issue would be employee [chief executive] judgment. Whether the employer was concerned by the judgment applied by him,” she said.

Unlike Brown, who is accountable to Auckland voters, chief executives have accountability to a board of directors.

Peter Cullen, the principal of Cullen Employment Law, said although an affair was “dangerous”, it might not result in instant dismissal because a board would take a holistic view of the employee’s work.

“I don’t think it’s fatal or necessarily a moral issue, a board will look past that.”

Another employment expert who would not be named, said if the affair was outside of the workplace with a non-employee, the likelihood of Brown being fired simply for his infidelity would not fly.

“If the CEO is having an affair, that’s nobody’s business but their family. If it’s in the Ngati Whatua room of the Town Hall with a staff member, that’s another matter,” he said.

However, employers such as Forsyth Barr and the New Zealand Navy have recently been found to have acted legally in dismissing employees, of lower status than Brown, for incidents such as road rage and an intra-office affair.

The double standards that Brown is claiming are astonishing.


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  • Nick

    FFS cut to the chase and post the affidavits of the string of bevies he has apparently wooed :)

    • Garbageman

      Na draw it out, look at all the carnage and cover-ups so far personally im all tingly with anticipation of whos next

      • alien

        personally speaking the longer this is dragged out the more bored of it I become and the more skeptical i become of those dragging it out.

      • philbest

        Cam is following the Breitbart playbook on this. Let Brown’s enablers, including the MSM, show their true colours meanwhile.

        I bet there is a kind of “Daley Machine” (Google it) in full swing in Dorkland right now trying to “heavy” all possible compainants into silence. This machine is what needs to be outed.

  • Toryboy

    It should also be noted that no National MP (correct me if I am wrong) stood up in Parliament this week and criticised Len Brown for his behaviour and demanded he resign, or the Labour party for rallying to his defence.

    The silence from National MPs about right and wrong has disappointed me; I hope a certain bible bashing MP from Auckland will never again mention his ‘strong Christian faith’ (which, apparently, applies only to encouraging homophobia, not condemning adultery)

    • alien

      and so neither party should as it has nothing to do with central politics.

      • Chancey

        except it was central government who foisted the Local Government act on us

      • Patrick

        Don’t entirely agree, Brown is most definitely a Labour operative & their machine would have assisted in getting him elected.

        • AnonWgtn

          Nah – he was on an Independent Ticket, standing in from of a Labour Banner.

          • James

            Independent my arse; the sooner we get some fraud trials for misrepresentation the better as the number of politician wannabes frauduLENtly (sorry) misrepresenting themselves as independent is one of the main reasons people don’t bother voting in local body elections. None of my extended family voted for councillors because none of us could work out what they stood for.

    • Brendon Taylor

      All National MPs will have been told to make no comment whatsoever, because it would be seen as supporting the so called conspiracy against Len. Labour MPs would have been told the same because they want to keep their ally in place, & they would be keeping there mouths shut anyway, because non of them would want their skeletons exposed, which I am sure both male & female, they all have, because, & I have always said this, that people in power have always used other people as the rungs on which they have stepped on, on the ladder to success.

      • Toryboy

        Yes, well, it’s still disappointing.

    • Patrick

      Yes but there may be a few National MPs looking over their shoulders as this whole saga has the potential for high numbers of collateral damage. By the sounds of it Parliament is like a colony of rabbits on viagra.
      In my opinion the knock out punch needs to be delivered as the longer the fight goes on the more points are being accumulated by Brown’s side staying in the ring, before you know it he will come out on top in a points decision & “the right” risks being damaged, MSM are already painting this as some right wing conspiracy, tomorrows NZ Herald “exclusive” with Luigi the wee wedge will be interesting. I am picking if he feels Palino has deserted him then he will try to drop a cluster bomb & look for utu. Any further revelations of scheming between the Slaters & National aligned people would be a bad look.

  • Chancey

    “For Len, the grim reaper isn’t a board of directors, it’s the ballot box.”

    so lets have a ballot then

    • AnonWgtn

      No – many Labourites will be still “encouraged” to vote him back in.

  • Dumrse

    A cooked goose is most likely brown. Unlike me, I’m white, from the top of my head to the bottom of my toes except for my arse which is Brown…

  • nudgy

    The fact that Lenny has stayed in the bunker for so long is a sure sign he is a very worried man. He is a thick skinned brazen egotist who would be out swinging if he had even a thread of a hope of bluffing his way out of this. Power corrupts Lenny Boy and you now have to pay the price. Get it over and done with you coward and spare your family the ever escalating embarrassment they are having to endure.

    • philbest

      Yeah, he’s become used to the MSM being his publicity department and propaganda department on matters of policy, so why not on his “private life” as well?

  • hunk4hire .

    Len has always appreciated a nice piece of tail. I think that’s evident from his cavalier and reckless behavior with Ms Chung. Meeting her in large, busy hotels, leaving room keys at reception to be picked up by his mistress and humping in the Town Hall itself, are the sort of antics typical of a man accustomed to “playing away” and getting away with it. Hardly the furtive, paranoid behavior of a first-time cheater looking anxiously over his shoulder trying to cover his tracks.

    • AnonWgtn

      Still would make a great Porn movie with the real actors and actresses.

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    Len Brown must be thick as pig shit because of the hints that have been dropped as to who is going to spill the beans on another sordid betrayal of his wife. If he isn’t thick ( lol ) I would suggest he just doesn’t care what is going to come out in the press and thinks he can beat the rap. Come on, just flush the loo and let the shit flow.

  • Col

    Lenny, you are not made of Teflon, but you are veryyyyyyy slippery, you can take that as you want. Take the Walk Lenny.

  • James Growley

    There is an old saying that I think applies here “Give him enough rope and he will hang himself”………

  • cows4me

    If anything Mr Brown should be more accountable than those in private enterprise. He’s the face and leader of Auckland. How can he meet and greet, do business, sign contracts etc, he has no honour and the longer he refuses to budge it just makes him look like someone with a severe case of entitlementitus

    • AnonWgtn

      He is, and will be laughed at, and sniggers will take place wherever he performs.
      His chauffer could make millions from his revelations, along with many of Len’s personal staff, who all knew what he was up to.
      The security guard would be a big player – or was he sacked or transferred ?

      • Sri

        Is the security guard still living??
        Or is he living a luxury life due to a pay off???

  • Dave

    Cam is not dragging this sordid affair out, Brown dragged his affair out for over 2 years and chased Bevan all over auckland, and for all we know the world. Its only been headlines for 2 weeks Mr brown!

    Finally, Mr Brown can remove the stain, simply resign from public life forever and ask the press for privacy announcing there will be no more statements.

    However, this also reeks of the Labour / union bloc demanding Brown stay put, as they know they dont stand a snowballs chance in hell of gettting another pinko mayor elected.

  • Whafe

    What comes after “taking the piss” ?

    NoShameLenBrown is just having a lend of Auckland and NZ…

    Just fuck off now would you Len

  • Bunswalla

    This is a highly relevant point – Len has made a big fuss about how much the Council Chief Executive and other very highly-paid employees receives. He says that ACC has to behave like a corporate, as it has a bigger budget and more employees than just about every corporate in the country.

    He says they have to “meet the market” when employing staff, and pay the going rate as if they were a corporate.

    So how come some standards (recruiting, salaries) have to be brought in line with corporates, but others (well, just one other – your corrupt and abusive behaviour) fall outside those very same standards?

    Hypocrisy, double-speak, blank froth gibber.

    Go now Len, before you’re forced to by the weight of your own chicanery.

  • AnonWgtn

    CEO cannot run with this – he is retiring very shortly and is the lead in the investigation of Len’s fraud.
    Is he to become an ACC Consultant after retirement ?

  • Mr_Blobby

    Dear Brown Stain

    The party is over it is time to leave.

    Concerned Rate Payer.

  • RightOfGenghis

    Lets say he resigns. What then?