Seven good reasons why Len Brown should resign

Word has it that Len Brown has agreed to resign, but in a fit of pique and spite he is trying to keep that decision secret so that the final results can be declared with him the winner, he will then resign and force a by-election…costing the ratepayers a further $2 million dollars in the process.

His behaviour has been shameful…his non-apology on Campbell Live, his attempts to blame everyone else for his own actions and his disgusting spin, which unfortunately the media seem to be buying in an attempt to save him really make his claims to lad the city tenuous. While his multi-million dollar council funded spin weasels are working over time to smear Bevan Chuang, smear me and defend Brown, the girl he conducted the affair with has little or no resources to counter Brown’s desperate attempts to gerrymander the result of his supposed resignation, by smearing everyone else. The man is a disgusting little bully surrounded by equally disgusting nasty spin weasels.

This behaviour wouldn’t be tolerated in any other sector. The same left wing apologists who are sticking up for Len Brown are the same ones baying for Richard Worth’s blood…for far less of a ‘crime’.

Brendan Malone blogs about the seven good reasons for Len Brown to resign:

This isn?t rocket science, and based on the facts we know so far, I think that there are at least seven good reasons why Len Brown should resign as Mayor.

A man who is willing to disregard the most important commitment he has ever made in his life ? his marriage vows ? over a period of years, is probably not going to have too much trouble violating? other less important promises, like those associated with his public office. Anyone who tries to suggest that marital infidelity has no bearing on public office is living in la la land. Someone willing to engage in a calculated and ongoing violation of their marriage vows either has no problem lying when making serious and profoundly important vows, or else they have major character flaws/weaknesses that could easily be exploited with even worse outcomes if they remain in office. Either way you have a major problem here that directly impacts upon their ability to responsibly and justly execute their role in public office.?

The affair was not a one-off moment of weakness, but an ongoing relationship that involved all sorts of calculated deception. In early 2012 Brown and Chuang were even caught in the act by a Council security guard, and at that point Len Brown thought that the game was up, yet he still didn?t confess his infidelity to his wife, or end things at that point. Instead he waited it out to see if he would get away with it, and then resumed the affair a month later after it seemed the coast was clear. It took more than another year for him to admit (last week) to his wife that he had been unfaithful to her.

The affair took place on council property, and clearly seems to have involved incidents during paid working hours. Anyone trying to claim that this is a private matter that has no bearing on the public office Len Brown holds clearly seems to be overlooking this rather pertinent fact.

The affair resulted in a serious conflict of interest issue. Camille Nakhid, chairwoman of the Ethnic Peoples Advisory Panel which Ms Chuang was on,?today told the NZ media?that she did not feel that the affair was a conflict of interest because the Ethnic Peoples Advisory Panel is ?not a moral board?. Really?! Does anyone else find it rather disturbing that a local government chairperson can?t see the obvious conflict of interest involved here?

Let me spell it out: when you have the most powerful person in local government engaged in an adulterous sexual relationship with a subordinate and member of a local board you have a serious conflict of interest. There is a huge potential for abuse of office and circumnavigating of the democratic process in order to favor the political outcomes desired by one/both of the parties, or to advance the political career of one/both of the parties. There is also the very real risk of abuse of office that could come about as a result of blackmail.

It?s hard to see how Len Brown will be taken seriously for the rest of his term in office with this hanging over his head. Effectively this incident weakens and cheapens the office of the Auckland Mayoralty if Len Brown remains in office. Just by way of one example; it?s hard to see how any individual or group meeting with Len Brown in the Ngati Whatua Room of the Town Hall (where Brown and Chuang were caught in a sexual act by a security guard) won?t be struggling to deal with that as a major distraction.

Whether he likes it or not, Len Brown has now created a whole lot of counterproductive and damaging baggage that will be associated with the Auckland Mayoralty until such time as he departs from the office ? then, and only then, can the Auckland City Council and Mayoralty begin to move on from the negativity and harm caused by Len Brown?s actions.

There are major public trust issues that simply cannot be overlooked here, and which will continue to pursue Len Brown until his term in office comes to an end. It?s one thing to claim that this is a private matter, but when that private matter involves a very serious breach of trust (violating your marriage vows) then it?s only natural that people will continue to have insecurities about you as a leader, or whether or not you have sufficiently resolved the issues that led to the incident in the first place so that you will not just head down this same path again, or expose the city to other even more serious risks because of your obvious weaknesses and issues in this area of your person.

The modern trend of trying to create a division between character in public office, and character in private life is simply farcical. Anyone trying to tell you that someone who has major character flaws in one area of their life is going to be immune from having these same serious character flaws manifest themselves in other areas of their life is simply deluded. Human persons are whole beings whose existences unfold and overlap into various spheres. We are not multiple beings with different traits who reside in the same body where each being moves in a different sphere without any overlap.

Staying on as Mayor shows seriously misplaced priorities. Len Brown only confessed his infidelity to his wife last week, and the story only broke publicly yesterday afternoon,?yet today Len Brown is back at work desperately trying to save his career as Mayor of Auckland. I?m sorry Len, but the Mayoralty is NOT what needs your time and energy right now ? your wife and family do.

If your marriage and family truly is important to you, then now is not the time for spin doctoring and backroom lobbying. Now is the time to be away from the office, which was the very catalyst for the harm to your marriage and family life that you are now dealing with.

If Len Brown was truly serious when?he told Campbell Live last night?that:??I clearly have a challenge within my family, and it is there where I have failed dismally. And it is now there where I need to go and do some extraordinary repair work, and show my family that I am worthy of their trust and love?,?then his actions need to reflect that he really means what he says here, and that this isn?t just some calculated media spin designed to save the thing he truly thinks is more important in life ? the Mayoralty of Auckland.