September Blog Rankings

Time to review how the blog went last month.

We’re a little down on pageviews, but we have seen serious growth in our general audience. ?Not too long ago we were pushing for 100,000 unique IP numbers per month, and during September we nearly enjoyed close to 120,000 visits from unique IP numbers. ?Those are valuable metrics.

Thank you all – to the Team, the readers, the tipsters, the sponsors and yes, even the critics. ?You are all a valuable part of what makes Whaleoil the largest non-corporate web site in New Zealand

As has become our policy of sharing how we do, here are our Google Analytics for September 2013



That little spike at the end is care of Paul “have you seen my Weiner” Findlay. ?Paul caused Whaleoil to have its second best-ever daily result. ?But Aaron Gilmore still leads that dubious honour. ?Whatever else you may aspire to in life, being the reason Whaleoil is having one of its best days ever shouldn’t be on your To-do list…

From Disqus, we see that you lot of busy beavers have been commenting and voting away with wild abandon over the last month



That averages to about 481 comments a day.

And, as expected, since Alexa rates Whaleoil as New Zealand’s 25th most visited web site 4th most visited for news/opinion and the Number 1 New Zealand non-corporate site, it really doesn’t surprise anyone to see we don’t just lead in the blog rankings, we dominate.


Once again: ?Thank you all.