Its only sexist when men do it. [Caution: Language]


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  • Pissedoffyouth

    Very true

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Germaine Greer, forget the dopy feminist angle.

    How many minds do she fuck up, and still fucks up? A lifestyle of getting paid by the MSM for doing nothing except stir shit, creating quite a few casualties on the way.
    Should be shot with a ball of her own shit

  • Hazards001

    100% true.
    The cunts in the police and in the social agencies in this country know that the ratio of mental and physical abuse between men and women is almost exactly 1 for 1.

    As many men are physically and mentally abused by women as there are women abused by men. This has been well known by the authorities around the world since the 70’s but is hidden as it’s an unpopular truth.

    They also know that a lot of the abuse women call in is actually self defence from the male or retaliation but again choose to hide this fact from the stats.

    I can see the whiny bitches come screaming in with there howls of proof and statistics but as I just said. They’re buried but known.
    I know through family members that have worked in the police, a brother that was a drug alcohol councillor and an ex wife that was a social worker for a long time.

    I’m not going hunting for stats to prove shit I know and have seen.

  • Col

    Yep that seems to sum it all up for us guys.
    Sounds similar to what happens with the Labour Party they get away with all the bullshit and lie, but then they are all girls when you come to think about it!!!

  • Tigger NZ

    All true.

  • Jman

    This is the official grievance hierarchy – muslim -> gay -> black -> female
    So if a gay complains about a muslim, the muslim wins. If a black complains about a gay, the gay wins. However with combinations of the above you can get higher up the hierarchy, so a black female can win vs a gay…unless she’s also a Christian. If you’re a white, heterosexual, Christian male forget about it.