Sex Sells, Dodgy Rooting Ratbags Create Massive Interest


People have said there is no public interest in exposing dodgy politicians rooting as it does not affect their jobs or is private or all sorts of other bullshit reasons.

The problem is that sex sells.

This blog’s traffic has gone through the roof and the server has struggled to keep up with the number of page views.

The Herald, which often refuses to mention this blog as the source of stories, has been selling out double print runs. By 10am on Wednesday it was impossible to get a copy of the Herald in Auckland. I have probably singlehandedly ensured that the NZ Herald at least had one week of profitability this year. 

This points to one thing.

The public love a good scandal especially when it is a dodgy rooting politician getting busted.

Plenty of politicians are rooters, and the public has an insatiable appetite for knowing the details. Commercial reality means that the New Zealand media are going to have an open season on dodgy rooting politicians who can’t stick to solemn vows because it is good for business.

Bring it.


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  • OhopeBeachBugger

    But, but, but, isn’t the press supposed to be the arbiter of our morals? Hasn’t Penny Hulse pointed out that we don’t need this in NZ politics? (What has she to hide, one wonders…).

    • Guest

      ………..ask Bob Harvey

      • OhopeBeachBugger

        Did I just notice a thot plickening?

    • It would seem Penny may have the same problem as Len Brown

      • Toryboy

        Do tell!

      • 4077th

        Yes she seems very conspicuous by her complete absence.

      • Magoo

        What, Penny’s been doing some woman on the side as well?

  • Toryboy

    I think the exposing of hypocrisy does capture the interest of the general public and rightly so.
    It would not surprise me if the Board at the Herald, knowing they made a profit on Wednesday, instruct a slight change of plan and lead the charge for Brown to resign.

    • Sooty

      Nah. Once a lefty, always a lefty. We all ready know that they manufacture stories as per another post.

  • Carlos the Jackal

    Is this moral crusade your on Cameron due to the fact Brown holds office?

    • OhopeBeachBugger

      Of course it is, you silly twat. People who hold office are responsible to all of us and, if they think behaviour like this is acceptable, then they have no need to keep it secret.

      • Carlos the Jackal

        Settle with the abuse petal. I lived in NSW, shagging around on ones wife is the least I have to worry about when it comes to local politics. At least it wasn’t with a hooker and paid on a company credit card.

        • OhopeBeachBugger

          That was a friendly silly twat, like one would give to a slightly slow mate. They do things differently in Aussie, aye, not even the dingoes are safe out there…

          • Carlos the Jackal

            Indeed, they’re a different breed Australians.

          • Sooty

            Well just look at their national anthem Waltzing Matilda. Tie me kanga roo down sport!!! Why may I ask? What are you going to do to it?

        • James Growley

          Why not? Its tax deductible……in fact, last time I stayed in Melbourne, the hotel had brochures encouraging patrons to seal the deal that way……….

    • Sidey

      Have you just awoken from a long coma?

      • williamabong

        Yep we just need Le Anal to return and we have a matched pair of fuck wits, “That’s nice” as Mrs Brown would say.

    • Team ENZ

      Nope, jackal, people who have no morals when caught with his pants down should still be holding a mayoral office because he cannot be trusted . If your missus/partner cheated on you ,I bet you are happy for her/him to continue?

    • AnonWgtn

      He has not been Crowned yet !!
      Uni Renta crowd hope to be in attendance at the inauguration.
      Could be humiliating.

  • rusty

    “I have probably singlehandedly ensured that the NZ Herald at least had one week of profitability this year.”

    True but it won’t stop nasty pathetic little people like Rudman have a go at you. He is in full force today the little tosser.

    • blokeintakapuna

      it seems for once the Horrid haven’t “moderated” comments – and Rudman is getting his beans by plenty!
      He’s hoisted himself by his own petard… and only demonstrated he’s well past his use-by date.

  • williamabong

    I’ve got fair money saying that there are an awful lot of local and national politicians, senior public servant, and captains of industry thanking the great god of stray rooting in the sky that this wasn’t them in the sunlight.
    And I would also say a fair number of them will currently be working on exit and cover up strategies for their indiscretions, mind you these people are probably a lot more generous than Len, FFS a bottle of cheap smellies, some undies that don’t fit and a knee trembler on the sacred table, not most women’s idea of true romance, and a 4/10 so he’s a dud root as well.

    • Insurance even

    • Sooty

      She got the clap as well! Thank you very much.

  • redeye

    I’m told that there was also a mis-communication when he asked her for some help with his election.

    • This_comment_was_deleted

      And now we’ve descended into racist characterizations of the articles source.

      After this I think the whole nation needs a shower. Some here may even require a cold one.

      • OhopeBeachBugger

        I’m busy with a cold one right now….aaah, speights.

      • redeye

        Racist? FFS!

    • AnonWgtn

      did you say “help with his erection” ?

  • Callum

    You’re a bit of a ratbag yourself ah Cam. I hear you’re no stranger to a bit of a sneaky affair yourself. Perhaps you could run a story with a personal angle. You know, let the people know what Len will be feeling after being caught.

  • 4077th

    Mrs Browns Boy phones in…

    • SJ00

      Lenny’s new campagain song

  • This_comment_was_deleted

    “The problem is that sex sells.”

    That’s a problem. Wasn’t it the principle motivation?

    “This blog’s traffic has gone through the roof and the server has struggled to keep up with the number of page view.”

    Yes, but I notice the fan boys are interspersed further apart. A lot more negative comments these days. Retention will be a problem.

    I wonder when you’ll start in on National Party members that don’t capitulate to it’s very own Tea Party faction.

    P.s. One more reason to hate the Herald.

    Seems it’s all a very incestuousness affair, what with Slatters, Lusks, SA Weweges and all.

    “solemn vows”? Please.

    17 Hands is a dizzying height from which to fall.

  • Agent Balzac

    The Herald is certainly getting their moneys worth out of the affair. You may have actually forced them to do some actual journalistic work Cam

  • Mr_Blobby

    I see Rudman just had a go at Slater senior.

    Missed the point that it was a dirty old man in power rooting a much younger person.

    And that the story actually broke after the Poll had closed not before.

    Dear pants down want to limit the damage and embarrassment for your family, resign now with some grace.

    Or limp on as a lame duck.

    • Nechtan

      F is right next to D on the keyboard, just saying

  • This_comment_was_deleted
  • Ruahine

    I cant but help think that the MSM must have known what was going on with Len but kept quiet about it