No Shame Brown, now blames work for affair

Len Brown really has no shame.

Look at what he is now saying:

Mr Brown says most councillors recognise the affair is a private matter for him, and he will be committing more time to his family during this term.

“Much of what I’ve been through reflects the fact that I need a better work-life balance and I’ll be genuinely looking for that. I’ve had to admit that I’m a workaholic. So all of those things mean that for my family I need to find time.”

The mayor made no reference in his inauguration speech to the controversy over the past fortnight since admitting that he had had a two-year affair with a member of a council advisory panel. 

He keeps on with the private matter line, despite council spin doctors being deployed on behalf of him in a private matters, his family as well.

He still claims it is a private matter when it involved a member of a council advisory panel, council buildings, council resources, council staff and his position as mayor to obtain benefits from hoteliers.

In fact this is as far from a private matter as you can get.

But to now blames his affair on the fact that he works hard is beyond all rational thought…though I suppose when you answer only to god then anything is possible.


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  • Justsayn


    Seems to have found time for a hobby in the past, and I’m sure he plans to slip some in in the future.

    • Saggy

      How do you spell Tosser in capital letters?

    • DLNZ

      Should read “needs to get a better work balance”. More work, less fucking on the job.

  • hypocrite
    noun: hypocrite; plural noun: hypocrites
    1. a hypocritical person.
    “the story tells of respectable Ben who turns out to be a cheat and a hypocrite”
    synonyms:sanctimonious person, pietist, whited sepulchre, plaster saint, humbug, pretender, deceiver, dissembler, impostor; informalphoney, Holy Willie;
    informalcreeping Jesus;
    rarePharisee, Tartuffe, Pecksniff, canter
    “he condemned her as superficial and a hypocrite”

  • Dick Brown

    I was wondering when that overused, pathetic and cowardly term was going to pop up in this saga.

    work-life balance my arse

    • Justsayn

      Be careful what you ask for…

    • AnonWgtn

      What is he going to do in the evenings ? – stay at home with his wife – will be very silent so he will have to have engagements as often as possible so that somebody will talk to him – as sure is his wife will not.

      • Steve (North Shore)

        He could watch TV with his wife and family.
        One Network News (to see if he is on it)
        Seven Blunt (to see if he is on it)
        Fair Go (to see if he is on it)
        Nothing Trivial (to see if he is on it)
        Scandal (to see if he is on it)
        Unforgettable (to see if he is on it)
        Attitude (to see if he is on it)
        Got the picture Len? Stay home and watch shit – your fun is OVER sunshine

        • rrroberto

          In Sin Cities still on, or Sex in the City. He might be on that?

  • JeffDaRef

    I’m a workaholic too – despite WOBH commenting appearances – but that doesn’t equate to banging the hired help!!!
    Len – ITS NOT OK!!!

  • Len Brown is a Peck•sniff•i•an

    • OhopeBeachBugger

      I believe ‘Pecksniffian’ is a verb, not a noun, so Len Brown is Pecksniffian…

      • sheppy

        Nah LBIAFC

        • Molon Labe

          Team, I realise I’m new to this but WTF does “LBIAFC” mean. I did try google but Lenny’s ‘form’ is not famous enough for this to simply pop up.

          Just askin’

          • Blue Water Coastie

            It’s pretty easy – Len Brown Is A F#@! C U Next Tuesday.. If I’m wrong then it should be :)

          • Molon Labe

            Appreciate it dude. Was there a silent ‘NT’ in there somewhere?



          • Blue Water Coastie

            not too silent. Next Tuesday… :)

          • sheppy

            A hat tip to RatesAreRevolting who originally came up with the phrase after he was presented with another 10% rates hike. Then he declared Len Brown is a F***ing C**t, this was later shortened to LBIAFC after LesleyNZ took offence to the word C**t being posted repeatedly without the asterisks.
            Occasionally other letters are added including L which refers to Lying often when referring to Len’s statements such as rates increases have been kept to the rate of inflation, or it seems anything to do with his extra curricular activities. In that case LBIALFC

      • No arguments from me, could even say he’s a peck n sniffian !

  • stephen2d

    Maybe he thinks wanking at his desk is part of his job description, which would explain his “I’m a workaholic” statement. Surprised he hasn’t gone blind yet.

    • Saggy

      Maybe he’s trying to go blind to get a slot in the Labour caucus.

  • Wine Man

    Must say Radio Live this morning was good listening, he certainly doesnt have as many friends at that station as he has at Granny Herald and TV3.

    • john Doe

      Cxed my Herald sub,,,and tv who?

  • Monty

    Come on len. It seems you only needed to take a couple of minutes out for your wife. Surely two minutes could have been spared for your wife?

    • BJ

      I think you mean for himself – oh thats right he did take two minutes out for himself – and it was a much quicker option than going all the way home before getting back to that full-time job he has. So when he initiates this new work/life balance will he in fact be at home or somewhere else entirely.

    • john Doe


  • Reid

    Much of what I’ve been through…

    and then proceeds to refer to himself six more times in that brief sentence. It really is looking like narcissistic personality disorder isn’t it. I wonder how many of these those who know him well could tick off.

    • pukakidon

      He is certainly one of the biggest Narcissists ever to grace the political scene. Everything is about him. Blow his load and away he runs with the Chinese lady left to clean up the mess. He is such a fake, I am surprised that 58% of Auckland are that gullible. What a bunch of fools.

      • Lion_ess

        He got in through the Churches in South Auckland. Clearly the most gullible of people.

        • Blue Water Coastie

          Not to mention the free swimming pools

  • Statehousekid

    Since when does working long hours make you want to have affairs. Perhaps working long hours is a way that allowed him to not have to spend time with his family. After all it is much more exciting playing power games and chasing and screwing women than being at home with the boring old family. I think Len is saying he wants to be with the family because he thinks that is what everyone wants him to say. I wouldn’t believe anything the lying cheating little prick says.

    • AnonWgtn

      The corruption of power ……

  • dyannt

    He had work-life balance.

    It just wasn’t with his wife and family.

  • Now I understand so much. LooseFly Len was so busy with work that he could only allow her 2 minutes so he didn’t fall behind with his massive workload. And I’m equally certain that while he was exercising one of his hands at his desk, the other was bound to have been holding the phone.
    Begone, you useless old fool!

  • Bart67

    Just listened to Marcus Lush’s interview with Len Brown. Seriously, Brown could give lessons on sidestepping to Conrad Smith!

    • OhopeBeachBugger

      Link please?

    • Cowgirl

      Good interview with nice, difficult questions. Pity about the answers.

      • Bart67

        I’m sorry, were there answers? I didn’t hear any. I heard statements, soundbites, platitudes, obfuscation and denial, but I didn’t hear any answers!

    • benniedawg

      Listened to the one on National radio this am and their questions, surprisingly, were quite to the point. Loved the one about his wife seen not wearing her wedding ring. Got a good reaming by red radio, which came across as a welcome change. Maybe MSM are starting to get interested?

    • Saggy

      How bout backup for The Boss..”I’m going down down down…”

  • island time

    He should have stuck to not commenting….he sounds more stupid all the time

  • lofty

    Oh my, I work a minimum of 70 hours a week…….I am too tired to toss off…over work indeed.

    • MrLastMinute

      Too right. When I was working all the hours that God sent all I wanted to do was go home and sleep – Len must have a couple of Energizer batteries up his arse to find the extra energy to hump the team. Workaholic BS.

      • Just making up for all those lost 2 minutes after hours, classic never ending stoooory ….

  • Lion_ess

    “Len’s Lies” – hope his wife writes a book.

  • OhopeBeachBugger

    That silly bitch Josie Pagani did suggest in one of her little-read blogs that it’s a good idea to blame an addiction for your affairs. She went for ‘sexaholic’ but Browneye is obviously a little smarter and went with ‘workaholic’.

  • Bea

    “workaholic” might turn into one of the nation’s great euphemisms. Like “tired and emotional”

  • timemagazine

    If he wants it to be a private matter, he should go. Otherwise it is not a private matter. He is an official and not from a tiny, remote place somewhere in NZ.Full stop.

  • It’s pathetic, He forced himself on a younger co-worker and will never admit he is a Sexual Predator

    Many people working in the ACC have followed his example and been sacked for it.

    Unfair dismissal , two faced hypocracy and sexual predation are his main traits.

    • Blue Water Coastie

      Yes – but he is constantly saying “I don’t want to get into that”. Another spin weasel line he’s been told to wheel out anytime some truth is required…

      • It’s amazing too me that the MSM will continually repeat the question “And how does that make you feel?”, to everyone that’s been through some hellish trauma, even after the person has explained how they felt.

        But not Len Brown the sexual Predator, it makes me sick seeing it day after day.
        What’s he going to do on his first day ? , Send a memo to all staff …
        “There will be no sexual relations on council time or property unless your Len Brown”

        • Chancey

          unless you are shagging len brown

      • Rod

        But he does want to get into that, that’s his problem.

  • island time

    He simply needs to look in the mirror to find out the cause of this situation.

  • Brendan

    Fresh from revelations that the Mayor spent time chasing and seducing his board appointment rather than trying to govern, the Mayor announces during his inauguration speech that he intends to work even less hard for Auckland this term. What a Guy!

  • Blue Water Coastie

    You can see right through Len’s verbatim spin doctor lines. The constant “Aucklander’s want me to move on” (yeah, move on out of the council – Fucker) and “get on with the business of Auckland” (not with you managing it we don’t). And now he “admits he’s a workaholic”, so that must have caused his behaviour at work. Well Len-bullshit-Brown, here’s some news. When you are truly work-focussed and busting your arse, totally accountable for your actions, or you don’t earn money, (as most of us do in the private sector), there is truly no time whatsoever to even contemplate a 2 year office shag-fest, let alone fit in family time. If you do manage the office rooting, then ya aint really focussing on the job Mate! Fuck the Mayoralty Len. We don’t need you that badly. Let us move on with a new Mayor. Man up, stand down and do the right thing by your family and attempt to repair your Husband/Father image, rather than putting your own image and trying to rebuild ‘Brand Brown’ as your priority. You have zero respect for that reason.

    • Statehousekid

      Yes he would do that if he had any dignity but fact is that he dosen’t. He is driven by power at all cost. The main cost being his basic human dignity, he is a joke.

  • kaykaybee

    Can this odious man dig himself any deeper? I’ve heard it all now – my observation is his work/life balance was firmly balanced towards the “life” bit. Hell, he spent two of the three-years of the mayoral term ardently pursuing sexual relations with a very much younger woman. I’d say he wasn’t working nearly hard enough.

  • john Doe

    “Work balance”….workaholic”

    Wanking and rooting at work….really Len.
    Finger..throat …poke….spew…..

  • cows4me

    God, work, no it was your dick that got your in trouble you bloody wally.

  • Blue Water Coastie

    On the other hand, Len was busy side-stepping the issue of Council approval for the Chow Brothers ‘Brothel Hotel’ in December 2012. This despite 200 objections and not honouring an election commitment to give local communities a say on the location of brothels. (as quoted in MSM) Sound familiar? He does what he likes. Not suggesting any Asian link here either :)

    • Wine Man

      No he was more concerned about competition to his brothel in Town Hall

  • W.Austin

    “I’ve had to admit that I’m a workaholic”. Well, if I got 800k a year banging bitches at work I could also be a workaholic!
    I had to use the word ‘bitches’ to emphasise the point so don’t shoot me.

    • john Doe


    • Team ENZ

      Give this guy the knighthood and mayoralty.. Getting the bang for your “hard ” work..

  • Saggy

    Len you’re right. It was the affair that had YOU. Bound to happen when you work hard. Or you’re hard at work.

  • Col

    What a Fucking lying bit of shit he is, fuck his Spin Doctors are losing it, take the walk Shorty Lenny Brown. blame your work, no that one won’t help you.

  • Elizabeth

    What is with this bullshit that more aucklanders want him to stay than go?
    Can’t believe the lying cheating wanker got sworn back into office.

  • hunk4hire .

    This is a simple case of moral failure. A man of character doesn’t pork the help just because he’s tired or working too hard. Likewise, a man of weak character doesn’t have to be tired to screw around. The problem is not a skewed “work-life balance” and spending more time with the family won’t help his problem although his family certainly might appreciate it.

    A man’s heart must change in order for him to remain faithful and even becoming a hermit won’t help if the desire is still there. He’ll still be on fire within.

    Classic political misdirection; deny, deflect, dissemble.

  • Team ENZ

    Perks of the job so he says…

  • AnonWgtn

    Remember e must again be given his title “Your Worship” now that he has been crowned.

  • valueall

    I so wish people wouldn’t use the word “affair” -short for “affair of the heart”-hardly-the guy is a philandering slimeball. I didn’t know his wife had had treatment for throat cancer-I would say she is feeling too vulnerable to leave in that case-just hope she finds the strength to leave him because the emotional and psychological abuse such as this is just as destructive as if he’d physically abused her. What a cruel, cruel man.