No Shame Brown sworn in to jeers from protestors

No Shame Len Brown was sworn in last night amid jeers from protestors.

He also shamelessly paraded his wife and professed his love for her.

He did that via text message to Bevan Chuang on Christmas once too…so not sure what that all means.

Len Brown was tonight officially sworn in as Auckland’s mayor for a second term, as cries from protesters interrupted his opening speech.

Yells of “shame” and “you sold our people out” rang out as  Brown spoke to the inaugural meeting of the new council in the Auckland Town Hall. 

He made no reference to his affair with 32-year-old Bevan Chuang, which has dogged him since his re-election as mayor just over two weeks ago.

He thanked his wife, Shan Inglis, for standing by him for the past three years – his first term as mayor. He told Inglis, who was at the meeting with their daughter Sam, that he loved her.

Six new councillors made their maiden speeches later in the evening. None made mention of the affair.

There he was in his Maori cloak with other maori fawning all over him ignoring his shame in the Ngati Whatua room.

This mayor is a disgrace, and his fall will be even more spectacular now he has been sworn in.


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  • Pete George

    Brown played the God card on Breakfast this morning. That may be a mix of appealing to religious voter support, but it may also be convincing himself that God forgives so will forgive him and that’s all that matters.

    • Dick Brown

      Are you serious?

      Nah, that’s it; it’s all over, someone has to push him out of the top floor and now.

      • Cowgirl

        The disingenuous fuck actually did – I’m gobsmacked

      • pukakidon

        He will grasp anything and lie about it to say in power. He is a bloody disgrace, at least Peter called him out a couple of times, the silly girl just kept on kissing up to him.

    • OhopeBeachBugger

      Interesting thing that. Obviously ‘god’ forgives, because god is in the mind of the ingrate claiming that forgiveness for himself. Interestingly, too, as an aside, atheists don’t get divorced as much as religious people do. How’s that, then!

    • notrotsky

      Even Phil Ure over at the the bog has reached saturation point with Brown.

    • johnbronkhorst

      Yes …he said he was answerable to his family, fair enough, …his God,…OK…..BUT…….Absolutely no mention of the Auckland voters who gave him the job??? Or did I miss something?

      • Whafe

        Who cares, we are only scum rate payers, apparently

        • Chancey

          evidenced by CEO McKay’s intro speech (the first part of proceedings to be conducted in English and 40 minutes into the programme) he thanked every trougher in there by name and position (90% of the room were on the payroll), then ladies and gentlemen – no mention of the ratepayers who fund this charade – it was absolutely detestable

          • Whafe

            To not mention the ratepayers of Auckland is in itself a stackable offence…. What a pack of disrespectful wankers

        • Dumrse

          Whats this “we” Whafe. Speak for yourself and all other JAFFA’s but please don’t pretend that the rest of NZ are also scum…..

          • Whafe

            Yes, my mistake, purely Auckland scum ratepayers. :D

      • Monito

        And pay the fat salary!!

  • Whafe

    Indeed he is a disgrace.

    This is a disgusting situation, it seems no one in the council has any shame at all for noshamelenbrown…

    A total let down for all

    • GazzW

      So the Auckland Philharmonia was there? What was Brown thinking? Maybe that last night’s sham was a re-enactment of the Nuremberg Rally. How much did last night cost the ratepayer?

      • Chancey

        shitloads – but he did look good in his feathery frock

    • Win

      Council employees are not happy. Spoke with one yesterday – just someone I met in a lift. I didn’t know he worked for AC …we discussed the impact on council employees of having someone rotten at the top, and the risk to an organisation because employees think if its OK for LB, then then its OK for them to get away with stuff. He said it’s already happening, there is corruption going on, a lot of it, and that’s when he said that he should know because he works there.

  • mike

    Ok Cam, you’ve given him a weeks grace…. you’ve alluded to more allegations of misconduct, you have talked it up and have given him the chance to move on with a shred of dignity (did you seriously think he’d take that opportunity?). Now you either need to unload both barrels on him or move on.

    • My timetable is not your timetable…given the interference of the media people are nervous and afraid to come forward.

      However if you tip $100k into the kitty to assist in defraying legal expenses if I follow your timetable and wishes then by all means I’ll dish it all up immediately the bank tells me the money is in the account.

      • mike

        Cam if you’re saying that you need $100k to cover legal costs than that brings the unpleasant sensation to mind that you don’t have real evidence to support your claims…. I mean if you have real evidence like Chung which is verifiable and certified then why would you need to be prepared to fight a legal battle?

        I like this site because you fight for the truth, the disinfectant of scum everywhere… but I’m starting to lose faith in this apparent vendetta on Brown, at least that’s what it’s starting to look more and more like.

        Don’t be that guy Cam.

        • Again you are confused…I have plenty of evidence but you want me to rush it…it isn’t completely ready, but will be…on my timetable not yours.

          All I’m saying is if you want me to rush it through with being diligent then you undertake to cover me for legal costs for not being diligent.

          If you lose faith on such a simple matter then perhaps you should leave now…I’m the one who is doing the standing up and taking this fight on…not you.

          No one can question my commitment…it saddens me that your support is so fickle…Everything I have produced thus far is 100$ solid and yet you still doubt.

          Brown should be gone with what is already presented…the fact that he isn’t is as a result of a lack of effort my my part.

          So you lose faith…where are you going to go? Back to the Herald? Fairfax? Radio?….if you’ve lost faith in me then one wonders who you have faith in.

          • 4077th

            Keep the pressure on WO. We will keep taking the fight to him by supporting your efforts. The blood has already been spilt, the first of many thousand cuts have been made…keep at it Cam, the rest of us aren’t going anywhere. As an Auckland ratepayer I am disgusted with this man and begrudge every dollar of my rates that ends up in his pocket.

          • Whafe

            Cam, keep up the good work, I would suggest that some thoughts above are a little bit of frustration that this noshamelenbrown has not stood down…
            You are doing a great job getting amongst it…..
            Thank you Cam & Team

          • mike

            Cam, my support is not fickle but here’s where my issue lies. For weeks you’ve been telling us there is more to come and Len better watch out, the simple fact is if you weren’t ready to release information you should of just kept quiet. Making a lot of noise and then not following through is the tactic of those simpletons on the left, not someone as thoughtful and prudent as you… as I’ve said before you’re better than that.

            However the tactics you have displayed over the past two weeks give the appearance of desperation, which gives those numpties in the MSM and on the left (can you even tell the two groups apart anymore) ammunition to use against you and to bury the story. It’s like the boy who cried wolf… if you keep yelling from the roof tops you have more dirt, but don’t show it people will start thinking you don’t have dirt, and then when you do release it people won’t care or won’t believe and you aim of unseating Brown (and other scum) will be even harder to achieve.

            You are doing a good job, don’t get me wrong, but I’d much prefer silence over posturing and chest beating… actually I’d much rather prefer the 100% unadulterated truth… politicians should be held to a higher standard than anyone else and if they can’t or won’t meet those standards they should go.

          • Bad__Cat

            Who the fuck are you to come here on Cam’s personal blog and tell him “the simple fact is if you weren’t ready to release information you should of just kept quiet.”

            He can say what he likes, when he likes, how he likes. He’s been doing this ever since I discovered his blog and I like it just fine. If I don’t like what he does on his blog, that’s my issue, not his. Yup want to run a blog your way, start your own. Don’t try to ruin this one.

          • mike

            Geez BC calm down… this blog is all about expressing dissenting opinion in a reasoned manner, I didn’t realise that we had to like or agree with everything Cam says… to me that’s just as bad as covering up a piece of art because someone might be offended by it.

          • mike

            And I don’t doubt anything you have produced… that is the truth no matter how much the media spins it.

            It is the bits you have alluded to but not revealed that have my faith drifting. And only concerning this issue… I don’t agree 100% with you on some of the other issues on the blog, and nor should you want me to, good strong debate brings out the best ideas and should (and is) encouraged here. So my faith stays strong in the principals of the site.

          • JeffDaRef

            Do you not think that if anything WO has alluded to was false, Lenny’s lawyers (probably on our tab!!) would be raining all levels of shit on him like fires from hell??
            What does it tell you that it hasn’t happened?

          • mike

            You can not sue for defamation if no statement has been made, alluding to something is not an allegation and therefore can not be considered defamatory.

          • JeffDaRef

            Where did I mention suing for defamation?
            Plenty of other ways for lawyers to make WO feel uncomfortable if he was bullshitting…none actioned.

          • mike

            Such as?

          • JeffDaRef

            Winston would be happy to explain further….

          • mike

            Bugger I wasn’t asking Winston, I was asking you.

          • Edwin Wigmore

            My wife is a journalist and that is not what is taught at media law school. Even if what you have said is the absolute truth it is not necessarily a defence against defamation. I thought that is crazy, but it’s true.

          • mike
          • JeffDaRef

            Oh fuck me, we have a “I saw it on a website once” lawyer in the house!!!!

            So did you read this part of the link you posted???

            What is a defamatory statement?
            The courts have given a number of different definitions of what is “defamatory”, including a statement that tends to lower a person in the estimation of right-thinking members of society, or that tends to cause the person to be shunned or avoided, or that tends to cause the person to be exposed to hatred, contempt or ridicule.
            The particular words used are assessed in their context, but examples of what have been considered to be defamatory statements are:
            – claims or suggestions of anti-social behaviour
            – claims or suggestions of fraud or dishonesty, or of incompetence
            If it is found that the words do convey a defamatory meaning, the defendant will be liable even if this was not intended.

            Given that WO has stated on here (ie it has been published…also from your link) “There have been others”, that would satisfy both “claims or suggestions of anti-social behaviour” AND “claims or suggestions of dishonesty”, even given Len’s (half-hearted) denials – and it has exposed him to hatred, contempt and ridicule. Though it could probably be argued that plenty of that existed long before WO made his comments.

          • mike

            Oh fuck me what’s with all the vitriolic attacks today? I thought that shit was the domain of the left not sensible right thinking people.

          • JeffDaRef

            Vitriolic attacks?
            You’re about as thin-skinned as Mayor Lenny!!!
            I reckon the (ahem) “vitriolic attacks” are directly relative to the dude who came onto WO’s blog and proceeded to throw stones at how he goes about things…
            How about – take a deep breath, let WO go about his business, and when the shit does hit the fan we can rejoice in it together and all just get along….

          • mike

            Jeff, I’m not taking any of this personally… just pointing out whats happening here. I dared to question Cam about this issue and in return received a load of flak.

            Cam is not the messiah, we are not labour supporters, and we should be encouraged to offer a dissenting opinion as long as it is put forward in a rational and thoughtful manner.

          • JeffDaRef

            So go find a blog to read that produces its work exactly the way you like it??
            Or start your own blog and publish your own allegations about Lenny…and rely on your own knowledge of defamation law – which appears to be sweet fanny adams – to get yourself out of the hole you dig yourself into.
            Or…if you choose none of the above…heres an idea…quit your whinging, let WO go about his business and wait for the fireworks…Cinderella shall go to the ball my friend, but all in good time.

          • mike

            Jeff, did you read what I wrote? The bit where I said where dissenting opinion should be encouraged… nowhere in any of my posts have I whinged or whined about anything Cam or this site has done. I merely put forward an opinion that his holding back of information, all the while touting the existence, isn’t the best way to go.

          • pukakidon

            Take your sweet time Cam, this deviant has been deceiving the Ratepayer of Auckland and Splamming in the rate funded council rooms and the Ngti Whatua room for two years now. He deserves everything he gets

        • mike

          The down votes confuse me. Aren’t we expecting Brown and all to exercise responsibility, morality and ethics… yet when I ask Cam to show some restraint and to only cast accusations or innuendo when he has proof I’m down voted?

          Maintain the moral high ground and only make claims when you are ready to produce the goods, don’t play with the pigs unless you want to get muddy.

          • Sidey

            I think you’ll find Cam quite likes getting muddy, Mike! He may not hold himself up to your lofty standards, but I suspect he won’t be losing much sleep over it.

            Nothing to stop you gathering evidence and fact to your own standards, then coming forward with it once you have a case that not even Dennis Denuto could lose.

            Following WO’s methods of uncovering covered-up-stuff isn’t for the faint hearted. No need to look if you’re a bit squeemish. There’s no Blog Complaints Authority that I’m aware of…

    • andie3007

      yep the disgraceful fuckface has managed to pull this off, Cam needs deliver on his promised allegations, otherwise he joins Lenny in the department of “questionable credibility”. A vast number of outraged citizens including myself joined whaleoil because we had lost trust with MSM delivering the truth on this shoddy affairs. If anything, we knew that the only person capable of ridding us of this scum bag is Cam via whaleoil, however the longer Cam pussy foots around this, the stronger, secure and confident Lenny gets. Obviously, from this weeks MSM, the media seem to have “in-formerly” agreed to give Lenny another go. Ball is now in your court far, Lenny is the winner.

      • Chancey

        WTF it is the responsibility of the people of Auckland rout this bastard just because they can’t be fucked climbing from behind their keyboards to front him any light Cam can shine is appreciated. Meanwhile we will just keep funding his excesses like the stupid flockers we have been shown to be

      • dyannt

        For goodness sake. This blog is more than just Len Brown – or hadn’t you noticed. If you are here just for the next word on the Mayor’s sleaze then you would be better off getting out a bit more and getting a real life.

    • JeffDaRef

      For my 5c, letting WO work to his own timetable and not know when the next bombshell will land is half the fun.
      The fact that WO hasn’t been sued to high heaven by either Len or Penny for the heavy innuendo that’s been dropped the last couple of weeks tells me all I need to know…

    • CommonSense404

      Len was on with Marcus Lush this morning – Marcus actually asked him all the straight out questions and Len squirmed, answered some but refused to get into others (like ‘ are there any more stories to come out’.) Very clearly uncomfortable and you just know there is more – feels like a case of brinkmanship and its not going to end well for him.

      He was just obnoxious this morning – an angry little man. Absolutely no remorse and just wanted to blame everyone else. Pathetic.

      • Col

        The body language last night, he is not comfortable, he is hiding shit and knows it.

  • SJ00

    Do the Police normally attend swearing in ceremonies? Do they attend for 5 peaceful ladies holding banners at all events? Do they often outnumber the protestors? I reckon the council was expecting trouble from the anti-Lens and asked for the Police to be there. Who pays for that?? Thats not a private matter, thats using more public resources! The issue the council forgot is we aren’t crazy lefties. Making a public display of outrage over matters is reserved for the left typically and this is a “right” issue apparently.

    Where was his wife and daughter sitting in relation to where they were at the last ceremony? They seemed to be in with the regular people when I would have thought they would have been front and center normally. Anyone able to find them in the last ceremony footage or other such events? Was he hiding them? Plus he made reference to them in his speech again suggesting he is making it public and not keeping it a private matter.

    • peterwn

      Anyone can ask for a ‘police presence’ which is at police discretion and there could be ‘police presence’ even if not sought. The police do not charge for ‘police presence’ although this has been talked about for major sporting events etc. Even if there such a charge it would not be imposed for council meetings ANZAC parades etc.

      • SJ00

        I could ask for a Police presence at my grandmothers 90th but I doubt they will turn up. Surely someone has run the numbers and decided there was a credible need to have Police there. ie Pantsdown Brown and the Spin Doctors (great band name) must have said they are worried and the Police agreed. Someone had to ok it, I’d like to hear why they felt the Police were needed when in fact it wasn’t even close. And thats why I asked have they been to other swearing in ceremonies.

    • Brian of Mt Wellington

      And his wife is still no longer wearing her wedding ring since his sordid affair broke into the public.

      • Chancey

        might be worth looking back a few years to see if she wore it then

  • Colleen Wright

    Len claims on TVONE’s Breakfast this morning that he is only answerable to God…what? God does not pay him his over-blown salary – us suckered Ratepayers do.. What a complete hypocrite – perhaps he should read the Ten Commandments sometime and add up just how many he has broken!

    • peterwn

      Because of the makeup of his enabling legislation, he is answerable only to Parliament and indirectly the Minister of Internal Affairs. The Minister could call in a Commissioner to take over his office.

      • Bea

        I hadn’t suspected Chris Tremain was God!

        • JeffDaRef

          His old man must have been in the inner circle, at least!!

    • Bryan

      well have a answer from God

      “Mene mene tekel peres ” you are weighed in the balances and found wanting
      and then it says that night was he slain and his kingdom given to another
      and remember ” God is not mocked what ever a man sows that shall he reap”

  • jaundiced

    From what I saw, the protesters calling out were mostly those complaining about the council moving state houses from Glenn Innis – (weren’t they the ones Hone was protesting at and got arrested?) and which ended up being used to house people in the far North (hone’s people). The council was taking away their entitlements.

    • Chancey

      were you in the room or forming your view from what MSM served you this morning?

      • jaundiced

        Not defending him, just making a comment on what I saw ‘on the telly’. These were the ones outside with banners and inside in orange tee-shirts. More concerned about ‘their’ entitlements to live in ratepayer funded housing than Len’s general fitness to govern. No doubt there were also people there to express their moral outrage, but just saying…

        • Chancey

          it was a ceremonial fucking inauguration there were people protesting there who were not banner waving – they are concerned about the urinary plan’s implementation and the council going into the business of large scale property development (the same council who cant even cut the fucking grass) with our money – never mind – go back to your tele

          • jaundiced

            What’s with the attitude mate? Jeez! Like talking to a teenager.

          • captainnotsosensible

            I think its to do with the fact that it’s easier to post things on here than turn up at events, stand up when others are trying to shout you down (including lenny who talked even louder into his mic but thankfully the GI guys have a good set of lungs on them) and tread a fine line between making your voice heard (because if not there, where?) and saying / doing something that will get you thrown out.

          • jaundiced

            OK I get it now. You guys were there shouting and it wasn’t shown on the telly. My apologies for not giving you due credit. What did you achieve by the way? I must have missed that too.

          • Chancey

            The Mayor elect cannot carry out any duties under the Local Government Act until he has sworn an oral declaration before the people to do his best for the city . His oral declaration could not be heard because all that could be heard in the hall was

            Shame Shame Shame.

            That is a huge symbolic victory which may be lost on you, but old lounge lizard lenny was visibly shaken. He knew he was a dishonest FC reciting those words – another one for his god to castigate him for 3 hail marys lenny boy

            I had council employees turning back screaming shut up shut up – there was a lot sphincter training going on in there last night – also the Councilors on the right have more ammo as a result – they have been unable to climb into this mess until they had sworn their oaths as well

            The point was not to be shown on the tele – it was to give them a jolt to examine themselves

            now isnt there a game show on you wanted to watch?

          • Chancey

            thank you voice of reason I have recovered my composure

          • Orange

            I think we’re all concerned about Len’s urinary plan.

          • 4077th

            Urinary plan..brilliant! Sometimes the typo’s make a better point. The only “urinary” plan on Lenny’s mind was pork sword vs Chuang chufffy.

          • Mark

            Maybe this is in reference to the STD Bevan caught…

          • Bunswalla

            He’s taking the piss, surely!

          • Hazards001

            Who’s grass should they cut? They don’t cut mine? They also don’t provide me with a wheelie bin for my rubbish. They make me buy a rubbish bag each week.

          • Chancey

            what has happened in their fiasco is that all “road reserves” which are neither park, nor berm have been transferred to Auckland Transport, who have not recognised their existence, so that you will find dotted around the isthmus grassy knolls growing with weeds gathering rubbish and rats. This bothers me because some of said road reserves which all of us have paid handsomely for contain expensive, landscaping and, say $1500 – $2,000 per park bench now completely overgrown. We are pissing money against the wall for new projects with expensive landscaping and grand opening ceremonies (and SFO investigations) which will never be maintained. its an aberration, but i can assure you that all of our elected representatives are now fully aware of.

            my point being they think they can manage multi million dollar township redevelopments when they cannot even track their own assets.

            worlds most liveable city my ass

          • Hazards001

            You’re point is bullshit. I spend a lot of my time dealing with Auckland Transport. A not particularly pleasant task but one my boss has decided I’ll do anyway.
            Auckland Council owns and maintains the parks and reserves. Auckland Transport owns and maintains the road reserve.
            The road reserve extends from the property boundary on one side of the road to the one on the other side.
            With the exception of the now defunct Auckland city Council all the other cities that made up greater Auckland ratepayers mowed their own berm.
            Get of your arse and mow yours.

          • Chancey

            sorry to disappoint you, but there a number of largish reserves, landscaped which I have been dealing with councillors over since the grass grew large (last cut July), parks and reserves team are gutted, they have been taken from their rounds ie budget / maintenance contracts i am talking of substantial reserves some in excess of 500m3, i am not talking about berms – wait i shall post you a photos

          • Chancey

            if council would kindly supply the required ppe i will have a look at getting off my arse- there are many of these in the isthmus oops image coming

          • Chancey

            this was a month ago – honest the ACC parks staff are trying too – just another fuck up

          • Chancey

            do you see this is not a berm?

          • Hazards001

            I see where you are coming from. That doesn’t make it not a berm.What it actually looks like is a road reserve that has been kept for a potential road widening.

            I’m glad I don’t have to mow it lol

          • Chancey

            thanks, shall we call them pocket parks and admit that ACC and AT have lost track of them, and council is impotent to manage this situation . (that was before dear leader realised he had a home/work imbalance and spilled all over the ethnic panel)

            i shall remove these pornographic images post haste

          • Chancey

            here’s another

          • GregM

            Agree here. I am next to St Patricks square, which has been ignored by AT for months. It is now being mown by the good guys from city parks even though it is not their responsibility anymore. $8m of ratepayer funded landscaping and AT don’t give a fuck. They are being paid to do jobs that are not being done, and nobody is being held to account for it. It shits me.

          • Chancey

            thank you i thought i was going insane – especially as i am now witnessing $200m worth of ameti being built and the landscaping is amazing (read very expensive) and the dicks probably wont maintain it – interesting how MSM turned this into lazy buggers not mowing their berms – wankers, on no thats the mayor

          • GregM

            Chancey, you really want to see the email trail including me and my company, the cathedral, and the residents action group, and others, to council. The council response would keep Monty Python busy for years.

          • Chancey

            yes i do where is that, i have some amusing responses too – i email all elected reps and enquiries at AC just so the enquiry is logged ( i have yet to receive a response within 10 days, although the councillors have been very good – that is the councillors who voted against this ridiculous situation, the others are not so brave

          • Chancey

            I would be interested to see that

  • conwaycaptain

    Time to bring in the BIG GUNS. a full 15 inch broadside should do it. Or as Nelson used to do get their attention with a “whiff of grape”

  • BJ

    Anyone that indeed believes they are answerable to God alone does not go around telling that to everybody else. Gee, God must be feeling as used by Brown as Bevan Chuang

    • Bunswalla

      I take your point, albeit it’s moot.

    • JC

      Actually Jesus sorted out such fakery real quick..

      “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s”.

      Tell you what though.. an Islamic terrorist would agree with Len, its how they ignore secular and human law to justify bombing women and children.


      • Chancey

        I think the Romans slipped that bit into the bible

        • Bunswalla

          Bloody Romans! What have they ever done for us?

          • 4077th

            Who are you calling big nose? Big nose!

          • Bunswalla

            You’re not so bad yourself, Conk-Face. Where are you two from – Nose City?

          • Steve (North Shore)

            One more time and I’ll take you to the fuckin cleaners!

          • OhopeBeachBugger

            You hear that? Blessed are the Greek…

          • dyannt

            Well if you are a New Zealander descended from British immigrants, the Romans are quite possibly your ancestors.

          • Gulfing

            Crucifixion? Gooooood, one cross each, first on the left.

            And wasn’t it Blessed are the meek??

          • 4077th

            Blessed are the cheese makers!

          • Chancey

            What a friend we have in Cheeses,
            all our sins and griefs to bear!

          • Mark

        • JC

          Well, it was probably a Roman Govt agent that asked the question in the first place.


          • Chancey

            so it was a backroom deal then

  • conwaycaptain

    This bloke is a DISGRACE. The police should investigate not an accountancy firm.

  • conwaycaptain

    The look on Mrs B’s face in the NZH said it wall.

    • Mr Sackunkrak

      Sans wedding ring too. Looks like Pants Down has some way to go.

  • Kimbo

    Answerable only to his family and God ? – Hand me the sick bag.

  • LionKing


  • GregM

    It must be my turn.

    • richard.b

      We don’t have to take turns, we can all say it at the same time.

      • Bunswalla

        Doo dah, doo dah

  • Lux
    • conwaycaptain


      • metalnwood

        Complete puke. So he reckons god wouldnt have ever found out if it didnt hit the headlines or was he repenting the last couple years.

        When he ‘Hails Mary’ he is doing it from his car and Mary is on a street corner.

    • Mr Sackunkrak

      Oh well, that’s that then. Len is only answerable to “his God”. Not Auckland’s ratepayers, we can take it that they can go fuck themselves. Thanks for clearing that one up, arsehole.

    • kehua

      Un friggin believable, only in Auckland……….

    • Statehousekid

      I like the line that non-believers may not be able to understand that. Sanctimonious prick as if other people who don’t believe in god and have affairs are answerable to no one. I hope his god sends a lightning bolt down to let him know what he thinks of his behaviour. What a Dick. He knows dam well that his god cannot punish him. Who the hell is he trying to kid. He is answerable not god but to his wife, family and the people who trusted him. One thing his god does know is why the hell they still keep backing him because as sure as he’ll I do not know. Perhaps he could talk to his god and ask him why then Len can tell us.

  • Rusty B

    Interesting that McKay asks him to take the oral declaration, that’s been happening for 3 years!
    During his speech he says “getting the services we have been waiting for” should that have been “paying for” over the last thousand years.
    This prick is consigning us to 2.5mill a day in interest with his un-checked spending.
    WO give this philandering fuckwit everything you have got. We heard about it, lets see it.

  • Allyson

    Len Brown does not, and will never speak for this Aucklander. He is not a nice person

  • GregM

    The whole thing is a complete fucking sham. The Mayoralty, his marriage, and Aucklands future. While this Punch and Judy show continues, debt mounts at $2.5 m per day, potholes go un patched, berms look like a hay paddock and rates continue to rise. Enough already, fuck off Len.

    • Huia

      For Gods sake don’t tell him about potholes or he will have a go at them too.

    • Chancey

      don’t forget the SFO investigation of Auckland Transport, not much info on that one yet, lucky they are a CCO, another sheet obfuscation between us the Council and where our money really is going

  • hunk4hire .

    Folks, having won three mayoral elections on the trot, Brown thinks he IS God. When he says he’s answerable to God, he’s correct, of course. However, if he’s saying that he’s answerable ONLY to God, then he’s clearly wrong. He’s answerable to the people who pay his salary and it appears he is backing his own popularity amongst the hoi polloi to get him through this scandal. He believes that time is his friend and that with every passing day the memory will fade a little.

    He deceived his wife daily for over two years and that ought to tell us something. This guy is a moral flatliner who has absolutely no problem repeatedly deceiving even those closest to him. How much more the general public.

    Brown is a complete fraud but you know what they say, folks……….if you’re going to tell a lie, make sure it’s a BIG one!

    • Rimutaka

      He never said he was answerable only to God, in fact the opposite he said “but I’m not just answerable to my wife and my family” Is it really necessary to make up stuff?

  • Brian of Mt Wellington

    I couldn’t believe him on TV 1 this morning pulling the God card. How disgraceful and a kick in the teeth for the people who are honest to their religion. His spin Drs have obviously run out of stories to tell.
    What I did find weird was the fact he is telling how his wife is standing by him. If she is so devoted to him then why has she not put her wedding ring back on since she removed it when she found out about his sleazy going ons. Explain that one Liar Len.

    • It seems to me to be very clear by her actions and appearance that she is being made a show pony by his media minders. She is certainly not enjoying the experience. One has to wonder what is the quid pro quo. She must be anticipating a pretty significant payback. What sort of man would put his wife in this position. I guess we have the answer!

      • Chancey

        exactly kickback thats how I see it – shed didnt go near him last night and left early to pick up a daughter – yeah right

      • Brian of Mt Wellington

        Well he didn’t give a stuff about his wife while he was doing the 2 minute mile and he still obviously thinks the same by how you put it ” Made a show pony “. He says he cares about his family, bollocks he only cares about himself.

    • Chancey

      what i found strange was that when he mentioned the big G he became emotional – normally our blessed press would go for the jugular at this stage, but they allowed him to recover

  • john Doe

    Shame on Auckland ratepayers for allowing your immoral employee to be sworn in.
    Shame on Auckland citizens for allowing your city to become an international joke..
    Shame on Auckland Maori for allowing him to wear your ceremonial cloak.
    Shame on the rest of us New zealanders for allowing our largest city become a joke.
    Shame on us all except 2 minute Len of course!.

  • Pete George

    “I’m not going to overly spiritualise this, but I’m not just answerable to my wife and my family, I’m answerable to my God. “That is the probably most profound challenge I’ve got so I’ve got to work through it. For those who don’t believe, they might not understand that but I do,”

  • James Growley

    Religion is the last refuge for mongrels and Len just proved that without a shadow of a doubt.

  • Len The Schlong need to be gone!

  • Col

    I saw the news last night and he was not wanting too be there, his body language was, Arms crossed leaning forward – uncomfortable and defensive, Legs crossed it shows normally you are comfortable but also defensive which he was, Head was lowered this can be that you are shy, ashamed of something, or something to hide, Looking side to side in this case he was submitting too something.
    All the signs put together show that Lenny Dorklander is not a happy man, I think he will walk, he is very uncomfortable as Mayor.

    • captainnotsosensible

      yep I went along to the meeting and positioned myself at the edge of the row of seats nearest the central corridor where all the so called dignitaries filed in. Lucky for me Lenny boy walked right past me and hopefully heard my contempt as his ear was about level with my mouth. He looked nervous and fidgety then and while on stage. It was hard to see how to be properly heard in that setting with so many people and security in the room but I’m glad some voices were heard.

      • Chancey

        he is a very funny colour too

  • Lion_ess

    Only answerable to God (snort!!!). Dribbling hypocrite.

  • antipodean59

    The Herald reports the missus was “not wearing a wedding ring” – it’s over, scumbag.

    • Silverspoon

      The misus and Len deserve each other.

  • timemagazine

    No protesters were shown last evening on tv news. And the news people claim to be unbiased. I wonder if people still believe these liers by omission.

  • cows4me

    A while back there was something on TV about a middle eastern city that was having trouble trying to remove some entitled bastard from office, simply wouldn’t go. Every night at 6pm the people would come out of their houses or bars and make a hell of a racket, bang saucepans together etc. The idea caught on and tens of thousands would do it every night to show their displeasure, the message got through.

    • Chancey

      that was Iceland, scared the shit out of them – they overturned the government, elected a whole new government of people who had never been in the trough before, and kicked the banksters out of town, and defaulted on the spurious debt and refused to bail out the banks

      (Key wants to give us bail in laws – how did that work for cyprus? and isnt it strange that all the NATO EU countries are preparing such laws as we speak)

      Later when the BIS IMF came looking for money the newly elected prime minister said to them we don’t have it – we can give you some fish LMAO

      Of course the wester media hasn’t given this much air – god forgive the people of auckland would try such a thing

      this is a very interesting response to default which is well worth investigating

  • Rod

    If a fighting fund of $100,000 is needed to get rid of this abomination sooner rather than later, that’s only 1000 of us to chip in $100 each. Or 10,000 of us to chip in $10 each. Should be easily achievable.

    • CheesyEarWax

      Count me in for $50.

      • Statehousekid

        Any accountants or lawyers out there who know how to set up a trust that can be used by Cam to help defend himself against legal cases of defamation. We can’t have any low life scum trying to hide the truth by threatening legal action. I will happily donate $100 into the fund.

        • mike

          Only defamation if it’s untrue, if there is evidence to support your claims then you’re safe.

          • Statehousekid

            So if that is the case it appears that Cam is not confident that the evidence he has is true.

          • Chancey

            hence not going off half cocked until it is watertight

    • kaykaybee

      count me in!

  • Guest

    But aren’t protesters bad? That’s what everyone here keeps on harping on about.
    Such fine upstanding moral citizens such as yourselves wouldn’t have petty and blatantly obvious double standards would you?

    • mike

      Protesting is fine, as long as it is done in a safe respectful manner and does not impede anyone’s lawful rights.

  • Jonathan Pull

    It seems strange that, well for a lack of a better word he’s not giving in to threats.
    Cam and possibly other have stories about Brown and have stated they will release them yet he still stands.

    Do I like the fact that its a case of step down or be embarrassed further (threats)? no, but I also know that Cam deals in fact so why he is willing to have his dirty laundry aired is beyond me.

    • Chancey

      I suspect they are propping him up until they work out what to do. If they can’t find themselves the right guy to stand, then there is a real danger the south and the west wont be wagging the auckland dog anymore.

      • 4077th

        Ehem..Careful how you term such statements. Not all from those area’s are the stereotype you are alluding to!

        • Chancey

          quite right, quite right that was careless, my allusion was to the distortion of democracy when the mayor makes all senior committee appointments